Chocolate Nibbles


Chocolate is a love of so many and there is a vast range of options out there to get your chocolate fix, from bars to balls, sticks to discs, it comes in all shapes and sizes, not to mention flavours.  So, here are our favourite picks, this week, of chocolate yumminess.


Elizabeth Shaw

Luxurious dark chocolate with a sumptuous centre is what makes up just one of the Flutes collection by Elizabeth Shaw.   Presented in a stylish box, the chocolate flutes are full of flavour and character.  The chocolate melts in the mouth, but not in the hand, leaving you to enjoy the perfect afternoon snack, or mid morning biscuit substitute!

These tall, thin sticks of deliciousness come not just in orange but also in Mint, Amaretto, Cocoa Crunch and Cappuccino.

Cadbury's Buttons

Cadbury’s Chocolate Buttons

A classic and traditional choice, Cadbury’s Chocolate Buttons have been around for years.  The little discs, which come in Giant and normal sizes, are heavenly on the tongue, tantalising the taste buds with gorgeous milk chocolate goodness.




Maltesers are the chocolate everyone loves to play with and this fact seemed to spur a countless amount of adverts exploring just how we eat these tasty morsels.  Chocolate covered crunchy biscuit has never been so good!



Terry’s Chocolate Orange

A Christmas favourite, the Terry’s chocolate Orange is unique in that it is shaped like an orange.  Not only that but if you tap it just right, okay sometimes it is more like a bash, when you open the orange it will fall open perfectly like an orange cut into perfect segments.  The rich chocolate coupled with the divine orange flavouring is divine.

What is your favourite chocolate?


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