Chocolate Orange Cheesecake


One of the nicest gluten free recipes is extremely easy to make and absolutely delicious.  It is a recipe that is based on taste, you add as little or as much of some of the ingredients as you would like, that makes this is one recipe that everyone can enjoy!



1 Pack Gluten Free Digestive Biscuits



1 Tub Marscarpone Cheese

I Packet of Icing Sugar


2 Tablespoons Chocolate Orange Liqueur

1 Bar melted chocolate



There are lots of ways to make a cheesecake, but this is a foolproof and simple way.  Everyone likes their cheesecake slightly different, some prefer a mushy base, some crumbly, whilst others like it firm.  So the best way to make the base is to have a pan to melt your butter in and a bowl for your biscuit crumb.

  • Take your pack of biscuits and bash them into crumbs.  Of course you may like big crumbs, little crumbs or a mixture, the choice is yours.
  • Melt some butter in a saucepan
  • Gradually add the melted butter to the crumbled biscuit until you have the desired mix
  • Pour the base mix into a greased glass dish and leave to cool.

The next part is the most fun, it involves lots of tasting.

  • Using a saucepan with some water boiling in, place a pyrex dish over the top and break up the chocolate bar into the bowl.  Slowly stirring when necessary and ensuring that the boiling water doesn’t touch the bottom of the pyrex dish, melt the chocolate.
  • Empty the marscarpone into a clean bowl
  • Add the vanilla and Chocolate Orange Liqueur, we love Chocolate Orange Cream Liqueur by Axminster and available through Devon Hampers.  It is a lovely, silky smooth liqueur with a beautiful creamy texture that is perfect for this cheesecake.
  • Once the chocolate has cooled a little gently mix it in with the marscarpone, vanilla and liqueur
  • Next add the icing sugar, a few spoons at a time until you have the desired taste
  • Place the mixture over the cooled biscuit base and then pop in the fridge for two hours.





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