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An Interesting Idea – Moving a Choppa to pick up trapped victims with a variety of obstacles in the way – available on iOS and Android interested? Read On….



The player takes the role of a reckless coast guard rescue helicopter pilot Rick Guiver. A terrible oil rig catastrophe has happened at the coast.

“Against your superiors’ orders and better judgement you jump in your helicopter and fly to the danger zone! There’s no time to lose, save as many people as you can! Choppa is a physics based arcade and action game with touch controls, procedurally generated stages and 80s style rock music.”

The game’s levels are randomly generated so never expect the same challenge every time.  Included on top of it is the upgrade system, building a bigger and better helicopter to take on the later levels is key to success.




Simple and precise touch controls

  • Physics-based flying simulation
  • Procedurally generated stages with tricky obstacles
  • Nostalgic 80s vibe with awesome rock music and explosions
  • Hand-made pixel-art graphics
  • Bunch of unlockable choppers
  • Lots of fun missions
  • Game Center and Google Play Leaderboards



We tried the game for a few hours – traditionally with mobile games its 10 mins. So we took it in 10 min chunks.  The gameplay is good however its controls are not perfect.

The concept of moving the Helicopter is good, the obstacles in the first few levels show the potential of the game. It felt great moving the “choppa”.  However in practice the




A reasonable iOS timefiller. Not a fan of adverts but for a free version of the game it is understandable. Not taking the adverts into account, the gameplay is good with a few flaws in it.

As a free to play game, it hits the right marks at the right time – it has flaws, yes but its one of the better free to play games we have played. 3 out of 5

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