Chris Cornell – Euphoria Mourning – Album Review


Rock Tunes with a rocky voice. Re-Released Album. Interested? Read On….


Chris Cornell is a American Rock Musician and Singer/ Songwriter who is best known for been part of Soundgarden and Audio Slave.  The rocky edge to his voice will drag you into this good re-release of an album.

His near 4 octave vocal range and his vocal techniques will work well to nearly any ear.  His career also includes numerous solo projects and has had film soundtrack contributions since 1991. 

 He has released 3 solo studio albums, Euphoria Morning (1999), Carry On (2007), Scream (2009), and live album Songbook (2011).

This album is a re-released album, used to be called “Euphoria Morning” now called it’s true title “Euphoria Mourning”.



Album Thoughts

A good album of a variety of levels of “rock” music. It has a good flow throughout the album with it ebbing and flowing in the right places.


Highlight tracks

“Can’t Change Me” – The first track on the album starts the tempo well.

“Mission” – Longer pacey and sometimes louder lyrics. Good variety of tempo in the one song.

“Wave Goodbye” – The slower tempo rock song. Good catchy lyric sections.



Overall Score

Solid Album that would fit into most rock collections. Been a re-release from a rock period of songs we enjoy, We give it a solid 3/5.

3 out of 5


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