Christmas 2016 – Shopping Tip – Go with ideas….


With the holiday season starting you will already be seeing targeted marketing campaigns from shops and brands highlighting the bigger of the items but when shopping for someone – always go with a base idea to then explore your options when shopping.

Example – Video Game

If you have a kid or an adult who loves video games, make sure to know what type they like – if they don’t ask for anything specific.   They like the “Call of Duty” and the “Battlefield”, you be able to check games to see if they have other shooter style games.  

Don’t go in and buy a game due to price or look or feel.  Google it and check ratings and see if they will get good playtime on the game. If price is low, there will be a reason for it.

Always if you have only that vague idea – get advice from the staff in the smaller stores.


Go into your local shops or malls and look in all of them.  Shop 1 may have a good item linking to the idea of a gift you have but move on to see if you can find that great item. Then if needs be that good item will be there waiting if you cannot find anything else.  

Good luck to all in your Christmas present finding.  (At the time of writing) You only have really another month if you buy online. 


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