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There are some incredible titles being released this year over at Abrams & Chronicle, giving you the perfect opportunity to find just the right book for your loved ones.  We have pulled together a few of our absolute favourites to share with you today! 

Ghostly Tales – Spine Chilling Stories of the Victorian Age

by various

GhostlyTales_CVR_Final.inddIf you know someone who loves a good ghost stories, then Ghostly Tales is a must for them.  Written by some of the world’s most loved and well known writers of fiction during the Victorian era these tales will chill you to the bone.

Ghostly Tales is a collection of Victorian era supernatural stories and includes offerings from masters in the field, including Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, F. Marion Crawford, Elizabeth Gaskell, Charles Dickens, Robert Louis Stevenson, Amelia B. Edwards and M.R. James.  

Step back in time and be ready to feel the chill of ghostly tendrils reaching out to grab you in the middle of the night, as you are thrilled and frightened in equal measure by the short stories that are feature in Ghostly Tales.  With plenty of jumps and blood curdling happenings, stories such as The Screaming Skull by F. Marion Crawford will have you hiding under the covers, seriously a cupboard dwelling skull that screams during the night will do that to you.

This charming collection is full of atmosphere, anticipation and spooky goings on, enough to keep you awake at night and not just because you need to read just one more page.

Available for £16.99

The Hero’s Closet

by Gillian Conahan

HerosCloset_CoverThis is the book that you have to buy for any superhero fan, whether they just enjoy reading comics, attending conventions or getting involved in a bit of cosplay, they will be sure to enjoy this offering form Gillian Conahan.  

The Hero’s Closet is an exciting and somewhat unique book that offers to show the reader how to make their very own, authentic superhero costumes.  Whether they are an experienced sewer or someone just starting out, the book covers everything from the basics of making a costume, right up to being able to customise it and really make it your own.

Featuring 11 step-by-step patterns that form the basis of many superhero outfits, including trousers, jumpsuits and capes, Gillian Conahan then goes on to show the reader where to find inspiration for customising, advice on alterations, the type of materials to chose and of course, the most fun is had from embellishing your project.  

In no time at all, your budding cosplayer will have the skills they need to create any number of exciting and fan loved outfits to show off to their friends or at conventions.  It doesn’t matter if they want to be an elf, a superhero or some other entity, the knowledge needed to create the costume of their dreams is contained within the pages of The Hero’s Closet.

Available for £15.99


by Daniel Duncan

South_coverSouth is one of the most charming, beautifully illustrated books around at the moment, matched entirely by the heartwarming story that it features. 

A fisherman who sails the seas alone, one day finds an injured bird on his boat.  He nurses the bird back to health and they become friends, but with winter fast approaching, the fisherman knows that his new little friend needs to be somewhere warmer and so charts a new course, headed south.  

South depicts a lovely friendship that was unexpected, a kind and gentle heart, as well as a journey that will lead the lonely fisherman home.  It is a powerful tale that will resonate with many, but is made evermore captivating by the incredibly stunning artwork that fills every page of the book.

This hardback book will be loved by children and the grown ups who read it to them.

Available for £10.99

The World of Anna Sui

by Tim Blanks

AnnaSui_JacketTemplate_r3.inddAnna Sui is one of the most incredibly talented and beloved fashion designers to ever come out of New York.  Since her emergence in the 1970’s Sui has wowed with her innovative vintage inspired contemporary creations that ooze culture and scream drama.  Her designs, not just in the fashion and art world, but also in makeup and beauty, are simply dripping in dramatic elegance and sophistication, the like not seen anywhere else.  

The World of Anna Sui explores the various archetypes that Sui has, over the years, employed to create some of the fashion world’s most intensely beautiful items, including the Hippie, Victorian, Fairytale, Goth and Mod.  It features stunning photography alongside sketches, inspirational ephemera, mood boards and much, much more.  Every turn of the page will find you staring at more beauty and colour, pulling you deeper into the mindset of this once in a lifetime designer that has wowed the fashion world for over forty years.

As well as all of the wonderful photography and the feeling of falling down Alice’s rabbit hole, the book is littered with interviews by Tim Blanks where Anna Sui discusses everything from her first forays into fashion, to her inspirations, loves and career.  The book is headed by a lovely forward from the incredibly famous model, Naomi Campbell and finishes with a few words from Tim Blanks. 

This is the perfect book for any fan of Anna Sui, or indeed fashion lover, it is in itself an inspiration and completely fascinating from cover to cover.  

Available for £30.00

Breakfast at Tiffany’s Notebooks

9781419724244Holly Golightly is one of the world’s most loved characters, oozing style from the classic movie, Breakfast at Tiffany’s.  Now you can give the gift of Holly’s incredible taste and the nostalgia of such an amazing film, in the form of delicate, pretty notebooks.

Comprising of 3 notebooks, 2 larger A5 sized (one lined, one plain) and 1 smaller one (graph paper), this set is dainty and absolutely beautiful.  Featuring some the most iconic items from Holly Golightly’s time on screen, including her Cat Eye sunglasses, sequined sleeping mask and lipstick, these are the perfect gift for any fashionista or lady who just loves a little pretty in her life.  They are the perfect size for handbags, so you an take that little touch of elegance with you wherever you go.

The notebooks are part of a larger collection of stationary that is based on the movie and takes inspiration from its main character.

Available for £8.33

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