Christmas Gift Guide 2016 Parent & Baby Special


This year we thought it would be a lovely idea to create a gift guide to help those of you who will be buying for expectant or new parents, as well as their little bundle of joy! 

Sophie la Girafe Hair & Body Wash Gift Set

sophiePampering is always going to be something that is appreciated by any lady who is expecting a little one, or has just welcomed one into their life.  We came across this absolutely stunning little gift set that is perfect for such a present and it comes from the gorgeous world of Sophie la Girafe.

All natural, eco-certified and infused with soothing lavender and shea butter to add extra protection for the little one, the hair and body wash is gentle on the skin, leaving it as soft as, well a baby’s bottom! If that wasn’t enough of an enticement, the set is completed by the beautifully made wooden hairbrush that is finished with a giraffe printed on the back.

Wonderfully presented, this is a fabulous gift to pop under the tree and is available from Sophie la Girafe for £19.99.



Seedlip_Outside_Photo Credit Jack_StantonOne of the things that can make Christmas a little different for those who are pregnant, is missing out on their favourite tipple with Christmas dinner.  Of course it is a sacrifice you’re willing to make, but now SEEDLIP has arrived and provides a fabulous way for mums-to-be , to have a cocktail that is non-alcoholic this Christmas.

Coming in two flavours – Garden and Spiced – SEEDLIP is mixed just like any other spirit to create a delicious, mouthwatering cocktail that can be enjoyed by anyone.  

The inspiration for SEEDLIP came from a book published in London in 1651 called The Art of Distillation.  Not only did it champion the forgotten art of using copper distilleries, but had lots of inspiration for non-alcoholic recipes!

Our favourite of the two has to be SEEDLIP Spiced 64, it is available for £27.99 form all good retailers.



Lou The Night Owl

If you know someone who has trouble getting their little one’s off to sleep, then Lou the Night Owl could be just what they need.  A beautiful looking night light, Lou is soothing, has a timer and is even voice activated.

There are a total of three different light settings on Lou the Night Owl, on each of his two lights – the outer ring and Lou himself.  The lights are fully adjustable providing a brighter light and a softer  low glow, depending on the needs of your nursery.

So whether you need to set the timer to gently fade the light out as the little nipper drifts off to sleep, or perhaps the light is needed on all night or just required when baby wakes, Lou the Night Owl had the setting that can make that possible, making nights a whole lot easier for everyone concerned.

Available from Cheeky Rascals for £29.99  

Make My Day Bibs

If you are looking for something a little fun to give someone this year who has just welcomed a new addition to their family, then look no further than Make My Day Bibs.

Quirky and unique, the Make My Day Bibs come in a range of 16 different designs, including Monkey, Tuxedo and Sheriff to name but a few.  Each bib is soft and can be used to your hearts content, just pop it in the dishwasher when it needs a clean and you’re all set to go next meal time.

BPA, PVC and Phthalate free, you can be rest assured that each of these fabulous little bibs are safe for baby to use, as well as being stain resistant and even a built in crumb catcher to make clean up just that little bit easier.

The Make My Day Bibs are suitable for babies from 6 months to 3 years old and are available from Cheeky Rascals from £14.99.


thermo-1-F°Preparing to bring a child into the world can be daunting and it can be equally difficult to remember everything you need to have in your home ready for when the little one arrives.  Something we thought is probably easy to forget but most likely one of the most important things to have on hand is a thermometer.  

Years ago thermometers were fragile glass tubes with mercury in the bottom, which not only were fragile but not the most accurate of ways to read a temperature, especially for a wriggling baby.  In this day and age though, things have come on quite a bit and now there is a wide range of temperature recording equipment out there, ones that read digitally and store all of the information on your smartphone or tablet.

Thermo is one such device and we love it!  Simple and straight forward to use, with a five minute set up, Thermo will have you recording temperatures, checking for fevers and starting your family profile in no time at all.  If you have been to hospital recently and had your temperature taken, you will have noticed they now run a thermometer across your forehead, this is so the reading can be taken from the Temporal Artery, considered the most accurate place to get a reading.  Thermo utilises the same principle, simply sweep across the forehead and the reading will be displayed on the unit.  IT does this using its 16 sensors that take over 4000 measurements!

The reading is shown on the device on an LED display, you then scroll through your profiles, choose who the temp belongs to and the information is beamed straight over to the app on your phone or tablet.  There is even an indicator on there to show if a fever is present.

The app itself is easy to set up and easier to use.  Alongside the temperature reading you can record symptoms and even photographs if you feel the need, all of which can be shared with your doctors. 

Lightweight, easy to use and storing up to 8 profiles, the Thermo is a must have tool for any home.

Available from Withings for £89.95

Bump & Glory

If you are putting together a hamper or want to get someone a gift that will help with their health during pregnancy, then Bump & Glory could be just the thing.

Made of Omega 3 which is one of the essential fatty acids we need to consume to ensure our bodies function properly, Bump & Glory is one of the ways to get this important supplement, besides eating enough of the fish that contain it.  Omega 3 is beneficial in a number of areas including making our brain, nerves, cardiovascular system, vision and immune system stronger.  Bump & Glory’s DHA Omega 3 Fish Oil is guaranteed to be free of heavy metals and contaminants, making it safe for mother and baby.

Taking during pregnancy, Bump & Glory Omega 3 can hep baby to develop well, espcially with brain, nervous system and eye functions.  It is also known to help reduce post natal depression and most importantly has no Vitamin A, which is you take too much of can be very harmful during pregnancy.

Bump & Glory costs £32.00; stockists include Whole Foods, Liberty London and Space NK. 


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