Christmas Gift Guide 2016 Part 1


It is that time of year again when we start looking for the perfect presents to give our loved ones and like the last few years, we thought we would put together a few ideas for you in the run up to the big day itself.

Dark Matter Spiced Rum

Dark Matter Bottle Cutout smallDo you need to buy for a rum lover that is also a fan of science?  If so, Dark Matter Spiced Rum is the perfect choice to wrap up for them this year.

Dark Matter is Scotland’s only purpose built rum distillery and they are award winners that like to get the chemistry right when it comes to producing the tastiest rum they possibly can.

Absolutely stunning, the molasses based rum is not just full bodied, it s packed full of interesting and salivating flavour, such as notes of ginger, allspice and pepper.  A sip alone will leave you feeling warm, toasty and in the Christmas spirit! 

Available from all good retailers, you can check for local stockists on Dark Matter‘s website, their Spiced Rum has an RRP of just £35!

Elizabeth Shaw Chocolates

0133 175g Salted Caramel Crisp 3d vis D1Christmas would not be Christmas without a little chocolate in our lives, not only are they fantastic to give as a gift to someone or to use as a stoking filler, but they are perfect for after dinner to round off a lovely day!

One of our favourites here at Erisea is certainly Elizabeth Shaw.  Rich, creamy and delectable, Elizabeth Shaw chocolates range has got something to suit everyone.  They come in gorgeous gift boxes that give them an air of sophistication and the range of flavours is simply mouthwatering.

As well as Christmas favourites Dark Mint Creams and Orange Crisps, there is now Salted Caramel Crisps and the Merry Christmas Mini Gifts! The Mini Gifts include Flutes and Bites in a range of flavours including Amaretto, Dark Mint, Dark Orange and Milk Almond.

Available from Elizabeth Shaw from as little as £3.49


Poison Whiskey Decanter

balvi-posion-whiskey-decanter-1For something a little different when it comes to the whiskey lover in your life, you could do a lot worse than picking up this fabulously unique Poison Whiskey Decanter.

From Balvi, the gorgeous glass carafe is perfect for displaying their favourite single malt or indeed any tipple of their choice.  The skull suspended in the center of the bottle provides a unique design point that will resonate with a wide range of people, but will also get people talking at your Christmas do! 

The decanter can hold up to a liter of booze and is definitely something we have put on our Christmas wish list this year!  Available from Red Candy for just £22.00, it is definitely a winner for any whiskey drinker.

Baja Buggy

Whether you have a big kid, or a little one, we are certain that our next pick will have them raring to go when they unwrap it Christmas morning.

The Baja Buggy is an off-road remote control buggy that is made specifically to deal with rough terrain and even has high performance off-road tyres to ensure their experience is absolutely wicked.

As well as the stylish RTR RC Baja Alpha Buggy, they will receive the transmitter, (this does need two AA batteries which are not included) and also a 4.8v NIMH rechargeable battery, that is included!

The buggy is sturdy and well made, so it will handle the rough and tumble of all terrain exploration, it is even made in 1:10 Scale, so looks fantastic! As well as the special tyres, it comes fitted with front and rear suspension and is ready to run as soon as you pop in those batteries! 

Baja Buggy is recommended for ages 8+ and is available from Autosessive for just £37.49 which is a whopping 25% discount from the original price of £49.99.

Cockburn’s Special Reserve Port

Cockburn's - Special Reserve V2Another bottle of booze is up next, this time we are taking a look at the delightful Cockburn’s Special Reserve Port.

Cockburn’s Special Reserve is the perfect tipple to share with family and friends over the festive season.  The rich, full bodied drink is matured in oak casks and because of this it has been used as a benchmark for other ports to aspire to reach! Besides the deep oak matured body, there are fruity notes of delicious plums and strawberries.

Whether you are looking for a wonderful accompaniment for a special gathering, or a beautiful bottle of drink for a loved one, Cockburn’s Special Reserve Port will go down a treat.

Available from Asda, Tesco, Morrison’s and Waitrose for just £12


What would Christmas be without a bunch of yummy, gummy sweets to dig into whilst watching Her Majesty’s Speech and Christmas films?  The go to brand for all things gummy has to Haribo and we simply can’t get enough of them here at Erisea HQ.

HARIBO Mega Stars Selection Box 600gStarmix & Tangfastics Cracker

If you want an unusual cracker or something a little different for your Secret Santa this year, the Starmix and Tangfastic Crackers would do just the job.  Shaped, as you would expect, like a cracker, they are filled with two of Haribo’s most popular ranges.

Available from Poundland, Tesco, JS, Ocado, Nisa, Superdrug, Savers and Wilko for just £1.50

Mega Stars Selection Box

The Mega Stars Selection Box is a brilliant idea for a stocking filler or gift for your little one’s classmate.  Inside the selection box the recipient will find mini bags of Starmix, Tangfastics, SuperMix, Goldbears, Jelly Babies and Giant Strwabs.

Available from Asda, Londis, Spar and Toys R Us from £2.49 (available in 300g & 600g sizes)


HAribo have this year decided to mix Christmas with Starmix to create the fantastic Starmixmas!  A special limited edition bag of tasty Haribo treats form the popular Starmix range, only they are in brand new Christmas flavours that include Gingerbread Bear, Eggnog and Cherry Crumble Rings, Cherry Trifle Heart, Apple Strudel Bottles and Eggnog Eggs.

Available from Poundland, JS, Tesco and Wilko for just £1 per bag!

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