Christmas Gift Guide 2016 Part 3


Part three of our Christmas Gift Guide is packed full of fun and exciting things to get for your friends and family this year, so without further ado…

Balblair 2005 Highland Scotch Whiskey

Vintage 2005 Bottle shotWhiskey lovers will be drooling over this stunning 2005 vintage Balblair Highland Scotch Whiskey that comes from the exquisite Balblair distillery in Edderton.  

The Single Malt was matured in rich American Oak barrels that are actually old bourbon barrels.  It has a golden tone that hints at the deep, rich flavours contained within.

Of course Balblair 2005 Highland Scotch Whiskey has the heady notes of the vanilla oak form the bourbon barrels, along with leather and oranges, all infused into the delectable whiskey.  It is packed with incredible flavours that hint at ground spices, honey and green apples, leaving it with a smooth, crisp taste that is complimented and indeed finished by the delightful toffee and vanilla that follows.

Warm, rich, spicy and mouthwatering, Balblair 2005 Highland Scotch Whiskey is the perfect present for any whiskey fan! 

Available from The Whiskey Shop for £56


Pasta e Sughi £29.95A really popular gift to give at Christmas is of course food and at Erisea HQ we are no different, we love giving and receiving moreish goodies that fill our tums!

Carluccio’s is  wonderful authentic Italian restaurant with and online store that will make your mouth water in anticipation.  Packed full of absolutely stunning gifts, there is sure to be something for everyone in their Christmas Gift Shop.

We fell in love with their Panettone al Cioccolato, a scrumptious and traditional cake that is served during the festive season, this will go down a treat after Christmas dinner.  This particular treat is chocolate flavoured and weighs a whopping 1kg, so you can be sure there will be enough to go around. 

A gift set that captured our eye immediately is the perfect present for the foodie in your life.  The Pasta Sughi or Pasta and Sauce Gift Set comes with four gorgeous packets of pasta and four delicious sauces that pair perfectly with the pasta choices, to get the recipient in the kitchen and whipping up a tasty meal.  The pasta packs include Orecchiette al Nero di Seppia ( Pasta with Cuttlefish Ink), Tacconelle al Vino Rosso (Pasta with Red Wine), Tgliatelle al Funghi (pasta with Porcini Mushroom) and Scialatielli (pasta).  They are accompanied by the four complimentary sauces which are Porcini & Tomato Sauce, Cinghiali (Wild Boar & Tomato Sauce), Vongole (Clam & Tomato Sauce) and finally Rustichello (Sundried Tomato Sauce)

Available from Carluccio’s

Beano Monopoly

Beano_3DBoardBox[4][1]A firm family favourite since time began, Monopoly is always a good choice to bring out after Christmas Dinner and get everyone’s competitive juices flowing.  Now the people at Monopoly have teamed up with another timeless classic, Beano.

Since 1938 The Beano has entertained children and grown ups a like on a weekly basis with their comics.  Now you can combine the mischievous and playful nature of some of the country’s favourite characters, with one of it’s best loved games.

Coming in a striking yellow box, you might expect that that would be the only difference in the Limited Edition version of Monopoly, but you’d be wrong.  Instead of buying the properties around London that we are so used to, you will work your way around the board purchasing all the well known figures from Beanotown such as Dennis the Menace, Billy Whizz, Teacher and Biffo the Bear.  Whilst you grow your collection of characters you will notice that the train stations are all replaced with buses that visit various locations in Beanotown and the utility companies have taken on a new meaning – the Waterworks is now represented with toilet paper! You will also spot that the Chance and Community Chest cards are now Cash or Crash! and Bonus or Bang! Cards.

With six all new limited edition counters including whoopee cushion, Gnasher, banana skin, sling shot, stink bomb and a tomato that went splat, made from beautiful polished metal, you will probably be starting the game arguing over who plays which one! All in all we think that Beano Monopoly is great fun for all of the family, no matter their age and perfect for the festive season!

Available from Beano for £34.99

Halti All In One Dog Lead

image001It is always important to remember man’s (and woman’s) best friend during the Christmas period, it is easy to overlook them, but we think they should be included in the festivities just as much as anyone else and we found a gift that is not just gret for your pooch, but also going to make your life a little easier to.

For over 35 years Halti have been one of the leading names in designing products for our furry four legged pals.  They are synonymous with high quality, innovation and comfort, the All in One Dog Lead is no different.

Coming in four fabulous colours, (black, red, purple and blue) the All in One Lead was designed by Dr Roger Mugford, who is one of the leading experts in animal behaviour and because of this his revolutionary design eans that dog trainers across the globe say that their go to lead would be the All in One Lead designed by him.

Why is it so special? The lead is most importantly comfortable for the dog and the owner, meaning that there is less stress on both parties when out for a stroll.  It functions as a lead and a tether, for a little more freedom, but can even be fitted as a belt if you go on a run with your beloved dog.  

The lead aids in reducing pulling and has a snazzy elasticated super strong shock absorber built in to ensure no sudden jolts cause a problem for either the dog or owner.  It also has an ergonomic design so holding the lead is comfortable for you, as well as extra protection built in by way of the reflective materials used, so night time walks and winter strolls are safer.

Available from Company of Animals, Amazon, Fetch and Monster in two widths 18mm and 30mm at £11.99 and £15.99 respectively.


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