Christmas Gift Guide – A few Unusual Gifts


Some people are incredibly hard to pick for when it comes to presents.  If they like the unusual or slightly comical, then take a look at this guide for a few ideas!

poo at workHow To Poo At Work by Mats & Enzo

If you are looking to get someone a present that has more than a hint of humour attached to it, then the How To Poo At Work Book by ats & Enzo could be just the ticket!

A guide to the etiquette of workplace bowel movements, Mats & Enzo take a look at some hysterical real life examples and offer advice on how to deal with almost any situation that may arise.

The hilarious books offers insight into what to do should you fall ill, you are followed into the bathroom, the flusher doesn’t work, no toilet paper, you make unexpected loud noises or the dreaded eco toilets are installed.  Whatever the situation, the guys will have expert opinion, examples and more to help you out.

Available from The Present Finder for £6.99, this is the perfect gift for someone who likes their self help books with a side of laughter!

Life HacksLife Hacks by Dan Marshall

Oxford Dictionaries definition of a lifehack is:
A strategy or technique adopted in order to manage one’s time and daily activities in a more efficient way.

Life Hacks by Dan Marshal is a book filled with over 130 hacks to do just that, make daily life more efficient and manageable.  Some incredibly clever and nifty ideas that will have you wondering ‘how did I not think of that?’

From lighting candles, strengthening hair, creating a fog free mirror and soothing bruises, Marshall has created a guidebook for life.  A few simple tricks and tips can save you money, time and energy, making life altogether more simple.

Available from all good internet sellers and bookshops, published by Summersdale Publishers for just £9.99

Popcorn Kitchen - Christmas 'Stocking' range - 5GBP eachPopcorn Kitchen Sweet & Salt

Popcorn Kitchen are dedicated to creating the best popcorn that you have ever tasted and using only the best ingredients, real ones that could be found in your kitchen, not seasonings.

This year a fabulous festive food to treat the corn popping lover in your life is the Popcorn Kitchen Stocking.  Packed with around 140g of their original recipe, Sweet & Salt, Simply Sweet or Sweet Chilli, they are sure to thrill and delight.

For your nearest stockist check out Popcorn Kitchen, available for just £5.

Purity Gift PackPurity Brewing Co Bottle & Glass Set

Hand brewed beer in the age of technological advances, such as the world we live in, is something almost of the past.  Purity Brewing Co however not only hand brew all of their beers, they also personally pick the ingredients used to make the beer in the first place.

This Christmas the gift of beautifully hand brewed beer is one that you can give the discerning drinker in your life, with The Purity Brewing Co Bottle & Glass Set.

Containing three bottles of their finest Ales and a glass from which to drink them from, there is more to the story than just drink.  Each beer has a tale to tell, which is all presented in a wonderful gift box.

  • Pure UBU – a beer created in honour of a dog full of character, called Ubu (oo-boo), who is dubbed ‘official protector of our secrets’ by the company.  The beer is as unique as the canine himself, full of flavour with a little sweetness, who could resist?  It is made from Hallertau Northern Brewer and Cascade hops, as well as English Maris Otter, Wheat and Crystal Black Malts.
  • Mad Goose – Is a refreshing pale ale that has an edge of citrus to it, being ‘zesty’ to taste.  The contents of this delicious beer are Caragold, Wheat and English Maris Otter malts, along with Cascade and Willamette aroma hops and finally Northern Brewer bittering hops.
  • Pure Gold – As the name suggests, a golden ale full of English Maris Otter, Wheat and Caragold malts blended with Hallertau Northern Brewer, Bobeck and Hereford Goldings hops, it comes with a stunning dry and bitter finish.

Available from Purity Brewing Co for £11.00 this gift set will please any beer lover!


The Chocolate Pizza

Another great idea for a christmas gift, the chocolate pizzas are made from the highest quality ingredients, dark,milk and white chocolate along with all sorts of other bits to make these pizzas special. They are great gifts for any occasion really. You can create your own or choose from their own range. From a chocolate orange to the jelly bean jumble which has some much on it: puffed rice, white choc curls rainbow drops and jelly beans all for a 7inch at £9.95.  Also they come in different sizes to, so it could be just for just one person or a whole family.

These Gourmet Chocolate Pizzas can be delivered to your door or to the person you are treating. It also comes in a pizza box which just tops it off. Fabulous.

m15006_KatanaBookends_1Katana Bookends

It is always lovely to get the unexpected when unwrapping presents Christmas morning and the Katana Bookends are just that.

Cleverly concealed metal stands are hidden beneath the front covers of a paperback book at each end of your shelf, leaving the books securely in place.  Then comes the true magic of this gift, the katana, which is separated into two pieces, the handle and the ‘sword’.  Now, do not worry, the ‘sword’ is blunt and made of plastic, with a magnet hidden in the end of it.  The magic – both the handle and sword are magnetic, meaning they stick, seemingly as if a Katana has been thrust through the books themselves.

This is truly the perfect gift for any ninja, martial arts fan or dare I say fan of The Walking Dead series, the books would look fabulous with Michonne’s weapon protruding from either end!

Available from Mustard for £20

Bicycle Repair Kit, Ref 44511, £14.99On Your Bike

Many a gentleman likes to travel on two wheels, the unmotorised kind, a bicycle!  For those who do getting a flat tyre can mean a very long and lonely walk to their destination if they are not properly prepared.  So, this year why not give the gift of preparation?

Gentlemen’s Hardware On Your Bike Bicycle Repair Kit from Lakeland is just such a gift to give.  Presented in a delightful vintage style tin, the bicycle repair kit contains everything to ensure that the man about town upon two wheels will never have to walk the walk of shame again.

  • 2 Metal Tyre Levers
  • Multi-functional Bicycle Tool
  • 20 ml Rubber Solution
  • Bone Wrench & Metal Rasp
  • 9 Rubber Patches in 3 Sizes
  • Instructions

Available from Lakeland for £14.99

fart-extinguisherFart Extinguisher

If you have a long suffering friend or family member that lives with the eternal problem of a loved one who has a flatulence problem, then read on.  The Fart Extinguisher could be the gift that changes their life for the better, becoming their superhero for all occasions.

Cunningly disguised as a fire extinguisher, the Fart Extinguisher, (aside from having the word Fart emblazoned down the side of it), could be mistaken for just that.   This means that quick and indeed effective deodorization can take place with little to no embarrassment to either party.  Simply locate the source of the unpleasant nostril attacking aroma and spray in the general direction of the offending buttocks.

To bring a little jovialness to Christmas morning, the Fart Extinguisher is available from The Present Finder for just £4.99



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