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We all love a good advent calender so we have grabbed a few of our favourites to share with you today!

nativity advent £4.95 carolinegardner.comCaroline Gardener Calenders

Some people are not huge fans of the Chocolate advent calendar, some much prefer the old ones we all had as kids, with just pictures. They are not everywhere these days and can be hard to track down, but Caroline Gardner has got it sussed.

Caroline Gardner is an independent  designer of greetings cards and stationery and also has a range of candles and diffusers. She uses little used printing techniques like die stamping and letter pressing, but with a modern twist. Caroline’s products are everything from birthday cards, gift bags to purses and key rings also do a range a personalized stationary so if you’re looking for something different this Christmas she will have. The advent Calendars she produces are fabulous quality, with original and stunning pictures, sure to suit the traditionalists amongst us.

advent calendarDivine Chocolates

We all love a good chocolate advent. If you are looking for a special advent, one not just one for the kids, Divine have it sussed, with a beautiful scene on the front and super tasty chocolates inside, what more could you need?

Divine is a wonderful chocolate company with a range for all pockets and all sorts of different products. From their great flavoured chocolate bars (my favourite is white chocolate and strawberries) they start at around £2.19 to great special products for Christmas like white chocolate Christmas trees. Great products for something special at Christmas for you and your family or for presents, order from their website and have delivered straight to your friends or families.

House advent calendar - £20.51Red House Advent Calender

Advent calenders come in so many different forms these days and this advent house is so exciting. Made from top quality materials and looking so very Christmassy, it would look at home in any display. Bar far the best thing about an advent calendar like this is the ability to personalise and put all sorts of little Christmas knick knacks in there, from sweets to toys and maybe even the odd beauty treat for mum?

This will last for many years to come, it is beautiful and so well decorated. The draws come out so you can move them around each year and keep those little ones guessing!

Available from Country Baskets for around £20

image006Cadbury Advent Calendar

As the 1st December approaches everyone’s minds turn to advent calendars and there are a whole host of choices out there, from ones based on TV shows, ones with toys inside and even ones with make up!  There is no substitute though for the good old fashioned open a door and find a chocolate approach.

Cadbury have, this year, create a traditional advent calendar with a fabulous knitted Santa Claus dropping off the presents scene, printed on the front.  Behind each and every door is a delectable and of course, coveted piece of delicious, creamy, Cadbury chocolate.

On the reverse of the calendar, to keep the kiddies busy once all the chocolate is gone, there is even a Christmas related ‘Wooly Wordsearch.’

RRP £2.19 for 90g calendar or £3.14 for 170g calendar


There is always a need to keep the little ones occupied over the festive period and sometimes they need to let their creative side out and partake in a little artistic expression.  Enter Smiggle, who have everything you could need for your child to draw to their hearts content.

From funky pencil cases that have calculators, pencil sharpeners and secret compartments, to scented erasers and pens, there is sure to be something exciting for every little pair of hands.

This year however, Smiggle have also created the ultimate treat in the form of their Advent Calendar which is filled with Smiggle Goodies you know and love, but also ones that can’t be found in store, not to mention there is a hidden prize of a £250 voucher to spend with them in five lucky calendars!

Available from Smiggle for £20.00playmobil advent

Playmobil Advent

One product which was great and the best advent calendar we have ever seen.  Yes you guessed it, Playmobil do an advent calendar and not just any advent calendar, this one has a different playmobil piece everyday to create a scene. There do a variety of different advent calendars. We had a look at Santa’s workshop, as you open each door the 24 days of Christmas you get a different item to create the scene for santa’s workshop it comes with its own backdrop to make the whole scene more real and help the childrens playing seem more and come to life. The toys in the calendar are evenly spread, you get all sorst from the outset, not the closer you get to Christmas the better the toy. This is a great product to keep and bring out year after year as part of your Christmas decorations, there are a total of 101 pieces all for the price of £18.99 which we think is a fantastic price for something with so much fun to be had and to give Christmas that little bit of something special. For ages 4-10 years old

legoLEGO Friends Advent

Lego is a huge favourite for every child, they have ranges to suit every child and this LEGO friends calendar is no different. As your open the doors and follow Mia on her sledging adventure through the wild forest to see her lovely friend Ewa. Help them prepare a huge Christmas feast and watch them open their presents. This calendar is the perfect choice for the days running up to Christmas. Kids will love the anticipation from one day to the next, and best of all they will be adding to their LEGO friends collection. This calendar retails at £19.99  and will go down a treat this Christmas.


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