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pac manPac Man

Pac-Man is a classic, the game goes back years and has quite the fanbase. Now Ban dai have created a fabulous toy range to compliment the game. Pac-Man and the ghostly adventures range has all the classic characters and some fabulous new faces. These 2 in 1 toys not only make great collectables, but they also spin, making them great for a battle with other great characters.

BANDAI have taken a classic and put a fantastic modern spin on the much loved Pac-man, bringing in fans old and new.


with specific themes right down to individual figures. The products are often being changed so there is always something new to collect. playmobilChildren can have many hours of fun, creating their own scenes and playing different roles with all the different figures. There are all sorts to chose from for boys and girls, whatever they like from pirates and dragons, fairies and Christmas. There are something to suit all budgets, whether it’s the kids spending their pocket money or something special for birthday or Christmas.

There are many sets in the Playmobil range and what do girls love more than to go shopping and dress up or for the boys they like to drive a coach or play down the park  now you can do this through Playmobil City Life, this is one on the ranges in which your can collect all different playsets  to create your very own city, the great thing is you don’t need to buy it all. Each playset can be used on its own to help your child create its very own shop, school, playground and much much more. All Playmobil is well made and will last for ages, the figures can bend sit or stand  some of the city life comes with some there own carry case which is great for keeping it all together.  Again there are budgets to suit all pockets in every range they do. The city life shopping carry case was only £9.99 comes with 2 figures and all they need in their dress shop. Great Christmas present and it can be taken with you if your visiting friends and relatives too.

One on the larger play sets is the fairy island with jewel fountain which retails at £29.99 and comes with 133 pieces.  This is a great all in one playset and every detail has been accounted for from flowers and unicorns to swans and 2 faires. There is a great fountain which rotates and a flower lamp that lights up (requires 3 x AAA batteries not included). Most little girls love fairies and can have hours of fun with this.

patPostman Pat

The iconic Postman is back with a bang and he is bigger and better than ever. We are huge Postman Pat fans, so we loved this new rockin toy from the get go.

Showbiz pat is a huggable but slightly more jazzy version of himself. Armed with a microphone and three songs, Pat will be rocking out well into the new year. Fans of the much loved Character will adore the plush singing postman groove to the music, equally as much as the showbiz look he is sporting.

The showbiz Pat is the perfect gift for fans both small and large, because let’s face it, we all still love the man in blue a tiny bit. Showbiz pat retails for around £30-£20 and is the perfect addition to the toybox for any Postman pat fans.

Schleich Toyshorse

Schleich toys are true classics. For years they have made traditional and lifelike looking toys and figures. From knights to Dinosaurs and these fabulous Horses, Schleich have something for everyone this Christmas.

The horse range itself is vast, with so many different sizes and colors, you can build an amazing collection of toys, and of course, collectibles. Kids will love collecting the range and soon they will have their sights set of their fabulous stables and accessories.

Schleich have created a vast range of toys that will grow with your child and keep them playing for years to come. All the time growing their collection.

logo-normalTractor Ted

Tractor Ted was thought up by a new mum of 2 sons and a daughter who loved the end of a cartoon film with real tractors on it, but there didn’t seem to be anything available in the shops. So Tractor Ted was born he presents the real life adventures and interacts with the children. Ted is cheerful and trustworthy character. He explores life on a real farm.

There is range of Tractor Ted gifts from clothing and DVDs to help your children experience all the going on in a working farm.  This is a great gift for little ones that love the farm and tractors. There are gifts from bath squirters Tractor Ted at £8.99 to a wooden Tractor Ted at £12.99.trash

Trash Wheels

The Trash Pack are back with a fabulous range of Trash Wheels. Those grubby little, collectible monsters have returned with wheels. With so many different editions there are well over 84 Trash Wheels to collect. So the Trash Pack gang can now stir it up a little and rev around the toy box. The Trash Wheels are sure to be a huge hit with any Trash Pack fan, the range is growing and there is so much more fun to be had.

megabloks-build-n-play-fab-mansion-80149-8268Barbie Mega Bloks Fab Mansion

For ages 4 upwards Retails from £31.38

This is a great gift, for both loves of Barbie and Building with Mega Blocks. This a Barbie House with over 200 pieces including a Mega Bloks mini Barbies and the new skipper. The 5 rooms can be moved around so the Mansion can be changed around so the mansion can be rebuilt time and again, which is great for the imagination. Some of the accessories can be fixed in place. There are some great touches like the bathroom that is complete with brush and air dryer, or the kitchen with a fruit bowl and spoon. This is a toy which can be added to as there are more rooms and sets that can be brought. This is a great size to will not take up a lot of room.

Barbie Mega Bloks Fairy TreeHousemegabloks-build-n-play-fairy-treehouse-80258-8675

For ages 4 upwards Retails from £15.96. This set comes with a Mega Blocks Fairy with sparkly fairy wings which can be removed. It has a spinning platform which will make the fairy fly. There is a tree house to build which has 2 stories. This set has over 200 pieces which can work together with other fantasy playsets in this set. The tree house comes with butterflies and flowers that can decorate the fantasy tree house. Great stories can be thought up with this fairy fantasy playset.




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