Christmas Gift Guide – Chocolate, Sweets and Treats


Christmas #1Swizzles Gift Tubes

A favourite filler of stockings, (the festive Christmas kind), across the nation has always been the Swizzles Gift Tube.

The Gift Tubes come is fun and vibrant colours that match with the delicious treats to be found inside! The traditional offerings of Drumsticks, Love Hearts and of course Refreshers, are now joined this year by Parma Violets never before seen in the giant tubes of yumminess.

There are also rumours (confirmed ones at that), that they will be releasing a much coveted (by girls up and down the land), a One Direction Love Hearts Tube!

All tubes are priced at £1.


Christmas isn’t Christmas with chocolate, Toblerone is always on the shelves at Christmas its unique shape is easily recognized by all who loves it.  Toblerone was and still is created in the same factory as it first was in 1908. and they still use the Swiss milk for its chocolate to create it unique flavour. This year they have a new limited edition which is a 60g simple, slender triangle shape great for a little treat or a stocking filler, they retail from £1.19. If you want a little more than the more traditional Toblerone is the one for all the family or a as festive gift, this year they have lovely festive sleeve on them on their different varieties including fruit and nut, white and dark chocolate. these retail from £4.99

image003Cadbury Snow Bites & Mousse Snowman

Every household needs chocolate over the festive season and Cadbury is a great choice for anyone!

Snow Bites

Snow Bites are a bag of snowballing fun!  Balls of Cadbury chocolate have been lovingly wrapped up inside a crisp white sugar shell and then dusted with icing sugar for a snowball with a little crunch.

Mousse Snowman

Cadbury whipped into a soft velvety mousse and then encased in Dairy Milk, all in the shape of a snowman!

RRP £0.65

Terry’s Chocolate Orange

Christmas equals Terry’s Chocolate orange, great as a stocking filler, a present for a friend or a little treat for all the family.  The “tapp and unwrap” is a great feeling and saving the flake middle until the end makes a Terry’s chocolate orange a great addition at Christmas or even any time of the year. There is a great product range from the traditional egg in different varieties including dark and exploding candy these retail from £3.48. If you want something a little different there is a Chocolate orange segsations great for the family to share, individually wrapped with five different flavours milk, popping candy, milk crispy, toffee crunch and milk and dark together from £5.69t. Something to have just in case is the Terry’s Chocolate Minis and new exploding popping candy minis from £2.13. something to suit everyone

Swizzles Sweet Shop Favourites

As an exciting and delicious alternative to chocolate sweet tins this Christmas, why not think about the Swizzles Sweet Shop Favourites tin?

Packed with tasty treats consisting of nine of the nations favourite Swizzles sweeties in one great big tin to share with friends and family this year.

Christmas #3The tin includes :

  • Love Hearts
  • Drumsticks
  • Refreshers Squashies
  • Double Lollies
  • Double Dips
  • Parma Violets
  • Refreshers
  • Fruity Pops
  • Fizzers

Everyone will be excited to open this tin of treats!

reindeerantlersLindt Santa & Golden Reindeer

The Lindt Master Chocolatiers use the highest quality ingredients and have done for over 165 years, to make the finest chocolate they possibly can.  They are synonymous with incredible chocolate.

Santa Set

Lindt’s incredible chocolate has been wrapped in a festive Father Christmas wrapping.  The set of five Santas in total come in a brilliant box, where all five figures can be separated from each other an used and individual gifts or even as place cards since each Santa has an area to write a name on!

Lindt Gold Reindeer & Fluffy Antlers

Five festive gold reindeers come packaged together with some rather fetching and somewhat funky fluffy antlers.  They aren’t just for a bit of Christmas fun though, on the back of the pack is a game to keep everyone entertained after dinner,

The Edible Sweet Art Sweet Creatures

Make your own Chocolate Animals kit by Tobar (£14.95) is any chocolate lovers dream. It comes with all you need to make yummy treats and gifts for yourself and all your friends. In the box you get chocolate drops to melt down and animal shaped moulds to create your pretty cool animal chocolates. To top it off you also get beautifully designed foil shapes to wrap your chocolate in (if you haven’t eaten them already), the foil is made to create each animal character come alive and keep them as fresh as when you first made them. You can remake these over and over again with your own chocolate.

This is a brilliant gift, especially if you have a budding chef, baker or chocolatier.

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