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It seems more and more that Hollywood are turning to the small screen to invest in and this has resulted in some of the most incredible TV shows in recent years.  Many of these great offerings come from HBO and today we are going to share a few of our favourites with you, so sit back, relax and keep an eye out for dragons!



Woody Harrelson (The Hunger Games) and Matthew McConaughey (Dallas Buyers Club) star in this incredibly disturbing show that takes place in the deep south, rural Louisiana.  McConaughey and Harrellson play Rust Cohle and Martin Hart, partners investigating a completely unsettling case, that will keep you on the edge of your seat right to the end.  Dealing with satanic sacrifice and religious zealots, True Detective explores some of humanities darkest corners.

The show was filmed entirely on 35mm film by Cary Fukunaga leaving those watching with a film noir experience that is on a cinematic scale.  It draws the viewer in and makes them a part of the events, they begin to question motives and characters, investigating this riveting series for themselves.

This HBO series is truly captivating and a wonderful gift for anyone who likes a thrilling mystery that keeps you guessing.

RRP from £ 51.05 BD /£ 40.84 DVD


BOARDEMPS1S4_UK_DVD_SC_3DBoardwalk Empire


Boardwalk Empire starts in Atlantic City just as Prohibition is starting.  We join Nucky (Steve Buscemi) at a massive party to say goodbye to the booze in true Atlantic City style.  Not all is as it seems, as Nucky appears to be a respectable business man, he is actually in the process of organising the Bootlegging Booze for the city.

The show follow Nucky as he journeys through the visually stunning 1920’s in an action packed and at time explosive series, meeting along the way, people such as the young Al Capone.

RRP from £86.80 BD/ £71.48 DVD


TBS1-7_SD_3DTrue Blood


If you love, or know someone who does, the supernatural world of vampires and beyond, then the series based on the Sookie Stackhouse novels is a show for you.  Set in Louisiana, Bon Temps to be precise, vampires are ‘Out of the coffin’ and walking the streets openly, well at night time anyway.  The discovery by a Japanese company that they can make synthetic blood that will sustain the life (or afterlife) of vampires meant that the vampires were no longer in need of human blood.

Sookie is a young waitress at Merlots, the local bar and she is different to most folk in that she can read peoples thoughts.  The show follows Sookie and her life as it unfolds and at time unravels in seven fangtastic seasons that will excite thrill and leave you wanting much much more.  Meeting Bill Compton, a vampire made in the midst of the American Civil War, Eric Northman, a former Viking and some of the most intriguing characters you will ever meet, including Lafayette, an Erisea favourite!

Even though the show has now finished on TV, HBO have released all seven seasons to be enjoyed by fans everywhere, any time.

Complete Seasons 1-7: RRP from £132.76 BD/ £112.33 or DVDSeason 7: RRP from £51.05 BD/ £40.84 DVD


5000175981_UK_GOTS1S3_VIVA_DVD_OR_3DGame of Thrones

George R. R. Martin’s epic novels are brought to life (and death) by HBO in this sensational show that will have you loving and loathing characters, so much so that you will argue your point with those around you, well until Martin stabs you in the heart and takes them away from you!

As many factions lay claim to the Iron Throne in the great city of Kings Landing, Westeros is engulfed in turmoil, embedded with treachery and murder, fuelled by family feuds that have lasted generations and is filled with lies, lust and loathing.  Nothing is as it seems and everything is at risk, you will find your allegiance may lay with the Starks to the North, the Lanisters, The Tullys or even the Wildlings beyond the wall, whoever you find favour with know that Winter Is Coming.

This TV show is one of the biggest ever to be shown on the small screen, starring Sean Bean, Lena Heady, Peter Dinklage and Kit Harrison it is star studded to say the least.  Oh and there be dragons!

Seasons 1-3: RRP from £ 81.69 BD /£ 66.37 DVD

Season 3: RRP from £ 51.05 BD /£ 40.84 DVD

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