Christmas Gift Guide – Drink, Eat & Be Merry


308056-AW14-AFTER-DINNER-K-copyWhittard After Dinner Coffee

Even though we are a nation of tea drinkers, there are a fair few among us that like a cup of coffee every now and again.

Whittard After Dinner Coffee is a silky smoother but incredibly rich coffee that is blended from Colombian beans, which give it these characteristics, but it s mixed with Brazilian beans to balance the richness with a mellow sweetness .

Presented in the most festive snowflake speckled kilner tin, this coffee is available from Whittard of Chelsea for £8.00.

299941-Caramel-&-SeaSaltCaramel & Sea Salt Biscuits

A cuppa is just not the same without something to tasty to accompany it.  Some may go for a bit of battenberg, others for a chocolate muffin, but there are those who like a biscuit with their brew and for those people, we have found a delicious treat!

Caramel & Sea Salt Biscuits from Whittard are crumbly cookie like biscuits that have pieces of butterscotch scattered throughout, that in itself is a tasty thought, but couple that with the contrasting flavour of sea salt and you have a delectable dunker!

Available from Whittard of Chelsea for £4.00

Seed & Bean Chocolate

Seed and bean is a must for chocolate lovers, the flavours are far from the normal, from Lavender, lemon with poppy seeds and creamy white chocolate to coconut and raspberry. With these fair trade chocolates you know that the ingredients are organic and will know where you chocolates has come from and the ingredients is of top quality and a completely ethical company.  Everything about them is great even the packaging is recycled. The bars are also suitable for vegans. You can get a single bar of chocolate for 99p if you just want a taster or a hamper of chocolates for £65.

300574-PICCADILLY-BLEND-TA-copy_finalWhittard Piccadilly Blend Flavoured Black Tea

A tea lover is spoiled for choice these days with the incredible array of teas available from all across the globe.  Whittard have one of the most extensive and exciting ranges and a favourite from their collection is the Piccadilly Blend Flavoured Black Tea.

This is is fruity but at the same time quite floral as it has rose petals scattered throughout and is infused with the flavours of stunning rose, sublime strawberry and exotic lotus.  This makes for an unusual blend that is sure to get the taste buds tingling for tea connoisseurs far and wide.

Available from Whittard of Chelsea for £10.00

Mini-MarshmallowsWhittard Mini Marshmallows

Christmas is filled with cold, blustery days and sometimes there is nothing better than a steaming, milky mug of hot chocolate in your hands! Hot chocolate comes itself in many guises, dark chocolate, milk chocolate, orange, toffee, caramel, mint and many more besides, but one thing they all have in common is that they can be topped!

Now your choice of topping may be whipped cream or cinnamon, but a good old fashioned, tradition topping has to be the mini marshmallow!  Whittard do a jar crammed with these delicious morsels that were originally created to soothe sore throats!  It contains pink, white and cream coloured marshmallows that will melt into a thick gooey, sweet and decadent topping for your christmas hot chocolate!

Available from Whittard of Chelsea for £4.50




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