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Edinburgh New Town Cookery School voucher

We recently met the Principal of Edinburgh New Town Cookery School, Fiona Burrell, and she shared some information about the school and the selection of classes which are available.

If the article piqued your interest or you know a budding chef who would love the chance to learn more about cooking in a professional environment, then consider a cookery school voucher.

Vouchers start at £25 and can be redeemed against all courses the Edinburgh New Town Cookery School offers, e.g.

You can either choose a course as a present or contribute towards the cost of a course which the presentee then chooses. The vouchers are valid for 12 months and will be sent via the post to you or the recipient or; if it is a last minute decision, the vouchers can be e-mailed.

m12007_DoubleDog_1Double Dog

If you know someone who likes a bit of fun in the kitchen and wants to brighten up the place, then the Double Dog could be a great little stocking filler!

The Double Dog looks like a hot dog, but this trickery is only to conceal the fact that it can contain not just one, but two of any hot dog lover’s favourite condiments, Tomato Sauce (Ketchup) and Mustard.  Not only that but it is cleverly designed so that both red and yellow sauces can be added to your sausage in equal measure, ensuring hot dogging perfection!

Available from Mustard for £10

Pink’s Foods

RJ_STP_GJ_SMALLA great little company making  very different Jellies, pesto’s and chutneys that are all sourced local to them on the Isle Of Wight and handmade in small batches, they use open pans to ensure quality. These are great products for a little treat for the family at Christmas or for presents they make great additions to a home made hamper.

Pinks supply either individual jars or gift sets. The Green Chilli Jelly with Lime and Lemongrass is lovely with some chicken and it really makes it a little special.  The Red Chilli with Garlic  and Ginger is wonderful with Camembert for tea,  a real change from Red Onion Chutney.  The Empire Chutney is also a great accompaniment to curry.

On each jar has great serving suggestions on them. Some can also be used as marinades for meats too. Prices range from £4.95


Aldi are a German supermarket which is popping up everywhere. Being German, they have many different products that you wouldn’t find in our usual supermarkets. Aldi also have great alternatives to the everyday staples for example food, drink and inexpensive household items. They sell their own brand products and some other branded products but they usually limit it to a maximum of two products.  They have special offers for more expensive products such as electronics, tools clothing, toys and much more, these have limited availability but are such great prices. Aldi are no exception to the Christmas range, from different products that you don’t get in everyday supermarkets to ones that everyone sells, but at a great price with great taste. One thing that makes a great little gift on its own or as part of a hamper, or just for yourself as a treat at Christmas are their chocolate reindeer. Aldi’s chocolate reindeer are amazing, so much so you wouldn’t know the difference with a different, more expensive brand.

Pink’s Food Pestos

BH_SSP_LR_SmallFor a different accompaniment for your meals over the festive season, Pink’s Food have a range of pestos that will do just a treat!

Beetroot & Horseradish Pesto or Rocket & Lemon Pesto

Perfect with fish and chicken, on a baked potato or through warm pasta, on canapes or just some warm crusty bread, these handmade pesto make a wonderful condiments.

Smoked Tomato Pesto

Is a real Italian treat great on baked potatoes, baked with roast chicken, on fish or even on bruschetta.

Watercress & Wasabi Pesto or Lemon & Chive Pesto

Both of these delectable jars have contents that are just right for topping fish, stirring through a bowl of hot pasta, on a baked potato or even as a dip in it’s own right.

Smoked Sweet Pepper Pesto

This pesto can be mixed with cream cheese and then used to stuff a chicken, use as a canape filling, with hot pasta or with a yummy jacket potato.

All of these delicious offerings from Pink’s Food are just £4.95 each and will make dinner, snack or treat time over Christmas a flavour extravaganza.

Flare 20cm Saucepan

FLARE® 20CM SAUCEPAN, Ref 19501, £64.99 ,, at first you think this saucepan resembles something off of a jet engine, you wouldn’t be far wrong.  It’s FIN-X technology was designed with an Oxford University rocket scientist, using his knowledge of thermodynamics to inspire the creation of this fine piece of kitchen equipment.

The pan is designed in such a way that it has ‘fins’ protruding from the surface.  These fins aren’t just for show, they look funky and designer, but they serve a greater purpose. The fins create channels via which the heat from a gas hob will be funnelled, creating a greater heat distribution, which in turn is more even and allows for better cooking.  This speeds up the time food takes to cook which of course means the use of less energy, in fact it is estimated by Oxford University that it takes 40% more energy to use a pan without this fin construction.

The design was created for a more effective cook on a gas hob and as such the pan performs better on one of these.  However having said that it will still provide an even heat distribution on any other kind of cooking medium, it just won’t cook food in a speedier fashion!

  • The pan is made from stainless steel and cast aluminium, meaning it is not only suitable to use on the hob, but you can pop it in the oven as well!  Stylish FIN-X design to channel the heat.  (This Flare Saucepan is like the superhero of the kitchen, the flames ‘lock on’ to the fins, just like The Human Torch – ‘FLAME ON!’)
  • Evenly heats the pan for better distribution
  • No more burning or scorching food as it cooks quicker
  • Made from aluminium and stainless steel
  • Non-stick for easy use and cleaning!

Not only is this a snazzy piece of kit for the discerning cook, it would be a marvelous present for the eternal bachelor or the man who loves to cook.

Available from Lakeland for £58.49

Smith & Kingorn Festive Hamper

Whether you are looking for a gift for that person you care dearly about, who lives some distance away or for a way to buy a few luxurious treats for yourself this Christmas, a hamper is definitely a great choice.

Smith & Kinghorn have put together a veritable feast of all things scrummy in their Festive Hamper this year.  From Mincemeat Tarts to Cranberry Sauce and Christmas Pudding to Brandy Sauce there is so much in the way of delicious treats, you or the intended recipient, won’t know where to start!

Including :

  • Fox’s Christmas Pudding (454g)ATT00004
  • Thorntons Truffles (115g)
  • Mercer Apple Sage & Cider Jelly (140g)
  • Rose Farm Harvest Chutney (117g)
  • Walkers Shortbread Fingers wrapped (160g)
  • Mrs Darlington’s Cranberry Sauce with Port (200g)
  • Brewhoho – Christmas Tea 25’s (50g)
  • Thorncroft Cordial (330ml)
  • Epicure Pate (180g)
  • Cottage Delight Strawberry Extra Jam (227g)
  • Atkins & Potts Brandy Sauce (240g)
  • Walkers Glenfiddich Mincemeat Tarts x 6 (372g)

Available from the 24th November 2014 from Smith & Kinghorn, it will cost just £49.99 and by buying the Festive Hamper, you get the Yuletide Hamper absolutely free!!

The Yuletide Hamper consists of:

  • Walkers White Choc & Raspberry Biscuits (150g)
  • Thorntons Chocolates (115g)
  • Mrs Darlington’s Orange Curd with Cointreau (200g)
  • Dundee Cake (350g)
  • Walker’s Traditional Oatcakes (300g)
  • Thorncroft Cordials (330ml)
  • Dormen Dry Roast Nuts (100g)
  • Divine (100g) bar – selection
  • Mrs Bridges Christmas Marmalade (113g)
  • Mrs Bridges Christmas Chutney (113g)
  • Epicure Cheese Straws (100g)
  • Mercers Beer & Black Pepper Mustard (140g)

Shake ‘n’ Make

m13007_ShakeNMake_1Time is something that keeps on marching regardless of how busy life is, so when it comes to spending time in the kitchen it isn’t always possible.  A fun gift for the busy bee foodie this year, has to be Shake ‘n’ Make.

It sounds a little too good to be true, but Shake ‘n’ Make can create in just 3 minutes, beautifully delicious ice cream.  Yes, in three minutes!

What’s more is that you only need a few ingredients to make this tasty dessert –

  • Milk, cream or yoghurt
  • Ice
  • Salt
  • Shake ‘n’ Make

Simply add the ice and salt into the base of Shake ‘n’ Make, pop the metal cone in, add in the ingredient/s for your ice cream, put the lid on and shake.  Easy as 1, 2, 3 minutes!

A fabulous stocking filler for all foodies, not just those on the go and a great tool to have in the cupboard for unexpected dinner guests!

Available from Mustard for £15.






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