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For anyone who sits at a desk all day it can get a bit boring looking at the same old things day in and day out.  Have no fear though, we have hunted high and low to find the best and quirkiest desk gifts for you to stuff in your loved ones stockings this year.

Editors pickLight Stax

Sometimes the best thing to have on your desk is something that can be a distraction, especially when you have writers block or are trying to get that all important report finished, but just can’t get the words out.  Five minutes of taking your mind off of the task at hand can actually do wonders for you and Light Stax is the perfect choice.

LightStax_1At fist glance, granted, they do just look like some over sized building blocks on a stand and in itself, that is a good enough distraction for anyone, creating something from the multicoloured blocks.  These ones however are slightly more exciting than just a stack on squares that fit neatly together, because they light up! 

Oh yes, they are multi-purpose and serve as a low emitting light lamp, that you can play with.  The 12 blocks, which come in red, white, blue, green, orange and yellow can be arranged to suit your tastes and as you build with this fantastic start pack, the blocks light up.  You can can the set to on all of the time, flashing, fading in and out, as well as off.  

As mentioned this is a starter pack, in fact you can have up to 1,000 Light Stax blocks, all lit up on one single base.  The base is powered by three AAA batteries, or a USB cable, both of which are included in the box.  Besides that, imagination and a little time on your hads is all you need for and interesting, unique and frankly quite fun desk gift! 

Available from Prezzybox for £17.95

TOAD® Diaries

Giving something personalised as a present can be a lovely way to show just how much you think about someone, in that you have taken the time and effort to create something unique, just for them.  TOAD® allows you to do just that with a diary or notebook and we think they are a fabulous idea for stockings this year.

TOAD® have a large range of designs for you to chose from, to suit all people, whether it be Mums, Dads, friends or your lovable Hippy neighbour, there will be a cover that they will love and after choosing that you can create a completely bespoke present by placing your own words upon the cover.  No more worrying about that pesky member of the family that are so picky you just can’t shop for them! 

The tailored experience does not stop there, because TOAD® give you complete control over what will feature inside your journal or diary.  Simply pick and choose the right options for you on screen and TOAD® do the rest for you! You can have a diary that has no dates in it, just days and months, so that you can make the most of the space you have, start a diary in October instead of January or even have a two year diary.

Once you have ordered your present, you wont be stuck waiting in anticipation for it to arrive, because TOAD® will ensure that your order is dispatched within 2 -3 working days, delivery is so fast you can even order one as a last minute gift!  

TOAD® products can be purchased at any time of year from with pricing starting at £13.93 for a personalised A5 diary.

BIC 4 coulours fun gripBIC-cause You Love To Write

No desk is complete with out some good pens to write with and BIC have just the selection to ensure a lovely Christmas gift for any loved one.

The BIC 4 Colours is a pen you will remember from your childhood, not just one pen, this fun writing implement is actually four pens in one!  Four ink cartridges are contained within the pen, making it funky and practical.  Add some colour to any notes or journalling with just the click of a button, switch between pink, purple green and turquoise.  The pen is finished with a lovely charm heart! 

BIC Atlantis Exact Fun Ball Point Pens are another fabulous gift giving idea.  The set of three pens are a cheerful, bright collection of colours – pink, purple and green – making writing fun again.  The pen itself has an ultra fine nib for precise and smooth writing, not to mention a wonderful rubberised body to help you grip the pen more easily.

Available from £2.49 

Winter Is Coming

Game of Thrones Stark Illuminated NotebookIf you know a fan of the hit HBO show Game of Thrones, then we have found the perfect gift for you to give them this Christmas, the Stark Light Up Notebook.  Light up?

Yes, the front cover is decorated in a mottled greenish grey and features the famous sigil of the Starks of Winterfell, a Dire Wolf.  The cover is luxurious and at first glance looks to be padded, whilst this is true there is a reason for it other than making the cover look and feel incredible.  The bottom right hand corner of the front cover has a hidden button that when pressed illuminates the Dire Wolf.

Inside the pages are lined and aged, the entire notebook has been put together with careful consideration of the show and how its fans would react to this piece of functional memorabilia.  Beautiful rendered and extremely apt for anyone who loves the show – (you can even get Targaryen and Lannister notebooks).

Available from HBO for £14.99

Toto Storage Box

RedCandy_1221164_UmbraTotoStorageBoxMint.jpg_1446107402Desk storage is a must for anyone who likes to be organised, but it can sometimes be a little boring and is not always conducive to mobile storage.  The Toto Storage Box is the ultimate desk accessory, whether you use it for pens, jewellery, make up, crafting or whatever you would like, it is a gorgeous piece of kit that keeps everything nice and tidy.

The design is fashioned after a traditional toolbox and features compartments that are open and a closed one, hidden beneath a sliding shelf.  It has a beautifully stylish handle that is made from metal, matching material and colour to the sliding shelf.  The toolbox itself is made from lovely birch wood, it is gorgeous and would make any organising diva smile with glee.

Chic and über fashionable, the Toto Storage Box is available from Red Candy for £30.00


3notebook2Stationary is another great present for people at Christmas, although it seems to have changed over the years from note paper and envelopes, to notebooks and to do lists, a sign of the times and our digital age.

Oilily are a gorgeous company that make stylish, high fashion clothing and accessories.  Their new range includes some striking designs for notebooks and memo pads, we especially love the Magnetisch Memo Pad and handy A6 Notebook.  

The designs are like what you would imagine at Paris Fashion Week, just on stationary items and they are made incredibly well.  The whole range covers everything from scarves to ring binders, phone cases to umbrellas and all perfect to go alongside their sophisticated clothing range! 

Available at Oilily from £2.13

The Famous Five – Smashing Notebook

If you are off on your jollies soon old chap, or are perhaps looking for a way to keep note of all your fantastic adventures, look no further, stop right here.  We have for you a Smashing Notebook that will have you reaching for your pen, eager to jot down any curiosities that catch your eye.

The cover is a rather fetching design that once graced the cover of an actual Enid Blyton Famous Five book.  Terribly vintage and as quaint as can be, the pages have an aged appearance and scattered among them are some original illustrations for the Famous Five.

Available from Quarto for £9.99

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