Christmas Gift Guide – Have A Hairy Christmas


This gift guide looks at a few hair related gifts you could give to your loved one this year.

The Real Shaving Co.

The Real Shaving Co. is a professional male grooming range (from £3.99) which provides a variety of naturally inspired, high-performance products in a choice of formats so you can tailor make your grooming. You can choose between 8 products including scrubs, gels, creams and balms which can be picked to suit your skin type and preference. When you open the tube you aren’t blown away by overpowering smells like some other products on the market, however you are greeted with a masculine scent of the organic ingredients involved. Those ingredients are what also makes your skin softer than ever before.

‘This product range has left my face feeling soft, clean and has helped create a smooth shave, I’ll be buying them again that’s for sure’ Dan Hassall, Reading.


The Bluebeards Revenge

The Bluebeards Revenge is a range of men’s shaving products from razors and accessories to shaving creams and aftershave. These products are all made to try and help reduce the redness left from shaving. It is a great range for men who have tough beards and may also suffer with sensitive skin.  It has an unique ingredient, Decelerine, that is proven to reduce after continual use and will help reduce hair growth. This fab range from Bluebeards Revenge will make great gifts, the boxes  look gorgeous and come at great price, from £4.99.

Bluebeards have also put some thought into the rather amusing instructions, for example: “Remember it tastes foul and have you worked out the price of a shot of our finest fragrance? A 40 year old cognac is a better bet if you need a quick swift snifter”. What a corker!

Landscape RangeThe White Hot Range

A Midland based small British company have come up with a full range of hair products for women with natural white or grey hair.

As you will know if you fall into this category, hair can look lifeless, drab and dry. The texture and condition of grey hair differs from hair that still has its pigment. The full range of six products will brighten, cleanse, condition and add style and definition.


Use once or twice a week to give your hair a brightening boost, especially if you want to rid your hair of those horrid dull and yellowy tones. Contains smoothing and strengthening Keravis and a touch of Blue Lupin and optical brightening for a dazzling shine.


Using this shampoo once or twice a week as a regular shine-giving cleanse. Has a detoxing effect for neutralising shine-dulling pollutants. Has a touch of White Truffle which is known for its moisturising properties.


Also contains smoothing and strengthening Keravis and White Truffle for moisturising properties. Use after every shampoo.

For that extra intense conditioner use the mask.


Use once or twice a week for a three minute miracle workout.


This is a multi-purpose oil that nourishes, glosses and smooth’s. With extracts from the African Baobab tree.

Warm a few drops in the palms of your hands and smooth into either damp or dry hair for a treatment before blow drying or for a smooth high-gloss finish.


To give weightless volume, texture, and definition, use after blow drying.


If you are looking to get someone the gift of professional hair salon products that they can use at home, then take a look at Milk_Shake Har Products.

Inspired by nature and filled with ingredients that aim to nourish and protect the hair, they have the very simple philosophy to ‘use the power and beauty of nature.’

The range includes everything from shampoo to conditioner, products to style the hair and treatments to help repair damaged hair.

Available from Milk_Shake Hair Products

MVC_0195Michael Van Clarke 3 More Inches

For those who love their hair and want to keep it in tip top condition, Michael Van Clarke’s 3 More Inches is something they would love.

Designed to help the hair repair itself and become stronger, longer and even looking younger than ever before.  This Pre Wash treatment can be used in a number of way and provides as many benefits.

  • Using every other shampoo soak the hair for 45 minutes before shampooing
  • Apply before bedtime and leave overnight, shampoo the next morning
  • In sunnier climes? Use in the morning and leave on all day for added protection

Combating the effects of modern hair styling and turning back the clock for hair, Michael Van Clarke’s 3 More Inches is a wonderful gift!

Available from the Michael Van Clarke Store for £29







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