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A few treats for the home this Christmas…

Doodle by Switch

This is a great company, with great gift ideas, very easy and simple. They do a range of products from duvets and pillow case to tablecloths and napkins, all price range to match any budget and for all ages. You can draw on and create your own designs, then when you have run out of room or get fed up with the design, you can wash it off and start again!! You can get the kids to have fun and design their own duvet, or create a present for someone, have friends over and get them to leave their mark on your table cloth. A fantastic way to keep to remind you of a special occasion.

They come with their own special pens which can be purchased separately if you need extra.

Patchwork Deer

Doorstops have never really been the most attractive of items around the home, in fact most of them are those plastic or rubber wedges that get stuffed under a door to keep it open, they are neither pretty nor are they good to your home, scuffing floors and marking carpets.

DSPCH01 DeerDora Designs are dedicated to creating beautiful items for the home that are functional and something you need to rely on at Christmas, especially with people milling about from room to room, pets running with kids and their new toys, not to mention dinner being brought in.  The last thing you need in any of those situations is to have a door slam in someone’s face, or realise that the unsightly rubber wedge has marked your brand new carpet.

Patchwork Deer is quite possibly, one of the most beautiful doorsteps we have ever seen.  Sewn together from a myriad of luxurious and interesting materials in soft pinks and rich purples, this little fellow is just full of character!  He is big enough and strong enough to keep your door open, but soft enough that you don’t stub your toe, large enough that you wont miss him and gorgeous enough that he will fit right into your home!

Available to buy from John Lewis, Ocado, Lakeland and other stockists, this stunning Patchwork Deer  is made by Dora Designs and will be a wonderful addition to your home this festive season.

Dora Designs Ltd
Unit 2 Fengate Trade Park
Peterborough, PE1 5XB
T:01733 305452 F: 08432 161879
Twitter @DoraDesigns


Highplains have some  great vintage floral sleeping bags, in many awesome, fun designs for those who love the outdoors and want something a little bit different this Christmas.  It would make a great present for all those festival goes and happy campers.

Highplains do a great range of different camping gear, you can be all matching with a tent and a chair all in a floral pattern, great for making a bit of a statement on the campsite. Also with christmas coming you could have it as an extra bed for when all those relatives come over and need to make up an extra bed. The designs are lovely and would not look out of place in on a put you up bed.

The sleeping bags come with their own storage bags and retail for £22.99.

IMG_7602Vinyl Impression

Every home deserves a little love this Christmas and if you are thinking of giving your rooms a little makeover but can’t deal with the mess so close to Christmas, then we may just have found the solution for you.

Vinyl Impression are a company that create just the thing to give your room a completely new look, but without the hassle of ending up looking like an abstract Christmas Tree wrapped in wallpaper or getting covered in paint.  They create vinyl images that apply directly to the wall.

Style-guideThere are hundreds of designs to pick from and even a few Christmas themed ones.  We picked out two of our favourites, to share with you, the Hand Drawn Flower Pack 2 and Moustache.

The vinyls are high quality and cut with precision, for clean crisp edges.  They are designed for between one and two people to put them up and providing you have a decent wall, (one that can keep masking tape attached overnight), you are good to go.

They are delivered without damage in a cardboard tube, to make sure they arrived in the same condition that they leave the workshop in! When you take them out of the tub you will be wowed and in awe.  They are stunning and look absolutely striking on the wall, as if someone has actually painted the images on a blank way.

The designs are vast and so prices vary, but be sure to check out Vinyl Impression for a design that could turn your boring blank walls into a landscape that oozes your personality and is as unique as you and your family!

image004Bee & Bug Biome

An unusual item granted, but this Bee & Bug Biome is a great gift for a budding green thumbed member of the family or even someone interested in conservation.  The little biome looks much like a bird house except that the front if filled with holes and crevices to entice these little critters into your garden.

Made from sustainable FSC timber, the biome will provide ‘over winter habitats’ for insects such as lacewings, who are the best defence against aphids, and Ladybirds, who also keeps these plant destroying bugs at bay.  The top of the biome also provides a place for solitary bees to make their homes.

The gift is complete with a guide to bees, to help identify which species are living in your garden and also some wildflower seeds to help attract them.  Having these stunning insects in your garden will help with pollination and the well being of your garden!

Available from QVC for £23.00


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