Christmas Gift Guide – It Is All About The Kids!


chickenChicken Charades

Games around Christmas are a must, families get together and it’s a time when time together needs to be filled with fun and laughter. Chicken Charades is the perfect game this Christmas.

Now we know what you’re thinking, but this take on the classic Charades from University games is a unique and addictive one. You play in teams of two. One person has the card and has to roll the dice and pick the corresponding action to act out with the rubber chicken! The other person has 10 seconds to guess what their partner is acting out with the rubber chicken.

University games have taken something rather amusing and placed it into a perfect game. We love chicken charades and will be playing it rather a lot of the Christmas period. This will be a must have game, one families will enjoy for hours.

clementineA Girl For All Time

This is a great gift if you are looking for something far away from those technical toys. A Girl For All Time is a small London based company that makes and designs crafted dolls books and more to encourage creative and intelligent play for girls over the age of 7 years.

Each of these pretty dolls lives in a period of English history, which will help your little girl discover and explore these different times in our history. They have a book which tells their story and they have clothes that are traditional to their period in history.

These dolls will keep your little ones entertained for ages discovering their story or making up their own. Some of the periods in which the dolls come from is Matilda from the Tudor period, Clementine who is a 1940s girl with her story from the Blitz.

The dolls come a sturdy keepsake box so even when they are grown up they can still keep these lovely dolls to help remember their childhood They retail from £89.99.

tungTung Toos

Looking for the perfect quirky gift for your little ones stocking this Christmas? Something a little different from the usual? The Tung Toos are the way to go. They are fantastic tattoos for your tongue that look fabulous and also taste amazing! So its almost like two for one!

These fabulous bits of ‘tongue art’ will keep you and the little ones laughing all day long, because lets face it, you will need to try one out for yourself too, and who can blame you?! With holiday designs and many others to choose from, there is something for everyone.

robinsWow Toys

Wow toys were launched in 1997 they are long lasting toys that don’t need batteries, yes they don’t need batteries, so don’t worry on Christmas day.

There is something for every child in the Wow toy range from a Dinky Dino egg , bath toys to an advent calendar and a combine harvester. There are lots of different sets to build from your very own farm with a car and horse box with real car sounds and a pony to fantasy  lands from George the Dragon to a rocket.

These toys are made to last and help with play and learning for your child. Age range is from 1 ½ to 5 years. Robins Medical is rescue is part of the Wow Toys range and it retails at £19.07,  which is a great price for something with so much on it.  It comes with 3 people a wheel chair, stretcher and a motorised ambulance.

The Wow Toys have great touches on them for example the ambulance has a push button to open the back door of the ambulance you can use the paramedic or your own hand to do this, This reveals an x ray machine. The figures and accessories all fit in the ambulance too.It moves by using friction so even the bigger kids can have fun pulling back and letting the ambulance go.

There is such a huge range of Wow toys that you can keep adding to the collection for years to come ranging from around £4.99

Posie Pixie and the Christmas Tree-cover-JPG-v1The Whimsy Wood collection by Sarah Hill

A great series aimed at children aged 5-8. This quirky little collection of books are just 1 of 5 sets of 7 books (from £4.66 each) which are really easy and enjoyable to read for both parent and child. They transport you into a whimsical world of seasonal adventure, where finding a bed for the winter becomes a way of making new friends for the main character Posie Pixie.

The words on the pages are large and simple enough for most stages of reading, for the age range it’s aimed for and it is beautifully illustrated by Sarah Mauchline.

10% of thenet sales of this series is being donated to The Wildlife Trust, UK. Santa loves helping charities so these are great to put on any Santa list this Christmas. (Also available on Kindle).

The Original Miracle Melting King of Rock

A great addition to 5+ child’s Christmas stocking this year. This really simple pot includes some Elvis inspired accessories (a quiff, a pair of sun glasses, some hands and a microphone as well as a few more) and some white melting putty. You have to shape the putty into the desired shape and insert the accessories wherever you like. Over the space of 30 minutes the putty will melt into a puddle, leaving the accessories spread in a funny position. It can be remade and melted again and again and can be stored in a handy plastic tub. You do have to be wary that it contains small parts so it isn’t suitable to be around children under 36mths. The putty may stain fabrics and isn’t the best thing to get in your hair or put near any pets you may have. Other than the above this is a great and funny gift.




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