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Baby Zoo Nightlightturtle

If you are looking for something to buy for the little ones this Christmas, it can be a tough challenge. With so many different baby and toddler items and toys on offer, you could spend hours trying to find the perfect gift. So this Turtle Nightlight from Baby Zoo could be the perfect answer. With an LED night to create that perfect glow and long lasting battery life, this night light would be the perfect addition to any Nursery. What’s even better is that it comes with an auto shut-off function, which can be set to the desired time. Meaning you don’t have to worry about going back to turn it off. Little hands will be able to turn this little Nightlight on and off with a simple press of the shell.

This timer based Nightlight retails at around £19.99 from Amazon.

blade and roseBlade and Rose

Blade and Rose are a children’s fashion brand that specializes in leggings with fun designs on the bottom.  These design look great on the babies when they are crawling as they durable as they are made from a top-quality yarn mix  and toddlers then they are taking their first step or toddling around they are machine washable to make for easy cleaning and the fabric will remain soft and stretchy and kind to the skin. All these things are important when looking for leggings for your little one.

The funky designs are from rockets and monsters to Ladybirds and a mouse to times of the year like Halloween and Christmas . When they are crawling or walking away from you this will bring a smile to your face. They retail from £10. There is more in the range including hats socks and bibs.

Bunny Jumpbunny jump

Bunny Jump from university games will have the little ones hopping mad from start to finish. When Mr rather cute bunny is sat happily guarding his carrots one day, the little ones have to come along and spin the spinner to see how many carrots they need to remove. They have to carefully but quickly remove the carrots and place them in their basket, but be careful, because one of those little carrots will make Mr Bunny jump high into the air. But stay on guard as catching this jumping bunny could win them the game!

This game is fantastic, it keeps kids (and you) entertained and on edge for hours. As the carrots get less and less, it becomes a nail-biting affair. Kids will love the Mr Bunny character, but may be taken by surprise when he decides to pounce!

Bunny Jump retails for around £14.99.

marketGibson Christmas Market Puzzle

There’s nothing better than sitting down with the family after a huge Christmas dinner and doing a puzzle. This Limited edition Christmas market puzzle from Gibson’s is fantastic for just that.

This 1000 piece puzzle will bring the family together to create the stunning Christmas Market scene from Marcella Corti. The puzzle really does capture Christmas so well, with the ice rink, trees and beautiful lights, its a truly stunning scene, which will be enjoyed for years to come. This puzzle even includes a unique numbered certificate, making it that little more special.

Retailing for around £19.99, this is a perfect keepsake to bring out each Christmas for years to come.


BANANAGRAMS (RRP £14.99 ages 7 – 107) available from John Lewis, WHSmith, Waterstones, supermarkets and

BANANAGRAMS is an anagram game that requires no paper, pencil or board and no complicated adding up of word scores.

144 tiles, each clearly displaying a letter of the alphabet, are turned face down (the ‘bunch’) and divided between the players, then each person simultaneously creates their own crossword, calling ‘peel’ when they run out of tiles, forcing all players to then take a tile from the bunch, continuing until the bunch has gone. The player to have used all their tiles is the winner.

The tiles are housed in a bright yellow, banana-shaped pouch which means this fast paced, fun game can be taken – and enjoyed – anywhere.

Also included are rules for four alternative games, imposing time limits or even to be played alone, proving that BANANAGRAMS really is the portable game for all the family.

door bouncerLittle Tikes Door Bouncer

The Little Tikes Cosy Coupe Door Bouncer is  fun and easy to use your child will love it, your baby will be safe playing while you can get on with some much needed housework and maybe even a cuppa. It will keep them entertained for hours.

This product will help develop your child’s leg muscles, introduce them to balance and get them used to the idea of walking. As your child grows more active and curious, they can explore the removeable play panel on to dashboard. The great thing about the removeable dash is the ability to take it with them, when they tire of the bouncing but still want to play, they can sit and still have a bit of their Cosy Coupe door bouncer with them.

We are massive Little Tikes fans here at Erisea and we can see the new Cosy Coupe Door Bouncer being a hit this Christmas. With soft springs to keep little fingers safe, padded seat which is easy to wash and adjustable straps for every growing little ones, this is a must have.

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