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VHC Xmas 123The Very Hungry Caterpillar’s Christmas 123

The world of Eric Carle is one that captivates and engages children and has done for many years.  It is a world timeless and colourful.

This Christmas The Hungry Caterpillar wants to help children learn their numbers from one to ten and learn them in true Eric Carle fashion with bright colours and big, bold pictures which are all themed around the most amazing time of the year, Christmas.  Of course The Hungry Caterpillar can be found on each page, searching through snowflakes and stars, penguins and presents, for some Christmas Pudding!

Published by Penguin Books for £4.99


New-B Babydoll shoes by Bobux (£20.00) are a cute little addition to any little prince or princess’s party wear this Christmas. Designed to comfortably cocoon your little bundle of joys unique triangular shaped feet (which is normal by the way) this new-b range supports natural development and movement as your little one grows. Made from real leather and designed in New Zealand, these little shoesies are child safe, non-flammable and completely lead free. They promote healthy feet, which as a parent or family member, is always a worry when buying a baby a pair of shoes.

Beautifully made with soft to touch flexible leather and fabulously packaged, each design makes for a gorgeous present for any stylish newbie in your life this Christmas, if they did them in our size, we’d wear them.

708-800--c-kr-overlay-Raggy Tag

Raggy-Tag is a beautifully made baby comfort blanket backed with cuddlesoft white velboa (£16.99-£21.99). This 40cm long baby comforter is machine washable and perfect for the little bundles of joy in your life this Christmas. The tags attached are of different textures stimulating babies learning and the material comes in 25 different styles which are fit for any little prince or princess. You can even get them personalised with babies name from their website for an extra cost. Beautifully presented in a shimmering organza bag this is a ready-made must have gift for a baby this year.


The little water activated RoboFish toys have been a growing craze for a few years now and this life like RoboFish Pirate (£11.00) is the new edition to the party. The RoboFish Pirate series introduces six very piratey looking clown fish wearing skull and crossbones, scars and buccaneer accessories to finish the devilish look. Water-activated, they start swimming as soon as they hit the water’s surface. They all come with a plastic display stand so you can pick and choose which of these lovely little fish are ready to terrorise your fish bowl or bath this Christmas and beyond… watch out for your toes.

Haynes Route Master Bus

This is one for the London loving kids out there, the Haynes Route Master Bus from Tobar, is a great knowledge based gift for the older child. The Haynes trivia manual about the London Routemaster bus is an easy to read fun addition to any stocking this Christmas. The front end of the book is packed with interesting information about this beautiful red iconic double decker London bus, which, just to let you know, was introduced in 1956 and is still a legendary addition to the streets of London to date. The second half of the book features  detailed instructions and lots of press-out cardboard pieces that assemble to make a large (34cm) model of the beautiful London legendary bus. It is something educational, patriotic and fun to keep them busy long after the tree comes down.

530909Moxie Girlz

Moxie girlz are a range of fashion dolls for girls aged 5+. The range of Moxie girlz each have a name and story behind them. They live in their own world with their pets and loads of accessories to collect. They will also stand up on their own too. Their great long hair that can be styled and they can be dressed in different clothes for their different adventures.

Now most little girls like to design clothes and with this range of Moxie girlz they can do just that.  Their outfits can be coloured in and stickers put on them, then when they want a change the design the outfit can be washed ready to start again. This allows your children to be creative and help them get involved with their games even more.

They retail around £14.99. In this range of Moxie Girlz there are others girls available to create with.

719_main_listingPeppa Pig and Me.

Children tend to become fixated on their favourite television shows and their characters.  These days all of the shows and movies have a complete range of accompanying memorabilia in the form of books and toys.  So, what better gift for a child this Christmas than  story book that features one of the most popular children’s tv characters at present, Peppa Pig?  Not just Peppa, but her friends, the Pig family and your child!

Penwizard have devised a way to include a character that will resemble your child after you fill out a few piece of information, such as eye colour, hair colour and type and even what they would like for Christmas!   All of this information is used to create an exciting and engaging story for you to share with your child!

Every step of the story from the front cover to the last page features an image (created from the information) of your child and all of their favourite characters as they go on a wonderful adventure.

There are a number of different options for stories and indeed characters.  All are available from Penwizard from around £10.00

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