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The dinner table is an important part of Christmas day, so it is only right to have it decked out in all it’s finery…

Gardeners’ crackers - CopyGrow Your Own Christmas Crackers

A slight change from the usual suspects, these Robin Reed Traditional English Handmade Crackers from Potter & Rest each contain a rather unusual surprise.

Designed for the green fingered and thumbed amongst us, The Grow Your Own Christmas Crackers each have a different packet of seeds inside, along with a joke, snap and party hat.  These crackers will not just gift the person who pulls it with a packet of seeds, but will be a lovely reminder of their wonderful Christmas with you as their seeds grow and mature into wonderful plants!

Available from Potter and Rest for £14.95

Denby & Monsoon Come To Dinner

Xmas Chrysanthemum TablesettingChristmas is a time for the special china, the crockery that otherwise is kept safely in a cupboard just for special occasions.  If you are looking for a special dinner service to which to serve up your Christmas Roast this year, then Denby could be a great option for you, with a  range of dinner sets to suit all tastes.

Monsoon Chrysanthemum

A beautiful white dinner service that is complimented with a floral design that flows effortlessly around the china.  The jet black design is then accented with splashes of gold, leaving the overall effect as one of high quality and luxury.

Available as individual items starting at just £2.70 for a coordinating tray up to £156.00 for a full 16 piece dinner set.

Xmas Chantilly TablesettingMonsoon Chantilly

Soft and floaty, this design is beautiful set on an creamy base on Denby fine china, Chantilly is decorated with a stunning pastel pink and complimentary browns in a glorious floral pattern.  This dinner service is sure to wow, without being overpowering.

Available as individual items from £6.50 for a Tea Saucer, up to £156.00 for a 16 piece dinner service.


In the same design as the above collection the Monsoon Home Set Of Four Placemats is also a great addition to the dinner table.  They are heat resistant and wipe clean, meaning they and your table will last for years to come.

Available for £17.00

Hurricane Tableset CloseupJet Stripes

For a little more drama the Jet Stripes collection is one to really make an impact this year.  With a matte effect, the design is simplistic, yet sophisticated.  A jet black base is accented with muted greens and blues that sit in stripes around the china.

Available as individual items from £13.50 for a Tea Plate up to £66.50 for a 4 piece dinner service.

Six Handmade Traditional English Crackers

Much of the time a standard traditional pack of Christmas Crackers are what you need when it comes to dinner on Christmas Day.  ver the years however some of the gifts have evolved into more modern presents.

Robin Reed’s Traditional English Crackers from Potter & Rest are filled with jokes, hats, snaps and of course a little something extra, which might include:

  • Miniature pack of cards
  • Magnifying glass
  • Torch
  • Keyring
  • Compass
  • Tape Measure
  • Luggage Tag
  • Bookmark
  • Miniature Screwdrivers
  • Padlock
  • Bookmark

The set of six crackers are handmade and ready to be pulled to everyone’s delight.  Available from Potter & Rest for £14.95.

704117Country Candles

When this time of year rolls around there is something inside us all that wants our homes to smell like Christmas.  It maybe something different for everyone – gingerbread, oranges, cinnamon, nutmeg roast dinner, tinsel – whatever it is, we want that smell because it reminds us of how magical Christmas was as a child and gives us a little of that sense back.

There is a whole host of way to infuse the house with aromas and one of the best is to use scented candles.  Country Candles have a range of Christmas scented offerings this year and they are quite something!

With a burn time of around 30 hours, they will last a good while and as they come in a set of three, you have a total of 90 hours to keep you going!

The candles are incredibly scented –

  • Gingerbread – as if you have a batch of tiny men (the gingerbread variety) baking in the oven, this candle permeates the air with the most festive aroma.  Packed with ginger, nutmeg, cinnamon and clove, along with maple syrup, brown sugar, a hint of musk and some delicious vanilla!
  • Ice Hotel – Fresh and invigorating, just like an icy landscape it is made with camphor and eucalyptus, citrus, pine, sweet musk and conifer.  It is a brisk, clean aroma that will wake you up!
  • Red Amber & Clove – This candle fills the air with amazing mouthwatering citrus scents along with cinnamon and clove.  It also has tonka bean, smooth musk and golden amber.  It smells of vintage Christmas!

Perfect as a stocking filler or a gift for your home this winter!  Available from QVC for just £19.56

m12006a_WildDining_Gorilla_1Wild Dining

If you know someone who is constantly talking about how boring their dinner plates are then keep on reading, you could be about to become the hero of Christmas.

Bland dinner plates have always been something of debate, some are bothered by it and others aren’t, they only serve to present our food to us, rather than eating out of our hands! Do they have to be plain and boring though?  Maybe a few flowers here and there, a little bit of colour?  No, still looking for something more from the crockery, a touch of pizazz?

Wild Dining is a series of plates that have been created with the ‘Party Animal’ in mind, someone who thinking outside the box and is always looking to inject a little fun into their lives.  A series of four plates, each one comes with a charismatic character on it and we warn you now, you will want to play with your food!

The set comprises of Larry Lion, Gina Giraffe, Patricia Panda and Gary Gorilla.  Each one has their own personality and will egg you on to play with their look by repositioning your food around the plate.  Expertly drawn, microwave and dishwasher safe, just one isn’t enough, you need the ‘whole menagerie.’

Available from Mustard for £10 each.

champsChampagne Veuve Monsigny

A bottle of bubbly with Christmas Dinner is a tradition and even more so as the New Year is welcomed in.  Sometimes though a little champagne can cost a lot of money and in these tough times we don’t all have the budget for big bubbles.  Enter Aldi.

Champagne Veuve Monsigny is a stunning drink made in equal parts from Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier it has then been aged for four years to create a gorgeous golden liquid that is balanced, elegant and complex in flavour.  Refreshingly crisp it is perfect for any occasion.

Available from Aldi for £9.99


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