Christmas Gift Guide – Playtime!


Disney Princess

Disney princess have a great new range of lumiglow lights for the bedroom. These lights are not your average run of the mill lights either. They come in the form of Lumiglow Vinyls, which stick on the wall and light up at night. The main section of the vinyl is also sound activated, meaning it comes on in the night when your little one needs it most. Fantastic. Second is the Disney Princess Go Glo night beam tilt torch, emblazoned with their favourite characters this motion activated torch is perfect for those little ones who need a little bit of light to go to sleep, or even a cheeky story before drifting off. The torch can also sit on the side when they are ready to call it a night and it will automatically fade out after two minutes. meaning you don’t need to worry about it being on all night and using up the batteries. These new ranges are perfect for kids who need the light at night. They come in a range of different characters, so something to suit everyone. A perfect gift from santa, courtesy of worlds apart, I must say!

monkey puppetMonkey Wellbeing

With the new year looming, it will inevitably throw new challenges your way. One of which may be hospital visits with the little ones. This is where Monkey puppet comes in. Monkey has been created to make hospital visits and stays that much easier. With fun activity books and fantastic online downloads as well as the adorable Monkey Puppet himself, kids will have endless fun.

As well as loads of stories and fun facts, Monkey will also be there to keep your little ones safe when you can’t be around. Having Monkey Puppet around for those looming hospital stays will make them that much easier.


Me To You Bear

Everyone loves a teddy for christmas weather it is in their stocking or as a main present. A teddy makes everyone smile young and old.

Me to You bears are a brilliant choice and cover all sorts of different situations with birthday bears, christmas bears dressed at santa, from congratulations to good luck and thank you  and they make great items for people to collect. They do not just to teddy bears there is anything from night clothes and blankets to cards and wedding albums.

Prices range from about £4 onwards.


These come in different characters from a pink unicorn to a blue elephant. These are lovely soft animal that can stretch to over 150cm tall, They are attached to your child by bands on his hands and feet, then the stretchkin will move or dance or do anything that your child does they will have a great time and adventures with their life size Stretchkin. The stretchkin will then go back to its original size so its great for when they just want a hug these are for children over 3 years and retail at £19.99


For that toy for the young and old. From anything from a chocolate picture making kit to a supersonic bungee-launched rocket. Browse lots of different ideas online for all budgets. They seek out new products and new ideas to make them accessible to us.

They also help smaller business with great ideas to move forward and  work alongside the bigger brands like Lego and Moshi. Toys for all ages. and prices for all pockets too, Easy to order online or spend time browsing the catalogue.


Kids love magazines, and these days there are so many different types, you’re sure to find something to suit everyone. Topps has a fabulous range of magazines with collectable cards and stickers to boot. Kids will love collecting their favourite characters cards, from Frozen to football, there really is something for everyone. Its something that can be taken through the year collecting the cards or stickers and getting closer to the full set. Perfect for kids and adults alike!

barbie bagBarbie & Me Colour Change Glam Bag

Barbie is always a safe bet for a gift for a little girl but looking for something a little different then look no further. This bag will change colour before your eyes so will match any outfit your little girl wears, and its total magic how this happens just hold the bag against whatever you want it to match and press the heart button and watch the bag light up and change colour right in front for your eyes. It will match with over 100 + colours.  There is great mini bag that matches the handbag for their Barbie doll to have too. Comes with some great little accessories so the bag can be decorated it the way it is wanted. The bag comes with a wrist strap or a chain strap for all situations.

For ages 3+ needs 3 AAA batteries which are included retails from £19.99,




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