Christmas Gift Guide – Preparing with the Kids & Advent Calenders


Christmas is definitely the time of year to embrace your inner child and if you have kids in your family you know it is a time filled with excitement and anticipation for the little ones.  We thought it would be a good idea to search out a few early gift ideas that will help you get ready for the big day and involve the kids too! 

Editors pickElf On A Shelf

Relatively new to the United Kingdom, is Elf on a Shelf.  The concept is brought to us by Carol V. Aebersold and Chanda A. Bell, and the idea is rather simple.  A cheeky little Elf has been sent to your house by Santa to keep an eye on the kiddie in the run up to Christmas.  His job is to report back to Santa each night, just how good the children have been and whether they should go on the naughty or nice list.  The elves has been known to get up to a little mischief at times though, so be warned.

Elf on the ShelfThe Elf on a Shelf gift set is a wonderful way to introduce a new tradition to your families holiday festivities.  Inside the beautiful box you get a gorgeous colour story book that tells your children all about your new friend and introduces a few little rules, the most important of which is that under no circumstances can the children touch the Elf, he might lose his magic and not be able to return to the North Pole and report in with Santa.

The box also contains your Elf.  The fun starts right away as you need to name him or her online and in return you receive a special message from Santa.  Then as 1st December dawns it is up to the kids to find the elf, who you will have cleverly hidden somewhere is the house, possibly with a treat for the little ones and most likely having gotten up to no good – (we thought it would be fun to have him try to bake cookies, or get tangled in toilet roll, maybe even eat some of Mum’s special stash of chocolates, your imagination is your only limit).

If you want to delight the kids this year with your very own Elf on a Shelf, we would highly recommend it, good fun and a great way to spend the days leading up to Christmas.  You can pick up one of your very own from Prezzybox for £26.95


Chocolate Advent Calenders from Cadbury

One of the most traditional advent calenders that you can get in modern times, is one that is filled with chocolate.  The daily anticipation for kids and grown ups alike, waking up in the morning and running, okay maybe not running, but making their way downstairs to find out what shape their morning chocolate is! 

This year Cadbury have their usual offering of Advent calenders but they also have released an even bigger advent calender filled with more scrumptious chocolate and the real pleasing part is just how cheap it is at only £4.99

Satrry Night Advent House

Starry Night Chocolate Advent House, Ref 60728, £39.99If conventional Advent calenders aren’t appealing to yo this year, then why not pick up a Starry Night Advent House form Lakeland and include gifts of your own choosing.

Made from smooth, white plywood, the Starry Night Advent House is created in the shape of a traditional house, the roof contains a beautiful Christmas scene as a little town complete with trees is illuminated by tiny LED lights that resemble stars and lights inside the tiny houses.  

Beneath the enchanting scene you will find 24 individual drawers, all delicately numbered and finished with small round knobs.  The drawers are empty, leaving you to fill it with any treats you desire, although the Advent House does come with 24 chocolate balls, one for each drawer.

A luxurious, high quality finish and gorgeous design, means this Advent House will look perfect in your home this Christmas and for many Christmases to come, because unlike other calenders, this one can be used time and time again!

Available from Lakeland for £39.99

Playmobil Advent Calender

5496_product_detailOne of the fun things about December and the lead up to Christmas, is the daily anticipation of what is behind the door of your advent calender for that day.  Today there are a whole multitude of options when it comes to picking your advent calender  an advent calender for the kids, from the traditional chocolate treats to more extravagant one that contain toys or even make up.

Playmobil have come up with a fantastic calender that the whole family can enjoy it even doubles as a Christmas decoration that could be used year after year, once it is finished.  Behind each door is an element of the finished play scene that features a lovely family on Christmas morning and some of those pieces contain surprises themselves.

Totalling 119 pieces, the resulting scene is finished with a Christmas tree that lights up, (batteries not included).  It is sure to delight the kids as they see, day by day, the scene grow and come to life.  

If you want to get your hands on one of the Playmobil Advent Calenders this year, you can pick one up from their website! 

Adorable Lindt Bear & Friends Advent House

Celebrate Advent with your favourite Master Chocolatiers this year and the Adorable Lints Bear & Friends Advent House.  

Behind each of the 24 doors there is a chocolate surprise hidden, it could be any of the delicious Swiss milk chocolate creations listed below:

  • 3 x Lindt Chocolate Reindeer
  • 3 x Lindt Chocolate Bears
  • 5 x Lindt Milk Chocolate Napolitains
  • 6 x Lindt Mini Milk Chocolate Truffles
  • 6 x Lindt Mini Milk Chocolate Snowdrops

On the 24th of December, after 23 days of scrumptious Swiss chocolate, you are rewarded with a 100g Lindt Chocolate Bear, complete with signature red ribbon around his neck.

Thorntons The Snowman and the Snowdog Advent Calender

Featuring the classic beloved characters from Raymond Briggs’ The Snowman, this advent calender is full of charm and wonder, not to mention lots of Thorntons white chocolate.

The magic begins with the stunning scene that depicts the iconic Snowman flying through the sky, clutching the Snowdog.  Behind each door your little one will find a delicious piece of white chocolate, culminating with the lovely personalised chocolate plaque on the 24th December.

Available from Thorntons for £4.50

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