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You Cannae Push Yer Granny off the Buspantsonfire_grannies_box1

You Cannae Push Yer Granny off the Bus (RRP £15, ages 6+) available from WHSmith, Waterstones, John Lewis, HMV, Amazon and direct from

A board game with a difference… The aim of this game is to push all the Grannies off the bus before your own gets pushed off!

Move your Granny around the board and battle other players with the ‘handbag head bash’ and ankle-biting lapdogs whilst defending from such attacks with woolly tights and an umbrella – or maybe introduce a hazard? By starting a rumor that there is a major prize at the Bingo Hall, all the other Grannies are sent there.

This is an hilarious game of strategy, luck and cunning with a lot of cartoon comedy to boot. The ideal Christmas game, especially if Granny is playing

Pants on Fire Board Games | award-winning board game company

marmiteMarmite Love It or Hate It

Marmite Love It or Hate It (RRP £15, for ages 8+) available from WHSmith, Waterstones, HMV, Amazon and John Lewis (online) and direct from

This game is all about how well you know your family and friends

Choosing from 50 subjects such as TV game shows, British Prime Ministers or even just vegetables, players spin the Marmite jar spinner to find out whether they must guess what their opponents love or hate. If you come up with a correct answer, you will win a puzzle piece.

The first player to complete their Marmite puzzle is the winner – but beware! Another player could take one of your puzzle pieces by being a smarty-pants!

5 Second Rule5-second-rule

5 second rule from University games is a game of fast thinking and ever faster talking. The idea of the game is to get around the board first and to do that, you need to think fast. It might sound easy to think of three things beginning with the letter B, however when you are faced with doing this is five seconds with a timer that swirls and takes away your attention, its far harder than it sounds. This game will have you determined and shouting the answers quicker than you might think.

It’s the perfect fast paced game this Christmas and will be sure to bring out the competitiveness in you. 5 Second Rule retails for around £14.99 and is a firm favorite with us.

pudPass The Pud

Christmas is a time to spend with your loved ones, and what better way to spend some much-needed time together than to do it playing a festively fun game. Pass The Pud from Gibsons is the perfect game for a fast paced afternoon of fun together.  Pass the Pud is for four or more players and the object of the game is to complete a tasty challenge within the time given, or until the Pud lets off an almighty BURP. With four categories to choose from and the Pud giving you a very random amount of time to answer, this game will have you on your toes from start to finish. A perfect game for some fast-paced family fun.

Mini Cooper Sradio-controlled-mini-cooper-racers-twin-pack

Each car requires 3 x AA batteries and 1 x 9v battery, and for this the car reacts and responds really well to the controller. Whether it be a hard floor surface or carpeted the cars effortlessly glide, once it get’s going it’s quite a whippy car and it don’t stop on carpeted areas such as a ribbed carpet, which on other RC cars it has been an issue and lose traction. The tyres have very good tread giving them the advantage and I would be as bold to think it would also manage in sand though I have not yet tested it on that. Though I know this product would be great fun out on rainy surfaces especially with surface spray.

My only criticism with this product is it’s steering function with the front wheels as they are restricted to how much they can turn and U turning and cornering is not as smooth as it could be. For a rough ERP £20 is great value for this yet and would make a great gift idea for adults that still have some inner child. I have thoroughly enjoyed using it and will continue to do so. I may even make a dirt track in the garden for more fun.

dobble kidsDobble

Dobble, a game that has brought something unique and addictive to the gaming scene now has a version for the little people in our lives. This fast paced game has created a beautiful version for kids.

There are lots of different little games you can play with Dobble, but the main game is to have the most cards at the end. To do this you have to be the first to match a symbol/character on your card to the card on the pack. Each card will have at least one matching symbol, it may be a different size and have moved around the card, but there will always be at least one and you have to be the first to spot it to get the card. Dobble for kids is a fantastic addition to the range and will keep your little ones entertained for hours.

 Piper Icontrol

The Product is a discreet security system for your home. It has a modern look to it so it will fit in well with most piperhomely environments. By appearance, it looks like a speaker so it’s not obvious of it’s nature unless it became a household staple.

It has it’s own website with straight-forward and easy to follow set-up tutorial.

The iControl detects motion, temperature change and loud noises, preferences can be set to how you would like to be notified of these detections.

It has a fantastic wide angel fish eye lens and you can switch to up to 4 different adjustable camera angles, pinch to enlarge or decrease, hold and move to pan the camera view.

There are three different security modes. Each you can adjust your preferences.

In the instance of an intrusion, it has a very loud alarm.

There are also optional devices you can purchase to work along side the iControl to adjust household utilities like heating and lighting.An absolute affordable winner for peace of mind home security.

An absolute affordable winner for peace of mind home security.

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