Christmas Gift Guide – Some Different Ideas


MS Mugs

Nothing says Christmas quite like curling up with a mug of hot chocolate – and with these beautiful, delicate mugs from McLaggan Smith you’ll mugbe feeling even more festive in no time.

The gorgeous wintry scene (ME01), the penguin covered in snowflakes (BP09) and the Christmas tree with bird (BR07) are beautiful. They’re microwave safe and would make a fantastic addition to any kitchen – and at just £9 each they make a wonderful gift that won’t break the bank. has an incredible range, featuring dozens of designers, appropriate for all occasions, not just Christmas.

Wood Knit Bee

Candles flickering are so evocative of Christmas and the candles from are no exception.

Made from 100% natural beeswax, there is a candle to suit everyone’s tastes, from tea-lights to party lights, dinner candles to dipped.

The pillar candles, starting at a 10 hour burning time right up to 118 hours are paired with beautiful wooden candle sticks, finished in Sussex Grey or natural wood.

The beehive candle (£7) and the summer-light candle holder including 5 candles with delicately coloured glass holders (£11.50) make a more eye catching, yet still useful gift. For the more creative recipient, dipping sets are available (starting at £19)

BEESWAX-07-978x305Postal gifts are also available, providing honeycomb for a rolled candle in an envelope (£4)


Quiirk have a range of really stylish and contemporary soft furnishings for the home.  We have  particular love of the Emma Beischer Cushions that they have in stock.  Beautiful designs that capture the current trend for Scandinavian patterns, in cool colours that only further accentuate the styles.

These cushions would be a perfect gift for anyone who has just moved in to their first home, a new home or indeed loves homely gifts for presents.  They are hand knitted by Emma from 100% lambswool at her home in Nottingham and the covers conceal a feather center.

The geometric make up of the cushions would also be fabulous for gamers, especially those who love their 8-bit gaming!

The prices range for £50 – £100 and can be purchased from Quiirk.

Storage Datashur Personal 8GB PIN Activated USB Flash Drive.

When it comes to encrypting or adding passwords to files and USB sticks would you know what you’re doing? A majority of us wouldn’t, so having a USB flash drive with a keypad on the face of it is a welcome idea. 8GB is plentiful for personal usage and as standard, it is plug and play compatible. While it is not advisable to write passwords down, this requires 7­15 digits for the PIN, so, memorable dates may work for you. The keypad is splash­proof and alphanumeric, meaning three letters will be on certain numbers and will need pressing a certain amount of times I.E C will require you pressing number 2 three times. You needn’t worry about activating the lock on the USB stick either as it will automatically do this itself once removed from a computer.


shredderShredder from Fellowes

A shredder as a gift may not seem like the most obvious choice, however it’s the perfect addition to any office and paperwork conscientious person.

Fellowes has created this fabulous shredder which is cross-cutting, so it makes it impossible for anyone to piece it back together, fabulous for keeping your personal information safe, also this machine has fantastic safety features, it senses when something is not a material like paper and shuts off. So no accidents there.

This shredder also comes with jam proof technology, so the accidental staple will be no problem here. A shredder from Fellowes would make the perfect gift for the business person in your life.

Wilkinson Sword Hydro 5 Groomer

Probably the only real competitor to the Mach razors, but the better product.

It’s detachable blade head as the name suggests, has 5 blades that look perfectly aligned so it won’t get cluttered up with stubble and dull the effectiveness of the shave as quick.

The hydrate strip is attached to a hinge so it will snap back to get a better shave in stubborn areas.

On the bottom there is a grooming tool with an attached comb that is adjustable and will also come off for that neater trim. Wilkinson have also very kindly provided a triple A lithium battery which should give you a really good run of shaving before replacing it. Topscruffs-small-logo stuff from a top product.



If you are looking to get that something a little different for the man in your life this Christmas, then Scruffs is the perfect place. With products built to last everything men throw at them, Scruffs have a great range of hardware that is just that. Hard wearing. With everything from  a peaked beanie with upturning ear flaps, to the steel bottle opening belt with the steel belt buckle and ultra-handy bottle opener, because we know men like to have things at hand. Scruffs have something for everyone this Christmas with a fabulous range of gifts and stocking fillers.

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