Christmas Gift Guide – Stick A Cork In It!


Time for a tipple, a festive mulled wine or even a fancy cocktail, we have it all covered, maybe a couple of Mocktails too!

Greenalls_Negroni_2Greenalls Gin

Greenalls have made their first new additions in over 250 years and they are epic. In the form of Greenalls Sloe Gin and Wild berry Gin, this fabulous traditional company have hit the nail on the head with the new additions. The master distiller at G&J Distillers selected the tradition British flavour of sloe berries for the Greenalls Sloe Gin and the blackberries and raspberries from the great British countryside for the Greenalls Wild Berry Gin.

They really have created something special, perfect for a little tipple on Christmas Eve, or maybe even a splash to leave out for the man himself?

LambsLamb’s & Rum ‘n’ Raisin

Even though the immortal words of a certain pirate why the rum is always gone, it would be advisable to make sure you have Lamb’s Navy Rum in the drinks cabinet this Christmas to avoid this terrible calamity.  It is perfect for using in your Christmas cakes, flambéing the Christmas pudding after dinner, but of course it is just the right ingredient for so many wintery cocktails and The Queens Arms in Edinburgh have been kind enough to share one of theirs with us!

rum n raisinRum n Raisin Old Fashioned

Mixologist: Mike Davis

Glass : crystal old fashioned

Garnish : Chocolate raisins and orange twist

37.5ml Lamb’s Navy Rum (available from all major supermarkets priced around £14.50)

25ml Pedro Ximenez Sherry

Dash Chocolate Bitters


Stir down sherry, rum and bitters over ice, pour over block ice, garnish, pop a couple of chocolate raisins into a shot glass and serve on bev nap side by side.


The Queens Arms is an Edinburgh gem. The local pub is situated just off of George Street, in Edinburgh’s bustling new town. A favourite with both locals and tourists, The Queens Arms is a quirky pub with a homely feel.

With a brilliant drink selection ranging from real ales, Scottish Whiskies and their own twist on some classic cocktails, The Queens Arms is a pub to cater to all tastes.

49 Fredrick Street | Edinburgh | EH2 1EP

The Lakes Distillery

Something a little bit special, The Lakes Distillery have worked with the local surroundings to create the perfect whiskey, gin and vodka. They use the local water, and have built up the buildings and the rich moist atmosphere is ideal in the maturing process for the whisky, this will all help in distilling “The One” whisky this has a slightly smoky, fruity, nutty, sweet taste with hints of spice. They also make gin and again using what grows naturally in the Lakes juniper berries  and also using other ingredients like heather and bilberry, this gin is fruity, citrusy and floral. The vodka is handmade in copper pots and has a delicate aromatic flavours.

At the lakes none of the products are mass produced making it that little bit special. Prices range from £4.45 for a miniature bottle up to £49.95 for a gift pack something for all budgets.

Christmas On the Beach Schweppes PunchSchweppes Christmas On the Beach


Serves 1

75ml Schweppes Pineapple Juice

50ml Schweppes Citrus Blend

2 lime squeezes

Key Ingredient –  Schweppes Pineapple Juice & Schweppes Citrus Blend.

Garnish –  Umbrella

How to Make

1.  Add Schweppes Pineapple Juice, squeeze lime into a wine glass and stir well

2.  Top up with Schweppes Citrus Blend

3.  Give it some shade with a mini umbrella and drink up

Soft Brew

Screen Shot 2014-10-23 at 16.48.25It is not often that we think about those among us at Christmas who don’t drink for one reason or another, the focus always tends to be on the alcoholic drinks.

Alfresco have produced a wonderful non alcoholic beer that has all of the traditional flavours and has a ‘unique blend of hops, malt and subtle fruit flavours.’  So, as a drink this s perfect for the Christmas Table when someone who doesn’t drink is in attendance.

Coming in three delicious flavours which include Lemon, Apple and Lime & Elderflower.  Each flavour offers something different to the drinker and all are a delightful refreshing beverage.

  • Lemon – has a creamy taste that has a subtle sherberty aroma.
  • Apple – crisp and fresh, it even won a Gold Medal in 2012 and 2013 at the Great Taste Awards.
  • Lime & Elderflower – gives a more tropical flavour to the hops.

A guarantee of no alcohol, no added sugar or preservatives does mean that the flavour is sacrificed in any way.

Available from Sainsbury’s as well as many more places, check out Alfresco’s for your nearest stockist these are a great choice for our Christmas Designated Drivers far and wide!


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