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For the technically minded there is a whole host of gifts out there, here are a few we particularly like…

ll_60390095Leitz The Laptop Smart Traveller bag

Much thought goes into making a purchase of a laptop, but sometimes it is easy to forget that such a big financial investment needs to be looked after and cared for, a laptop bag is a great choice to give added protection to your computer.

The Leitz Laptop Smart Traveller Bag is a lightweight and robust bag, made from polyester.  It is suitable for 15.6” laptops and has two handles, a shoulder belt and even an airport trolley fixing, so it doesn’t get accidentally mislaid on busy journeys.

With an incredible 16 pockets that include easy and quick access at the front for perhaps an ebook reader or even mini tablet, there is a place for everything!   It comes fitted with a pouch that is removable for the power adapter and cables, it even has a hidden pocket on the back in which to place your phone.

Along with the above features, The Laptop Smart Traveller also has a key holder and cleaning cloth, as well as mesh pockets for those little bits and bats that have no where else to live.  Complete with a padded pocket for a tablet or ultrabook, it has a soft fleece lining to give that added protection so needed for laptops on the move!

Available in stylish, sleek black with lime green accents this bag is £77.68 from Amazon.

Kai 2X-mini Kai² Bluetooth Speaker

We all have music lovers in our lives and there is no better way to show them you care than giving them the gift of sound.  The X-mini Kai² Bluetooth Speaker is not only wireless, but comes with a noise cancelling microphone also.

Coming in a range of six colours, blue, green, gunmetal grey, orange, red and purple, it promises ‘Sound Beyond Size’.  A small capsule speaker that can be popped in your pocket, this speaker is perfect for using on Skype, Facetime and even Viber.  It has an incredible reach of 10 meters over Bluetooth and because of it’s shape and design, the sound is directed at a full 360° and up to 10 hours playback time and a high quality sound that has incredible clarity!

Available from X-Mini for £39.95

Impact Folio

image001A popular gift for many this year will be accessories for tablets and smartphones.  The Impact Folio from tech21 is a case for the iPad Mini, a case that promises all the protection someone needs for their beloved technology.

The case has FlexShock technology, it is an advanced Impact Protection up to 6ft (1.8m).  The material used will absorb and then dissipate the force of any impact, reflecting it back on itself and therefore protecting the iPad Mini inside.

The case also is constructed in such a way, that it allows the user to use the iPad Mini in a number of different viewing positions.  It does not however obstruct any of the ports, meaning that everything you need from your tablet is always on hand.

The cover will fully envelope the iPad keeping it safe, protected and clean when not in use.  It comes in a range of colours and is available from Tech21 for £54.99

roku-stick-and-remoteRoku Streaming Stick

This is the age of digital, it seems that more and more people are looking for the minimalist approach to their viewing pleasures, swapping DVDs and Blu-rays for streaming packages and downloads.  For some though the option is made harder by location, not everyone has the latest gaming console or a laptop, on which to watch, so what solution is there for those people?


Roku looks like an unassuming USB stick in a rather fetching purple, but on closer inspection it can be seen that instead of a USB ‘plug’ there sits a HDMI one.  The clever little device plugs directly into your TV and allows you to stream a whole host of different apps, basically turning your normal HD TV into a SmartTV!

With over 500 Channels including Sky News, Netflix, Spotify, BBC News, Sky Store and Vevo, there are plenty to keep you watching, not to mention a ton of free channels that need no subscriptions like 5 On Demand and BBC iPlayer!

Once you are plugged in, there is a quick set up process and you’re off.  A handy remote is included in the pack and the Roku Streaming Stick can easily be moved from TV to TV!  This is a perfect gift for the digital age!

Available from Roku for just £49.99

Katarina iPad case professional shotKatarina iPad Case

Your first thought when looking for a fabulous new cosmetics bag to give to a best friend, sister, mum or mate, is probably not WHSmith, but it may surprise you to know they now are doing a range called The Katarina Vintage Collection.  As part of the collection they have created an iPad case to match the beauty collection,  in an incredible floral design on a black background.

The brightly coloured, realistic blooms are captivating and pop right off of the surface of the bag.  Very feminine, they are wipe clean and so perfect for keeping the iPad clean whilst out and about!

Available from WH Smith for just £14.99

ll_62890001_a6Leitz Multicharger XL

Our world and indeed lives are filled with technology, phones, MP3 players, tablets and more.  With each of these devices comes a lead attached to a plug, we all look at them and think ‘not another one’ as leads are just messy clutter, but necessary clutter.  Leitz have come up with such a clever idea that will help combat that tangled mess of wires, the Multicharger XL.

Designed to tidy away the mess of wires and provide a secure platform on which to charge your collection of handheld devices, the Multicharger XL is a brilliant asset to any home.  Able to charge up to 4 things at once, a tablet and 3 phones/mp3 players.

However it is also useful as a way to use the tablet as a keyboard, or to stand it in the slot at the back, in portrait or landscape, to still use while charging, maybe watching movies, FaceTimeing a good friend or just keeping up to date with your social media.  You can even charge your tablet in portrait alongside your phone!

How does it work?  The lid has rubber strips that create a traction for the phones to adhere to and a slot at the back serves to support your tablet.  Lifting the lid you find that there are four cable reels attached to the underside, allowing you to keep wires separate and tidy, each in in line with a charging slot and a USB.

Available from Amazon for £58.80 it is the perfect gift for the person or family who love their smartphones!

4582-lr_03_panoramic-tripodPanoramic Pod

Many of our loved ones have smartphones and use those smartphones to capture the world around them.  One thing that is difficult to achieve with a phone, is a panoramic image.  The Panoramic Pod could be the answer to this problem!

With the ability to attach almost any smartphone to it, the Panoramic Pod can then be set to pan a staggering 240°.  This is done without the need of batteries, simply wind the clip base around.  It creates a steady movement that leaves you with a perfect image every time!

The lightweight tripod is small enough to fit in your handbag or camera bag, to take with you anywhere, ready to capture those incredible shots!

Available from The Present Finder for £19.99

ŌlloClip 4-In-1 Photo Lens

For those people in your life who just can’t put their iPads down, for those who love to take their pictures on them, this is the perfect gift!

The ŌlloClip 4-In-1 Photo Lens clips onto the forward facing camera lens of your iPad and gives four different options for photography including, a fish eye lens, wide angled lens, 10x macro lens and a 15x macro lens.

There are no apps or downloads needed, it simply clips on securely and works in conjunction with all of your existing photography apps and programs, giving high quality and interesting images to share and cherish.

Available from ŌlloClip for £59.99


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