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306514-ENGLISH-ROSE-POUCH_meganAlice in Wonderland English Rose Tea Pouch & Infuser

An enchanting gift for fans of tea and those who adore Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland.  Whittard’s have created a range that celebrate the amazing story of Alice, whilst showcasing the best of English tea.

The Rose Tea Pouch & Infuser is presented in a pouch decorated with images from the book, complete with a silver plated tea infuser tied to the front.

The tea itself is a beautiful black tea combined with rose petals and smells enchanting!  The delicate, floral aroma is second only to the striking flavour, it screams ‘Drink Me.’

Available from Whittard’s of Chelsea for £14.

Pukka Teas

Pukka Herbs, the organic herb specialist have created a brand new range of herbal teas this autumn and winter (rrp £2.39). With four new amazing flavours Wild Apple & Cinnamon with Ginger, Womankind (an everyday cup of a deliciously flowery tea to help nourish and balance women’s health) Detox with Lemon and Chamomile Vanilla & Manuka Honey, these make for a lovely fragrant and healthy Christmas present for the herbal tea lovers in your life. The smell of these teas themselves bring a relaxing Zen to your house when you make them and with a huge percentage of detox’s and diets starting after the Christmas period, these little boxes of teas will boost the will power and aid the process before it’s even begun.

Thomas & Grace Luxury Chocolate Macaroons, Ref 60593, £7.99 ,, Dark & Milk Chocolate Macaroons

Christmas is a time of indulgence and luxury treats.  There is no better indulgence than chocolate, but Thomas & Grace Luxury Dark & Milk Chocolate Macaroons are the ultimate gift of chocolate deliciousness.

In four delectable flavours, Triple Chocolate, Strawberry & Lime, Orange & Almond and Green Tea & Lemon.  Just a mere whiff of these macaroons will have you salivating and wanting to devour each and everyone of them, so if you are the kind of person who has little will power, the suggestion would be to buy these for your stocking and not that of a loved one, because resistance is futile, they are far too scrumptious!

Available from Lakeland for £7.99

Whittard Luxury Hot Chocolate Selection

307207-Luxury-Hot-Choc-Sel-copyWhen Christmas rolls around it is a delight for hot chocolate fans everywhere, cold, dark evenings mean more hot cups of cocoa to consume! Whittard’s have put together a Luxury Hot Chocolate Selection for just that reason!

Including three offerings: Hot Chocolate – silky smooth and deeply rich indulgence, White Hot Chocolate – velvety soft and creamy ‘magic’ in a cup and 70% Cocoa Hot Chocolate – dark bittersweet yumminess, that is rich and incredibly indulgent!

Presented in beautifully designed tins, the Luxury Hot Chocolate Selection is available from Whittards for £12.00

Whittards Finest Tea Tasting Set

306233-FINEST-TEA-TASTING--copyFor the tea connoisseur in your life this Christmas why not pick up this precious set of miniature tins containing delectable tea.  Each tin is beautifully decorated in vintage papers, wrapped around brass coloured tins.

The Finest Tea Tasting Set includes three fabulously aromatic teas from around the world: Jasmine Tea – smooth and delicate, Moroccan Mint Tea – a smoky green tea flavoured with spearmint to refresh and cool, and Gunpowder Tea – in the 16th Century trader mistook the rolled whole leaves of green tea as gunpowder, hence the name.

Available from Whittard’s of Chelsea for £10

308072-2014-XMAS-TEA-KILNE-copyWhittards Winter Spiced Imperial Tea

Dubbed as ‘the mulled wine of Whittard’s’ the Winter Spiced Imperial Tea is an absolute must for tea lovers out there.

The smooth black tea is combined with the incredible flavours of citrus peel, spices and pieces of vanilla to create a concoction that is the epitome of Christmas in a cup!

Of course it may look a bit strange to give a tea bag to someone on Christmas morning, but fear not, Whittard’s present this delicious aromatic treat in a gorgeous royal blue and gold kilner tin, that would look stunning in anyone’s kitchen!

Available from Whittards of Chelsea for £8

ng1702_HotCookie_2Hot Cookie

For gamers, people who work on PCs or just those who like to browse, one of the most annoying things about using technology is that it can be so engrossing, that the deceit of a warm ceramic mug can trick us into taking a mouthful of our brew, that has now gone cold.

It is just one of those things, but now there is help for those afflicted by the time sucking technology that freezes frappacinos far and wide – Hot Cookie.

Hot Cookie is an item that will revolutionise daily life for those who sit in front of a screen, never again will the cold swill of tea be swallowed again, for Hot Cookie is a cup warmer!  Plugging into any USB, the cookie shaped mug warmer will keep your drink at the perfect temperature of around 60℃.

Available from Mustard for just £10.


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