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Dappa is distilled in Devon by hand in the UK first and only Micro distillery making grape-marc spirit using an Italian copper pot still. Dappa is a great after dinner drink and cocktail compliment made from special selected grape skins from English vineyards, this makes Dappa the first spirit of its kind in the UK. It uses mostly Pinot Noir and Rondo Grape skins. This spirit is a clean crisp and grassy flowers with a hint of berries and earthy tones.

It makes a great gift for someone who likes something a little different and with 45% vol its great for those who like sports and retails at £50.


This is a British family-run business that makes great sauces and marinades. Which would great for something different at Christmas time or a great addition to a gift hamper. The hot sauce will help put a little of the Caribbean into you food this winter. The Marinades from Mild Smokey for the people who don’t like a little spice to Hot Jerk for the that if you little that extra kick. The ingredients used are 100% natural. The pepper sauce is great because it is low in fat and can be used in all sorts of dishes from stir-fries to spaghetti Bolognese or even to liven us a cheese sandwich. The marinades are great for pork chops or making your sausage and mash a little more exciting. The marinades can be kept in the fridge for up to 2 weeks and will serve 5 people

Their website gives you great recipe ideas. Products start from £3.00

Snow Leopard Vodkaleopard

Snow Leopard Vodka is distilled six times  to achieve the perfect vodka, made with spelt grain which is a rare and expensive grain which gives the Snow Leopard Vodka its nutty taste it is distilled and bottled in Poland and  40% vol. The vodka is award winning. On the website, there are great ideas for cocktails to make with the  vodka. This vodka is best served at room temperature.

This vodka is made to help the Snow Leopards, beautiful animals that are on the critically endangered list and 15% of all the profits go directly to the snow leopard conservation. This retails from £33.70


Fairtrade is a social movement setup to help   in developing countries achieve better money for their products, as well as higher social and environmental standards. Fair trade focus mainly on products including coffee, sugar, tea and cocoa. So if it has the Fairtrade mark on it you know that the products you’re buying are helping people to have a better life in developing countries.

There are some great products on the market which is widely available, these make great gifts for everyone. They come in some stylish containers like the Grumpy Mule Ground Coffee, which has a smooth and rich spicy taste with a hit of chocolate.  For something special at your Christmas party there is a Tropical cocktail which is great served over ice.

Sonnet 43 Brew Housebeer

Sonnet 43 Brew House is a new microbrewery producing craft beer. Located in North East England they use the best ingredients and traditional brewing methods which produces great cask beers. These are a great gift for a Dad or Granddad as they do gift packs or 6 bottles from £8.50 which give a great selection of beers and ales to try.  A gift pack includes a variety of beers from an American pale ale to an India pale ale something for everyone to try.

If you find a flavor that is liked they even sell a mini keg from £24.

McIlhenny Tabasco Pepper Sauce

Who doesn’t like a bit of HOT in their dinner?  Tabasco sauce is a great way of adding a little or a lot to your food, from pizza and pasta to soup and stir fries. Tabasco brand products are made in Louisiana and to this day they are made on the same site and produced by the same family and sold all over the world.

The Tabasco sauce is made from capsicum frutescent peppers. It’s blended with French white vinegar and aged for at least 30 days. Then it is transferred to bottles and sealed with the green wax. The sprinkler fitment is important as the sauce should be spanked and not poured. There are a range of different flavored Tabasco sauce available from garlic pepper to buffalo sauce. There are also many different products available like hats and t-shirts, Great as a fun stocking filler for love it a little spicy

bay treeThe Bay Tree Food Company

This is a food company set up by 2 people and they have a fabulous range of artisan chutneys, accompaniments dressing and sauces. This is a place to start for those hard to buy people or if you’re doing a hamper and want something a little special. There are lovely individual jars of chutneys to gift packs. ranging from £2.68 and a great selection of recipe books too, with all sorts of great ideas from Christmas and beyond.  A great stocking filler is mulled wine bundles come in a lovely tin and make your own Mulled wine for Christmas. They even offer a personalisation and bespoke label service so you’re able to create your own labels.

Tanqueray Gindrink-london-dry

Tanqueray Gin is a London dry gin is distilled in Scotland and been made pretty much the same way since the 1830’s. It has a classic gin taste with bite of juniper and a sharp hint of citrus fruits which are hand picked for their freshness.  This Gin is great on its own due to the flavourings or a great complement to a sour mix. There are two other gins in the Tanqueray range so something for everyone. The bottle looks very expensive and would make a great present. This retails at £16.99.



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