Christmas Gift Guide – Time To Play


Everyone needs a bit of fun this Christmas and we have found a few items to share with you…

10807940_492675080874826_1306239196_nBump ‘n’ Go Bubble Train

This awesome Bump ‘n’ Go Bubble Train by Tobar (£11.55 on Amazon) is going to be a huge hit on toddlers Christmas List’s this year (age 3+). The brightly coloured toy train moves along the floor blowing bubbles and making realistic chugging noises as it goes. This cool little train has a constant flow of bubbles as it moves and cleverly avoids obstacles in its way so it keeps on moving. It is really simple to use, simply pour in the solution and press the button and off it goes quickly followed by the laughter of your toddler. It really is a pretty cool addition to a toddlers stocking.

10799828_492675827541418_1481566290_nLamond Games

Based on the Peruvian game of Liar’s Dice, Perudo by Paul Lamand Games (£14.99) is an exciting game of lies and luck that can be played anywhere by anyone. This is a really simple game with no board, no setting up and no complicated rules like other games, making it the perfect family game for all. This Perudo game comes in a handy well packed tin with all you’ll need to play it. It is quick and easy to play and is perfect for travelling or after Christmas Dinner fun. Be prepared though you really need to have a poker face to win this one.

This clever Paul Lamond Phoenix Vase (£14.95), is a beautiful 160 piece three-dimensional puzzle and is perfect for any puzzle lover aged 6+. Not only is this a 3D puzzle, this is a beautifully decorated, fully functioning vase once put together. Made of wipe-clean plastic, the vase comes with a water cup to place inside and a stand, making it perfect to display your fresh flowers. It is an easy, if not a little fiddly, family activity for those long rainy days or that down time between presents and Christmas dinner. This vase will make memories for everyone and something you can keep and cherish forever. Perfect for any puzzler’s stocking.

10808090_492676590874675_526913997_nLearn To Juggle

Everybody has a family member who loves to believe they can juggle… but when they try, they fail miserably. How about teaching your little (or big) one a new party trick to wow family members this party season. The Tobar Learn to Juggle book (£6.41) is a really simple ‘How To’ book for any age. Attached to the book are three cubed juggling balls in which you will need for practising your awesome new circus act. Simply follow the simple instructions in the book to learn lots of fabulous tricks to wow the crowds this Christmas.

Wood Car DIY Set, £3 from Tiger It Yourself Racing Car by Tiger

Christmas Day is one of those rare days where you get to spend all day with your family and just do whatever pleases, there are no responsibilities except to enjoy the day! So, spending the day playing with toys, using gifts received, watching the same movies another year and cooking the best dinner of the year, is exactly what we all look forward to doing.

Tiger have produced a Build It Yourself Race Car that is a brilliant stocking filler for and boy, girl or indeed big kid.  Complete with everything needed to put together and indeed paint, it is perfect for making up Christmas afternoon.

Available from Tiger for £3.

DIY game_box_7_UK USDIY Board Games

There is nothing like a new board game on Christmas day to keep the festivities flowing. This fabulous DIY Board Game contains everything you need to colour, sticker and play five whole games. This set really is one for crafty amongst us, putting your own stamp on the games we know and love is a dream we all had at one point, now its made possible.

Not only will you have hours of fun making these games your own, but they hours playing them when the creativeness is complete. You can get the whole family, young and old, involved in putting together and epic set for Snakes and ladders or a super colourful Game of Goose.

The DIY board game retails at £19.95 and is a really unique addition to any games cupboard.

Shuffle Card Games

From Cartamundi and Hasbro come some fantastic stocking fillers that will bring a bit of fun and enjoyment to not just the Christmas season but far beyond.

Some of the Shuffle Card Games are based on the most popular board games of all time such as Monopoly, Cluedo, Guess Who and Battleship, whilst some are a little newer.  The essence of each game is the one on which it is based, but with a few added extras and game play can be taken even further if the free accompanying app is downloaded and used!


As you might expect based on the game of the same name, but with some slight changes.  The game is played using cards, there are picture cards and phrase cards.  Each person in the game, between 2 -6, are dealt picture cards organised in a top and bottom row, then when a phrase card is turned over, you have to try and be the quickest to find the word/phrase in your cards!


If Sleuthing is more to the taste of the person who will receive your present, then Cluedo is perfect! The premise of the game remains the same, was it Professor Plum in the Kitchen with a candlestick?  The only way to find out is to ask your fellow players if they have a particular card, if they do then they must show you, no lying is allowed.  When you think you can solve the crime you can take a peek to see if you are right, but be careful, if you are wrong you have lost but must still keep playing!

Trivial Pursuit

The aim is still to collect the six different coloured wedges by answering questions, but now your opponents can steal wedges you have won to make their collection bigger!  Trivial Pursuit just got wicked!

You can find out where to buy Shuffle Card Games here, priced at just £6.99

Kendama Wood Ball Catch Game, £3 from Tiger Wooden Ball Toy

Probably best suited to the bigger kids in your life, the Kendama Wooden Ball Toy is one of those that once you start, you can’t stop, you have to catch that ball at least once.  Then you want to do a trick and before you know it you are obsessed, hopefully outside and away from small children, given it’s woodenness.

Originally a toy from Japan, the Ken (sword) dama (tama – ball) is made up of three cups, a spike and a wooden ball attached to the ‘ken’ by a string.  The idea is to catch the ball in one of the cups, but once achieved there is a whole host of tricks that can be done – catching the ball in one cup and then another, catching it on the spike and many more besides.

Available from Tiger for £3, this is a great stocking filler, but for the older kids!


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