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Adventivity is not just an Advent Calendar, it is also a book that if packed with 25 exciting activities to do in the run up to Christmas.

On the front of the book are your normal Advent Doors, ready and waiting to be opened as Christmas draws closer. Behind each door is a clue and indeed surprise that relates to the activity you can do on that day!

The activities are so much fun and include making tree hangers, cappuccino coffee topper stencils, decorations for cakes, making your own wrapping paper and making paper baubles.

Available from QED Publishing for £9.99

Atlas of Adventures Front coverAtlas of Adventures Illustrated by Lucy Letherland

A stunning book that when you first pick it up you can see just what an incredible book it is, it just oozes with interest and intrigue.

Filled with quirky and fun illustration by Lucy Leatherland, Atlas of Adventure takes the reader on a journey around the world.  Each page is a new trip, with more exciting and little known facts about the country you are visiting.  The pictures make the book, each represents a scene that encapsulates the essence of the place in question.

Bright, vibrant and hard to put down, this beautiful book will be a winner this year.  Available from LBS for £20.

Christmas CraftChristmas Crafts

Packed full of fun and exciting crafts to make with children, Christmas Crafts is a brilliant book to introduce children to crafting.  With a variety of techniques and and different projects from a Snow Globe to a clay decoration and many more besides.  Using simple ingredients that can for the most part be found at home, this book is a great addition to any home.

The book feature simple, clear, straight forward instructions that are finished with wonderful photography, show each part of the process step by step.  In the back of the book you will even find an envelope that is crammed with templates to use in your crafts!

Available from LBS for £9.99.

Something about a Bear cover2Something About A Bear by Jackie Morris

This is one of the most enchanting and spectacularly illustrated books that could be given to a child.  Filled with beautiful pictures that help tell the stories of eight bears, but which would be your favourite?

For children and grown ups, this book with captivate and entrance, showing each of the eight bear, Giant Panda, Spectacled Bear, Sun Bear, Moon Bear, American Black Bear, Sloth Bear, Polar Bear and Brown Bear,  in their natural habitats and telling of how they live.

Available from LBS for £12.99

Spot the Reindeer at ChristmasSpot The Reindeer At Christmas

For a fun and completely interactive experience, Spot The Reindeer At Christmas is a great choice.

Follow the adventures of Christmas through skating, carolling and the Christmas Tree.  Along the way you and your child will search for the baby reindeer who is hidden in every scene.  As well as this fluffy fellow, there are also a number of hidden objects to discover on each page, questions to answer and facts to learn!

This is a bright, colourful and interesting book to share with your children this Christmas!

Available from LBS for £4.99

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