Christmas Gift Guide – TV & Booze, Time For A Snooze?


If you know someone who loves their TV or their comics along with a a nice drink, then look no further and check out our picks in this guide!

9781409347514 (1)Marvel Comics 75 Years Of Cover Art

In the 1930’s the medium of comic books changed in a fundamental way and became more popular than ever before.  With DC Comics starting in the early 30’s and then Marvel, originally known as Timey Comics, releasing Issue #1 of Marvel Comics in October 1939, it was an exciting time for artists and creators alike.  Whether it was the onset of war and the need for children to have a way to process what was happening in the world, or a simple love of the characters introduced, comic books were cemented in history.

Marvel Comics 75 Years of Cover Art is one of the most incredible collections of comic art.  Featuring cover art from the last 75 years it is a fantastic read and amazing to see how things have changed and yet stayed the same in some respects.  Starring, of course, the dynamic heroes and villains from The Rampaging Hulk in 1977, Patsy Walker in 1945 and Avengers in 2004 everyone’s favorite can be found between the covers of this enormous collection of fantastic artwork.

Available from DK Books for £35 it is a gift that will excite any comic lover, in fact you may lose them altogether to the book Christmas Day, it is just that brilliant.  It even includes two ‘amazing prints’ to frame and hang proudly on your wall!

BootleggerSpiced Fig Bootlegger Sour

Ingredients for a single serve:

50ml Bootlegger,

1 egg white,

2 spoonfuls of fig jam,

25ml lemon juice,

dash of sugar syrup.

Method: Shake all the ingredients together vigorously to break up the fig jam and pour into a long glass with ice, dust with cinnamon and serve.

Bootlegger is available from and other premium retailers priced around £37.50.

bacon jammBacon Jam

Bacon is savoured by many far and wide, but who would ever have thought about making it into a jam?  The answer is eat17.

Classified as a jam, but easily described as a relish or even a spread, this insanely delicious sweet, smoky, sticky substance is possibly, just possibly a thing of beauty! If you know a bacon lover, then they need this in their stocking, on their dinner table or even with their toast Christmas morning.

It can be eaten hot or cold, as part of a sandwich, on toast, in a burger or quite honestly straight from the jar itself!

Available from The Present Finder for £4.99

Sci-Fi Chronicles  PLC_Aurum HIGH RESSci-Fi Chronicles Edited by Guy Haley

Covering Sci-Fi films and TV shows from Frankenstein to Avatar, the Sci-Fi Chronicles explores the world of Science Fiction in great detail.


With colour coded infographic timelines and fantastic archive images, this is an detailed and extensive look at the infinite worlds of cinema, television, comics, book and more.

This chronicle with excite and captivate any sci-fi fan this Christmas, leaving them with a wealth of knowledge!  Including Star Wars, Doctor Who, Fringe, X-Men, The Twilight Zone and Stargate, this will keep you busy for hours and hours!

Published by Aurum Press for £25

Joffrey_POP - in boxFunko Pop Vinyl Game Of Thrones

Game Of Thrones is undoubtedly one of the biggest television shows of recent years and fans of the show can not get enough of memorabilia.

Funko have created a range of incredible figures that fans will adore, currently on Edition Two, called Pop Vinyls.  This edition comprises of six figurines in the form of characters from the show: Jon Snow, Robb Stark, Arya Stark, Jaime Lannister, Cersei Lannister and Renly Baratheon.

Each figure stands around 3.75  inches high and has a remarkable resemblance to the beloved, or in some cases loathed, characters they represent.

Game of Thrones Pop Vinyls are available from

Game of Thrones Mystery Minis

Mystery minsWith Game of Thrones dominating the television ratings, it is no surprise that this year there are a plethora of options to get for any discerning fan.

The Game of Thrones Mystery Minis from Funko are rather special.  Much like the mystery bags received as kids, each box contains a figure, but which one is a complete mystery until opened.

Edition 1 contains 16 different figures of varying rareness.  Each figure is part of an overall set of 24 in total and within those 24 boxes you are guaranteed to find 2 Jon Snows, but there is a 1 in 144 chance of getting Jaime Lannister, meaning there is only 1 of him in every six boxes!

The surprise of a Mystery Mini is doubled, so a perfect gift for any GoT fan!

The Game of Thrones Mystery Minis are available from HBO Shop for £8.99

Lambs spicedLamb’s Spiced Winter Serve

Lamb’s Spiced

New Lamb’s Spiced has a lower alcoholic content (30% abv) than other spiced rums, which makes it ideal for sipping on a winter’s day. The smooth golden liquid is blended with natural spices and hints of cinnamon and caramel, which give it a sweetly spiced, warming flavour.

Ingredients (serves two):

100ml lambs spiced,
50ml lime juice,
200ml homemade rosemary and pear purée.


Combine all the ingredients into a small glass pot and stir.  Top with boiling water

Lamb’s Spiced is available in Tesco priced £14.49 for a 70cl bottle.

dvdAnimal Farm 60th Anniversary

It is hard to believe that it has been 60 years since the first British animated feature film hit the big screens, but in 1954 John Halas and Joy Batchelor, from their studio release Animal Farm.

Animal Farm is probably one of the best known stories to have been told in recent history.  The original tale of Old Major’s dream of rising up against the human drunk that run the farm on which all of the animals lived is played out by two young pigs, Napoleon and Snowball.  The pair set up a farm of their own and become self sufficient in no time at all, the dream is a reality, but before too long things begin to change and a dictatorship evolves.

The satire, one of the most telling of it’s time, was written by George Orwell and was a comment on the totalitarianistic and communist state of Soviet Russia at the time.

Beautifully restored, the original captivating cartoon is just as entrancing as in years gone by and would make an excellent gift this year for any Orwell, Animal Farm or indeed Halas and Batchelor fans out there.



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