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If there is one thing that is almost certain in every household, it is that you have a gadget loving lunatic in your life.  So we hunted high and low pulling together some of our favourite picks…

Leitz Multicharger XL

ll_62890095_a6In a world where we are governed by technology, it can get a bit messy when it comes to charging up your devices, especially if you have a tablet and a phone, plus more people in your household.  The Leitz Multicharger XL has come to the rescue…

The Leitz Multicharge Xl is able to charge 4 devices at once using USB connections, one tablet and 3 smartphones.  The charger also doubles as a stand that allows you to view your tablet either landscape or portrait, there isn’t any need to remove your case either! When you lift the lid of the charger you will find 4 cable spools to help you organise and arrange your cables, keeping them neat and tidy.  

Available from Leitz for £54.58 

Snapview for iPad Air

snapview 2When it comes to gadgets we all know someone who is in love with Apple and everything they make.  Case Logic do a whole range of products that aim to protect these expensive pieces of kit, whilst at the same time making them look extremely stylish and fashionable.

The Snapview has a new locking system that means you can ensure your device is securely protected and is able to provide a stable base for watching your videos and an ergonomic position for typing.  The shell is made from a durable, moulded polycarbonate shell that is strong, meaning your precious gadget stays safe, but whilst other case may scratch r damage your device as you pop it in, the Snapview is lined with a soft suede like material.

To find out where to buy Case Logic products pop along to their website.

Grace Deluxe Sleeve

stm grace deluxe sleeve all front angle (1)Do you have a fashion fiend who carries their laptop around with them everywhere?  Well this is just the ticket for them and the perfect present to give this Christmas, the Grace Deluxe Sleeve from Sydney Australia.  

Named after the U.A Navy Admiral ‘Amazing’ Grace Hopper, the Grace collection celebrates the woman who from the 1940s, up until she retired at 80, helped to revolutionise the world of computers by aiding in the creation of the first ever programming language.  

The Grace Deluxe Sleeve is a stylish laptop bag that looks more like a fashion accessory whilst protecting your valuable equipment.  The super soft lining is luxurious and soft, cushioning the inside of the bag and it is secured with a magnetised flap.  There is a pocket at the front that does up with a funky zipper and allows for keeping daily essentials such as phones, pens and much much more.  

Available in 2 sizes to fit 13 inch and 15 inch MacBooks. The Deluxe Sleeve retails for £39.95 by STM 

House of Marley Smile Jamaica Headphones

EM-JE041-PU_Hero_01For those who listen to their tunes on their travels, the House of Marley have a wonderful range of headphones to suit most people.  We particularly love their Smile Jamaica In-Ear Headphones.

With a simple design, the ear buds are functional, comfortable and look stunning.  Made from recycled plastics and natural materials, they are environmentally friendly but lose no charm in the process.  Coming in a range of gorgeous colours, they even have a unique fabric covered cord to add to the appeal they already have.  

Whether you listen to bass heavy songs or heavy metal solos, the sound will be crisp and clear with the Smile Jamaica noise isolating ear-buds.

Available from House of Marley for £19.99

Jam Trance Mini

Jam Trance Mini, £39.99 promo price £29.99, available from Jam Audio uk and HMVSpeaker will never be the same after you have seen the Jam Trance Mini, a Bluetooth Wireless Light Show Speaker.  Yes, the Jam Trance Mini is not just a speaker it will transform a darkened room in to a fantastical light show with its incredible 36 LED programs that play alongside your favourite songs.

You can use the Jam Trance Mini with any Bluetooth device within 30 feet and for up to a total of 5 hours on one single charge.  Don’t worry either if your music is on your phone, you can still connect to the speaker and it will seamless move from your tunes to any phone call that comes in.

It looks snazzy, modern and is something different to liven up your time listening to music, you can even control it with your voice.

Available from Jam for £39.99

Leitz Power Bank with Lightning Cable

ll_65260095_v1_150_1027_1801If you know someone who is forever needing to borrow a charger, or plug their phone in when they visit, they we have found the ideal present to get them this festive season.

The Leitz Power Bank with Lightning Cable has been made for the iPhone and is iPod compatible.  It will give you an immediate power boost for talking or the phone or using the internet, simply plug in the super fast cable and you are away.

The compact unit is small and Deseret, allowing for it to be popped in a pocket or handbag with ease, so that they will never run out of charge again.

Available from Leitz for £33.37


Griffin Survivor Journey Case 

image018If you or a loved one is lucky enough to have an iPhone 6, we think this next item is an absolute must for their Christmas stocking.  

The Griffin Survivor Journey is the case for keeping your beloved phone safe from damage, especially if you are a little clumsy.  Its multi layered shell will deflect impacts, scratches and scuffs, in fact it will keep your precious iPhone in tact even is dropped from as high as 6.6 feet, or 2 meters, on concrete!  It has an impact dispersion system built in, so that any bumps or slips will no cause any issues with your phone as it is cushioned inside the case.

It is made with special no-slip grip, so you can keep hold of it easier and have less chance of actually dropping it.  Of course you will worry that a case like this would add unsightly bulk to your sleek and stylish device, not so this incredible protection is achieved whilst keeping the case ultra-thin. 



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