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It can be easy to overlook our four legged friends during the holidays, but most animal lovers and pet owners revel in making a fuss of their furry family members.  Here are a few ideas to help you along the way…

Christmas Dog Stocking

Christmas Dog Stocking 10200Everyone should have a stocking at Christmas and that includes excitable puppies and grey bearded dogs, who get just as giddy about presents as us humans do.  Armitage Good Boy have put together a fantastic little stocking crammed with treats and even a toy to cheer them up Christmas Morning.

The stocking shaped gift is made from cardboard backing and finished with some white netting.  Inside it is filled with goodies, including:

  • Turkey and Cranberry Flavour Bones
  • Chocolate Drops (suitable for doggies of course)
  • A large Christmas Tree Treat
  • & a Bone squeaky toy

With everything our barking babies could want for Christmas, this is sure to delight them.  Available from Armitage Good Boy for £3.69

Wet Dog by Sophie Gamand

WetDogFinal_RGB300Dog lovers around the world will fall in love with this enchanting book from the cover alone.  Dogs, like people have their own characters and personalities, equally they either have a love of bath time or an absolute hatred of it.

Whichever the dog’s thoughts on bubbles and water, Sophie Gamand has set about capturing the beautiful and messy moments on film, (so to speak) and has compiled an incredibly adorable anthology of wet dogs.

It is amazing to see the myriad of expressions on these dogs faces, some of the revel in the glory of bath time, whilst others look as if they are plotting your demise.  This is the perfect coffee table book that you can pick up and instantly feel happy.

Available from Quarto for £12.99

Rolo’s Gift Box

Rolo's Gift BoxMaybe your pooch is ore interested in a cuddle than bounding about with another toy, if that is the case then Rolo’s Gift Box is perfect for them.

Coming with a packet of delicious Good Boy Chocolate Drops, Rolo’s Gift Box will allow your dog to safely have some chocolate over Christmas, (normal chocolate can be very harmful to dogs).  The main part of this amazing gift though is that your faithful buddy will get their very own Rolo Reindeer cuddly toy! Rolo is incredibly soft and fluffy, this stuffed reindeer will be their new favourite toy.

Available from Armitage Good Boy for £6.99

The Creaturepedia

Creaturepedia_CVRHave you ever wondered which animals are pack orientated, which ones are show offs and which can hold their breath the longest?  Well wonder no longer as The Creaturepedia is here to fill your animal lover full of interesting fact and fascinating feats in the animal world.

Find out about the gladiators and the animals with the biggest mouths, the poisonous ones and those who like to live alone, all in this beautifully vibrant illustrated book that will captivate and delight kids, (and grown ups) for hours.

Available from Quarto  for £11.99


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