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Dandelions by Katrina McKelvey and Kirrili Lonergan

Dandelions FCThis is a book for all the little girls and their fathers, it explores the nature of the bond between the two.  

When the little girl notices her daddy is mowing the lawn, panic strikes her.  All of her favourite flowers are in the grass, the Dandelions would be destroyed if she couldn’t stop him, but it was too late, they were all gone.  She was so upset and resigned herself to the fact that she would sit and wait for them to grow back, but her father had another idea.  He takes her out to the front of the house where they discover two Dandelions and together they blow as hard as they can, watching as the little helicopter seeds disperse across the sky.  

A moving and beautiful story that will easily become a fast favourite of all of the family.

Published by Exisle and available for £7.95

Haynes Manual – NASA Hubble Space Telescope Owners’ Workshop Manual

H5797 Hubble Manual, Front CoverHaynes manuals are iconic among car owners and now they have branched out to cover NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope.  

Named after one of the greatest names in astronomy, the Hubble Space Telescope has given an new incredible insight in to the universe around us, and continues to do this each and every day.   The Haynes Manual covers the story of how the telescope came to be, how it works, and how it impacts our knowledge about space.  The text is accompanied with detailed illustrations that will help your understanding of how the telescope functions.

This amazing book will expand your mind and take you on a journey into deep space, it is available from Haynes for £22.99.  It would be the perfect companion for any space loving individual that would love to learn more.

Charlie and the Dream by Paul W.Robinson

Charlotte Holmes, or Charlie as she likes to be called, is an incredibly intelligent  you girl who loves to spend her time helping people when she can, she also happens to be deaf.  With a need to come to the aid of those in need, Charlie teams up with her friend Joanne Watson, a young girl who has autism and straight away it is clear that villains ought to beware with the girls on the case.

The teenage girls set about righting the wrongs in a very special way, you see their talents are not just limited to detective skills, they have a different set of skills because of the challenges they face on a daily basis.  This book is an absolute joy to read and an inspiration to all children who may feel they are a little different from others.

Inspired by the stories of Sherlock Holmes, Paul W. Robinson decided to write Charlie and the Dream to try and bring a little of that mystery to young children, especially those who have special needs and are deaf.  

Published by Shield Crest 

Collage and Keep Final HRCollage and Keep by Eleanor Shakespeare

This book is an wonderful visual journal that you can make your own, fill it with your thoughts, memories, hopes and dreams.  Each page is decorated and waiting for you to complete it with things you love and comes with fabulous little prompts to help you cram it full of anything and everything.

From creating your perfect view, filling a plate with what nourishes you, packing a cupboard with curiosities that fascinate you, to making foot prints from photographs of places you have visited.  Hours of exploration and discovery await with Collage and Keep.

Available from Quarto for £9.99

Marvel: The Avengers Vault by Peter A. David

marvel2015 has been a huge year for Marvel after they brought out their latest hit movie, The Avengers: Age of Ultron and the famous Marvel team have been making headlines themselves since 1963, when they were first assembled.

Written by Peter A. David, who wrote The Incredible Hulk for twelve years and is a comic book expert, Marvel: The Avengers Vault is a must have for any superhero fan.  Inside there are detailed chapters on your favourite Avengers – Captain America, Thor, Iron Man and Hulk, the book is stunningly illustrated with reproductions of original comic book cover art.  

Throughout the vault there are five pages that are actually envelopes and each of them contain some incredible memorabilia for you to take out and keep.  This includes posters, concept art, illustrations and much more, all of which could be framed and placed on the wall.

Available from Quarto for £25.


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