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There is so much choice out there now for presents when it comes to the children in our lives and whilst we will all be happy to wrap up the things on their lists, sometimes we want to get some sneaky educational ‘toys’ in there and to help with this endeavour we have tracked down some great toys that help with learning! 

LeapFrog LeapPad Platinum

81n9lrxlsll._sl1500__1_The kids all want to have the best technology and they start wanting these things at an early age.  LeapFrog have created a range of hardware that is designed specifically for children by parents and teachers.  

The LeapPad Platinum is a high tech children’s tablet that is safe, educational and fun!  It has a 7 inch screen that is high resolution, beautiful crisp, sharp images that the kids will enjoy for hours.  The LeapPad Platinum works using Leap Frog’ fastest processor, making every action seamless and learning just springs to life.

It comes installed with a Kid-Safe Web search that is usable over Wi-Fi.  They have ensured that their web app only accesses content that is safe and appropriate for your children, meaning you can rest easy knowing they will not come across anything they shouldn’t.  

There are over 500 games and apps available for this incredible tablet, all of which are educational.  They have adaptive capabilities too, meaning they will automatically adjust to your child’s level of learning, meaning that for them learning is much more enjoyable and just right for where they are in their education.

Besides featuring some of the best technology for a kids tablet, it is sturdy with a shatter-safe screen and a frame that has been engineered to absorb bumps and knocks.  

Hours of excitement, learning and joy can be had with the easy to use, bright, vivid experience that Leap Frog have created in this cleverly engineered piece of tech, just for kids! 

Available from Leap Frog for £99.99


Kids Graphite PencilLearning To Write

With all he technology n the world today, the art of writing seems to be less and less important.  We think that everyone should learn to use a pencil and paper and so the first thing on our list is a couple of fun items from BIC Kids!

BIC Kids Graphite Pencil is up first, a brilliant double pack.  What is so special about a pack of two pencils?  Well, these particular ones have been designed by experts and then put to the test by kids far and wide, under the supervision of Primary school teachers and parents.  The design makes them perfect for little hands and can be used by left or right handed kids! 

The BIC Kids Ball Pen has all the same great design points as the Graphite Pencil, but it also helps to support children’s hands, while encouraging them to write with ease! 

Available from £1.99

My Crazy Inventions Sketchbook by Andrew Rae & Lisa Regan

My Crazy Inventions_latest front cover-1Education doesn’t have to be all about school books and tests, there is a lot of fun to be had with it and this book by Andrew Rae & Lisa Regan is definitely that, fun and educational.

Creating any invention will involve lots of imagination and without really thinking about it, lots of learning.  How does this part move?  What material would be best for that section?  How do I make it wearable?  Those are just a few of the questions any budding inventor will be asking themselves.

My Crazy Inventions Sketchbook is just that a sketchbook, but one with a difference, it will guide your inventor and get their imagination buzzing with ideas.  In fact Top Tip No. 2 from the book is to keep a record of all ideas, notes, links and so on.  It is a great start to what could one day be an incredibbly exciting career.

It doesn’t matter how bonkers it sounds, how crazy it looks or how unimaginable it might be to others, the book is all about sparking creativity and recording it is a totally enjoyable way.  It is accompanied by fabulous illustrations and tips, prompts and lots of interesting information about inventors of the past.  There is even a patent form and certificate for their craziest invention! 

Available from Laurence King Publishing for £9.95

Rory’s Story Cubes

RSC1E04 Sleeve & CubesAnother fantastic way to get imagination following in every direction possible, is by using Rory’s Story Cubes.  

A set of nine cubes, the original Rory’s Story Cubes set, comes in a handy box that snaps shut.  The game is simple enough to play and can be done alone or with friends. 

RSC13E01_Open Intergalactic HREach cube has six pictures, one on each face, the idea of the game is to roll the cubes and then using the nine images that you can see, you create a story.  The only rule is that there are no wrong answers, your story can be as detailed or simple as you would like, just let your imagination run wild.  

If that wasn’t enough, Rory’s Story Cubes have just brought out and expansion set of cubes to make the story telling even more exciting, the Intergalactic set.  These cubes are full of space themed images, such as aliens and robots.  This gives a whole host of new ideas to fling in the creative pot! 

Available from Story Cubes for £9.99 for the Original set and the Intergalactic set for £11.97

Leap Frog Word Whammer

word-whammer_19287_1To make learning words and letters super fun for kids of ages four and up, the Word Whammer from Leap Frog could be just what you are looking for.

The Word Whammer is easily adjustable to suit your child’s level of learning and employs 3 different, entertaining games, with 5 levels to help make their education exciting.  Through the games and levels they will be able to build over 100 words to help get them ready for school! 

Of course it isn’t just mindless fun, the Word Whammer will tackle three Core Learning Skills – Letter Names, Letter Sounds and Word Building.  It also builds on coordination using tapping and twisting to control the game modes.

Available for £14.99 


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