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Christmas is all about spending time with your loved ones and therefore we thought it would be a fantastic idea to find a few ideas for presents that can be fun for the whole family! 

Gee Whizz

Gee Whizz montage HRMagic is something that captivates and fascinates every little kid, from the moment their nose is stolen by a grandparent as a baby, they want to know just how magic works.  So, to entertain, enthral and keep them busy for hours on a journey of discovery.

Gee Whiz is a box that is packed full of terrific tricks and mystical magic for your enjoyment.  From learning how to grow a flower with magic, change the colour of a cord by passing it through an ancient golden coin, fix a cut rope and many, many more fun tricks to learn.  There is also lots of activities to do together like learning to make shadow animals!

Hours of fun for Christmas morning with everything you need right in the box:

  • Magic wand with flower and pot
  • Colour change coin
  • Super dice tunnel
  • Firework glasses
  • Super coin saucer
  • Super spinning discs with base
  • 4 shadow cards
  • Magic card case
  • Parrot in the cage
  • Zig zag rope
  • Who’s bigger than who cards

Get the kids to put on a magic show, or learn how to do the tricks together, either way Christmas will definitely be filled with magic this year!

To find out more please visit Drumond Park.

Dressing The Naked Hand

50911984_496467[1]For something a little bit different for the kids look no further.  Dressing The Naked Hand is ‘The world’s greatest guide to making, staging and performing with puppets.’  

This book has been written by master puppeteers and includes a rather humorous DVD with over two hours of how to videos.  Dressing The Naked Hand is suitable for all skill levels, whether you be just starting out in your puppet creating career or have more experience in the art, the book wil serve you well.  

184 pages of step by step instructions on how to create a whole host of different puppet styles is accompanied with over 200 colour photographs.  The book will teach you to turn stuffed animals into puppets, make mechanical puppets, hand puppets and going even further, creating stages, inventing voices and finding the perfect accessories for your new friend.

This will delight readers and audiences of all ages, resulting in hours of fun.

Published by Exisle and available for £16.95


Front View Brown ResizedIf you are planning to pick up the kids a scooter this year, or maybe they are already scooter mad, then we have found a funky accessory that they will just love.

Scootaheadz are bright, colourful heads that attach to the handlebars of balance bikes, scooters and trikes.  They have a variety of fun characters to choose from including Cheeky Charly, Pippa Pony, Timmy T-Rex, Danny Dino and Lovely Lola, one that every child can enjoy.  

Scootaheadz are waterproof, so it doesn’t matter what the weather is like, this fabulous accessory will last for a very long time, they can even cope with dirt and mud because they are super easy to clean.

Available from: for £14.99 (RRP)

Sing Your Heart Out

Lucky Voice Karaoke KitIf you have someone in your life that has always dreamed of being a star, maybe thy want to audition for Th X Factor or are constantly singing in the shower, either way we have just the perfect gift for them this year, Lucky Voice Karaoke Kit.

This kit is incredible, it transforms your computer or iPad into the ultimate karaoke machine.  It plugs straight into your PC/tablet and separate speakers.  You don’t need any CDs nor do you need to download any songs, instead you get to instantly access thousands of them online or via the Lucky Voice app.  What’s more is that every month new songs are added every month, you receive a months subscription with your kit and a further five you can gift to others.  

In your kit you have all of the cables, your instructions and of course your equipment.  This includes the Mixeer with echo effect and space for a second mic, if you fancy a duet and you also get your microphone, which comes in a range of colours, we love the pink.

So if you want to make your budding chart topper’s Christmas, pop along to Lucky Voice and pick up your starter kit from £50.

Happy Hopperz

xmas-deerIt is a well known fact that kids learn from the moment they are born and much of it is achieved through moving about and being active.  Happy Hopperz is just the thing to get your little ones moving about, being active and above all learning.  By bouncing about they are able to learn how to balance properly, and develop an awareness of space, other people and kids, as well as themselves.

Of course we may see it as a learning exercise, but for the kids it is fun, pure unadulterated play time and whist they play we see them develop social skills, improve their coordination and their fitness as well as getting their imagination running.  

Now, the best bit is how much these Happy Hopperz have changed since our day when they were round balls with two handles, now they are cute animals, vehicles and more.  We particularly love the Reindeer Happy Hopper, it is just adorable.

They are strong, wearable, safe and exciting for the kids, helping to keep them healthy and happy.

Available from Happy Hopperz for £21.99

Doc McStuffins Rosie the Ambulance Lego Duplo

CaptureDisney have this little show, that if you have children you’ll no doubt know, Doc McStuffins.  It features the main character, Doc McStuffins, dealing with all the toys boo boos and scrapes, joyfully singing a song or two whilst she does.

Lego Duplo have made a brilliant play set based on the cartoon and kids will absolutely love it.  Brightly coloured, the large Lego bricks for younger children, build a little scene that includes:

  • table
  • chair
  • flower and base
  • Rosie the Ambulance
  • injured toy block
  • and Doc McStuffins herself, complete with stethoscope.

Of course the blocks can be built according to your child’s imagination, there are no limits and the set can be used in conjunction with other Duplo sets.  

Available from Lego Duplo for £16.99

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