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The good thing about Christmas, where presents are concerned, is that loved ones will buy you gifts that you wouldn’t ordinarily get for yourself.  It might be that you couldn’t afford something yourself, or that it is the type of item that is just for fun, something quirky and unusual.  We are here to give you a few ideas to pop on your Christmas wish list this year and, if we do say so ourselves, it is a fantastic collection of gadgets.

Editors pickSmartphone Projector

Anyone who is obsessed with their smartphone has been seen sat in a corner watching their favourite TV shows and YouTube videos on the tiny screen.  Whilst there is nothing wrong with this, it can get a little uncomfortable holding the phone the whole time and of course the picture is very small.

LUKPRO 7 CMYKThe Smartphone Projector does exactly what you would expect, it projects the image from your smartphone onto the wall.  However, the Smartphone Projector is two presents in one, because before you can use it, you have to build it! 

Don’t worry, you’ll not need a PhD in science or engineering for this job, all you need is a flat surface to work on and some super glue.  It is really straight forward a quite fun to put the funky retro looking projector together.  It is made from sturdy, thick, decorated cardboard and all you have to do is glue it together.  

The instructions are all printed on the box that your new gadget comes in and once you have finished all you need to do is download a free app to take control of your screen rotation and you are away, select your video, pop your phone into the projector and set the focus.  There are even slots for your charger and speakers.

This is an incredibly fun and unique present to get for someone this year, (or yourself, we won’t tell anyone).  Available from Prezzybox for just £15.95

Roku Streaming Stick

7u19lyujrORFchQj6HxEsXeFS31YNvFNHdp-UiXZJQUThese days streaming TV channels is the in thing and using a streaming stick is the easiest way to access all of your entertainment means.  The Roku Streaming Stick is one of the best on the market, it plugs directly into your HDMI port on the back of your TV, so is perfect for wall mounted units especially.

Once you have followed the easy set up, you immediately have access to more than 1,500 channels that include movies, sports, kids, music and news, as well as enabling you to access your personal media.  All of this is done with the ‘point anywhere’ remote and up to 1080p HD.

You can access the Roku apps for Android and iOS , enabling you to control the streaming stick without the remote.  It also gives you a way to stream media via apps on your various devices.  

Some of the fantastic apps available in the Roku menu are Netflix, ITV Player, BBC iPlayer, 4OD, as well as on demand services that include Sky Sports and UFC TV.  It is not just TV either, access all of your music apps through Roku too, such as Spotify and VEVO, or how about social media such as photos from Facebook or Flikr.  

Inside your Roku pack you get the streaming stick, remote, Getting Started Guide, USB cable, Power Adapter and 2 x AA Batteries, everything you need.  

Available for £49.99


Polka_Dot_TabletWhilst not strictly a gadget in itself, we feel that the iBeani belongs here as it will help you when using your favourite tablets and phones.  

Essentially the iBeani is a stand for tablets, but it is one with a difference as it is fully adjustable to your needs, it just isn’t conventional.  Why?  The iBeani is a miniature bean bag that you can pop on your lap, table, desk or bed, anywhere that is a surface. It comes in a range of colours and designs, our favourite is the Red Polka Dot one.  Using the iBeani allows you to free up both hands whilst using your tablet – following a tutorial video, reading, movies, for whatever you use your tablet for. 

The iBeani is the perfect companion for any gadget loving person.  Available from iBeani for just £24.99

Wishbone Smart Thermometer

wishbone blueSure, a thermometer might not be high on your list that you have sent to Santa, or indeed that of your loved ones, but it is actually a smart gadget idea and perfect for now families or those who have just bought a home.

This is no ordinary thermometer, it is an incredible little gadget that works along side your Android or iOS phone/tablet using the free app.  Powered by two small cell batteries, the thermometer itself is shaped like a wishbone, (hence the name) and plugs into the head phone socket.  Once you have the app on and the wishbone plugged in you are given a number of choices.  You can measure the temperature of:

  • the body
  • any object (such as baby formula)
  • the environment around you
  • or even your pet!

Simply tap the option you would like to test and have the infra red sensor, (the longer arm of the y) just 3.5cm from the person/thing you are measuring.  That’s right, it is completely contact-less, making it super hygienic.  After just 2 seconds the temperature is recorded on the screen and then you have the option to save.  (You can even view a chart of temperature taken over a period of time!)

We thought this was amazing, accurate, easy to use and something every house should have.  It is small enough to fit in your bag too, making it portable! 

Available from Wishbone Baby for £34.99

Eyefi Mobi

fuji-lowresWe all use SD cards now, whether it be in our camera, smartphones or tablets, they are just a part of our everyday lives now.  It can however be a pain to transfer your precious photographs from the memory card to your devices or computers.

Eyefi Mobi have developed an SD card that comes with WiFi, so that as soon as you take a photo using the Eyefi card it is transferred wirelessly to the Eyefi Cloud and from there to which ever computers and devices you have set your account up to receive your pictures.  This means that you an go from snapping to editing in seconds, without the need to remove your SD card from the camera.

This revolutionary technology will make the whole photography process quicker, simpler and more efficient.  Every Eyefi Mobi SD Card comes with a three month membership to the Eyefi Cloud, (this would usually cost £34.99 per year) and allows you to streamline images, organise, share and sync.

Available at Eyefi from £33.99 for the 8GB edition


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