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There is no better time than Christmas to shower people in a range of gadgets that they might not otherwise get for themselves…

Monster DNA ™

Most people are obsessed with their music now and it is easy to see why why it is in the palm of our hands.  Monster DNA™ has created the latest in headphone technology , featuring Pure Monster Sound.™  Not oly can you now hear every details is pure, crisp and bold sound, but you will look fantastic doing it! 

Every Monster DNA™ headset comes with – 

  • ControlTalk®cable for Apple
  • 3.5mm MusicShare™ Cable
  • Stylish Carrying Pouch
  • Monster® Cleaning Cloth

ControlTalk® with Intelligibility means that whilst you are using the headphones, you are able to receive calls and the built in microphone will pick up your voice perfectly, reducing background noise and delivering clear,crisp calls.

Pillow-Soft noise isolation allows you to keep out the unwanted noise of the world around you so that you can enjoy the anthems of your life without interruption.  It does work and the way that this is achieved makes the Monster DNA™ headphones incredibly comfortable

The sound quality is absolute, using Pure Monster Technology the sounds are as crystal clear as they can get and the MusicShareDual Ports will allow you to share this unbeatable experience with your friends, using the MusicShare™ Cable.

The Monster DNA™ headphones are stunning to look at as well, extremely stylish in DuoTone colours, you can pick from a large spectrum of shades, we have to say that we love the Silver and Green.  They are stored safely in their plush case and fold away to make it even easier.

Fashionable, sleek and perfect for the music lover in your life!  Available from Monster®for £169.99


TabletTV Portable Tuner pakagingIt has never been easier to watch Freeview TV Channels via your iPad or Android tablet, than it is with TabletTV.  Watch them any time, any where and all for free once the device have been purchased.

Of course initial thoughts would lead you to think that you would need to rely on 3G, 4G or even WiFi, but that is no longer the case with TabletTV, so the TV lover in your life is in for a treat, so long as you have a TV signal.

Simply download the free TabletTV app from the Google Play or App Store and connect it easily with the device and you are off.  Watch, record and enjoy all of your favourite Freeview TV programs at home, on long haul flights, lengthy car or train journeys, or even whilst on holiday because the evice will work in most European countries! 

Available to buy via the TabletTV website or – no subscription required.

Retro Blaster

Intempo Retro Blaster EE1925REDPump up the volume and get down to your favourite tunes with this fantastic Pair & Play device from Intempo, the Retro Blaster.

Fuel your 80s nostalgia with the Retro Blaster that resembles the Ghetto Blasters of the decade.  In striking black and red, the speaker is sleek, stylish and contemporary.  It can be used with a number of devices using Bluetooth Version 3.0 EDR or your an aux lead, giving you the ability to grove to whatever tunes you wish at the touch of a button.  The Retro Blaster comes with a USB charging cable and lasts around 3 hours on a full charge.  So, you can take the music with you.

Easy to use and pair with your phone, tablet or MP3 player there are countless ways to listen to your music.

Available from Intempo for £39.99

GPO Jive

gpo-jiveIf you are buying for a music aficionado then we may have found the gift of all gifts for them this year. If they adore vinyl but don’t want to sacrifice their digital tunes and CDs, grab them the GPO Jive an all in one, funky music system that has a slight vintage feel, whilst remaining absolutely contemporary.

With the ability to play vinyl, CD, USB or SD Cards, as well as FM radio, there is no longer a need to chose between a musical medium.  The real beauty of this incredible unit though, is when you realise that you can pop on your vinyl and record to CD, USB or SD card.

Remote control and instructions are included in the box and there are built in speakers that provide crisp, clean sound, along with an RCA output connection for extra speakers.  The record player itself has a ceramic stylus, manual pick up arm and an auto stop function, as well as supporting all three record speeds of 33, 45 and 78rpm.

All of this is packaged with a sophisticated and elegant finish in white and chrome.  It will make any music lover beam to find this under the tree on Christmas Morning.  We certainly love it.

To find out more and where to buy check out GPO Retro‘s website.

One For All Smart Control

One For All Smart Control urc7980_front mid resHaving gadgets is all well and good, but sometimes we need to simplify our lives and take control of the tech.  The All For One Smart Control will allow you to do just that.

Controlling multiple AV devices, the pre programmed remote control comes with a free App to make setting up your devices as easy as can be.  Using your smartphone and Bluetooth, the you are guided through the set up of your remote – control your TV, Blu-Ray, DVD, set top box, game console, media player and more in a few minute.

The fun thing about the All For One Smart Control is that it is future ready, when you buy a new TV it will be compatible and don’t worry any more about losing the remote, because the clever app will help you find it when you misplace it.

Available from One For All for £39.99 

URC_6810_TV Zapper

One For All TV Zapper

Of course gadgets can be confusing and annoying, sometimes we just want something super easy, or maybe you worry watching your older relative struggle with complicated remotes.  The TV Zapper from One For All could be the answer.  

The remote is designed with ease and simplicity in mind, including big buttons and a wrist strap! The buttons are even colour coded so that controlling the TV and set top box is made clear.

Available from One For All for £12.99


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