Christmas Gift Guides – Gamer’s Edition


In a world that is filled with a growing number of gamers, both old and young, it is only right that will grace your screens with a a special Gamer’s Edition of our Christmas Gift Guide.

Skylanders SuperChargers

SSC_XOne_Drk_Contents_FINAL_HiResIf you have never played Skylanders before, you have seriously been missing out!  This revolutionary technology changed the face of gaming for the better, allowing gamers to take the real world into their virtual reality.  How does it work?  Using a portal that plugs into your console you can magically add Skylanders characters, and now their characters, by placing them on the portal…read more here.

Minecraft® Modding for Kids

1119050049From the For Dummies series of books comes Minecraft® Modding for Kids by Sarah Guthals Ph.D, Stephen Foster Ph.D and Lindsey Handley Ph.D.  

Minecraft® is a game that took the planet by Storm, made with a very retro feel, using bulky blocks to form the world around the player, it was surprisingly captivating to all ages.  Whilst it is available on consoles now, its full potential can only be realised on PC or MAC and by utilising coding to create ‘mods’ or modifications so the game is more unique to you.

Minecraft® Modding for Kids is a fantastic book that features 9 projects aimed at teaching you the basics of modding, respawning players, creating portals and a monster arena, as well as much, much, more. Use the Dummies LearnToMod software, write your own minigames within Minecraft® and then share them with friends!

The perfect gift for anyone obsessed with game, it is available from Wiley for £21.99

Guitar Hero Live

Guitar Hero Live_Box_Art_XboxOneFreestyle Games have reinvented this style of game with their innovative new ways in which to play the game.  We are all used to our coloured buttons on the neck of the guitar and a rolling screen in front of us that tells us what notes to play.  Well, technically that hasn’t changed, but with two new modes and a brand new guitar controller, it sure feels different…read more here.

Guinness World Records 2016 Gamer’s Edition

GWR2016_Gamers-Packshots-GamersSpineThe world of gaming s full of record breakers, you may not be aware of it, but they lurk at the end of mics and in your multiplayer games everywhere, all over the world.  

Guinness World Records have put together all of those amazing feats in one exciting anthology of their world renowned annual offering, the Gamer’s Edition, featuring a ‘Mega Minecraft‘ section.

Do you know what the Best Selling Crossover RPG Series is?  The answer is Kingdom Hearts which is a combination of Final Fantasy and Disney, a fantastic series of games.

Do you know which game is the highest grossing sci-fi shooter? No?  It is Halo 4 making over £137.6 million in ONE DAY!

Do you know what the largest charitable videogame endowment is? The Call of Duty Endowment was established on 2009 by Activision Blizzard and in their most recent report it stated that the last grant was £7.9 million, money that goes to help U.S. military veterans find employment! 

These fantastic records and many more besides are cram packed inside this years Guinness World Records Gamer’s Edition for just £9.99

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