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Gadgets and gizmos are brilliant choices for gifting at Christmas, here are a few of our top picks this year…

Leitz Icon Smart Labelling System

ll_7001_a13_150_1801_1144There is always call for labels, whether around the house, in a home office, garage, school room or workplace.  The Leitx Icon Smart Labelling System is the printer for the job.

It has a super easy cartridge system, just drop the cartridge in and it will automatically load itself, it even knows which label roll has been loaded.  It does more than just print though, in fact you could say that it is a 3 in 1 printer.  It is able to print continuous paper labels, on plastic labels and die-cut paper labels.

The label printer is also very versitile, it can create almost any label from one cartridge – from 12mm to 88mm wide and up to a staggering 2.7m long, printing up to an incredible 200 labels per minute.  Whilst it can can do all of this, it is a small unit and completely mobile with a battery that lasts up to 12 hours! 

The Leitz Icon is easy to use, the software works with Windows, Mac, smartphones and tablets – whether you are on iOS or Android and has built in USB and Wi-Fi.

 Available from Leitz for £95.99

Immerse Virtual Reality Headset

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to actually use some virtual reality technology?  Of course the equipment is not cheap to say the least, but now Thumbs Up! have created the Immerse Virtual Reality Headset that is not just affordable, but will bring the world of 3D right to your doorstep, well eyes.


The headset is fantastic, not only does it allow you to watch 3D movies, but you can play games and access a wealth of apps that includes one which lets you walk on the moon! 

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to use the headset, it adapts to your head movements and provides a full 360 degree view.  There are literally 1000s of apps to choose from that will give you hours of fun.

  • Compatible with most Smartphones (Android and iPhone)
  • Wireless
  • 360 head tracking
  • Ultra Wide Field Vision
  • Intense 3D view
  • Adjustable lens for optimal vision
  • Face Contact Foam and adjustable Head Strap to heighten comfort
  • An extensive range of free and inexpensive content available to download from Play Store and App Store. Alternatively you can watch 3D videos from the web by searching “Side by Side 3D’ on YouTube

The Immerse Virtual Headset costs just £29.99 from Firebox.

BioLite NanoGrid

NanoGrid_completeSystem1Whether you know an avid camper, someone who likes to venture out into the wilderness or just someone who likes to be prepared for all occasions, the BioLite NanoGrid is going to be a perfect gift for them.

The NanoGrid includes everything you need, power wise, for a trip camping.  It features a powerful torch for when you are walking about, a lighting system for your camp site, tent or maybe even garage that is completely customisable to your own needs, it also features a powerbank that will let you charge your camera, phone or tablet.

Included in your box is:

  • BioLite PowerLight,
  • BioLite SiteLight,
  • USB cable
  • and instructions

The Powerlight has 250 lumens as a torch reaching up to 100 meters and  burning up to 72 hours (when used on low).  200 lumens as a lantern and will reach up to 10 meters, burning for 72 hours, again if used on low.  The SiteLights have 150 lumens that provide light for around 3 meters and will last up to a total of 36 hours on low, per charge.  They also have a 10 foot cord length for each light.

The NanoGrid is so versitile it will pease any outdoors-man or woman this Christmas.


Available from Whitby and Co for £89.95

SodaStream® SOURCE™

Black Source Classic Main imageWe can’t talk about gadgets and not make a pit stop in the kitchen and share our favourite pick for this year, the SodaStream® SOURCE™.

For years SodaStream® has been at the heart of many kitchens, the magic of turning tap water in to a sparkling drink has fascinated us, both kids and adults alike, since we first saw them! 

The SodaStream® SOURCE™ is the perfect addition to any kitchen, it looks sleek and stylish in flame red, a colour which gives it a real contemporary feel, black for an ultra modern appearance or white for the minimalist look.  The SodaStream® SOURCE™ is a starter kit that contains everything you need to get carbonating those drinks:

  • 1 x SodaStream® SOURCE™ drink maker
  • 1 gas cylinder that makes up to 60L of sparkling drinks
  • 1 reusable carbonating bottle
  • 6 flavour samples to make 6L of sparkling drinks

The space-saving design with look incredible in your kitchen and as you might thick, doesn’t take up much worktop space at all.  It has a funky LED display on the front that will allow you to get the perfect amount of carbonation – if you like a little sparkle then you need only inject your water until the single water drop is lit up, but if you are looking for a full on carbonated experience you can spritz until the five water drop indicator is lit up.  There is a middle range indicator also giving you the freedom to create your ideal Christmas tipple! 

Once you have tried your hand at the 6 sample flavours you can pick up a bottle of syrup from your local supermarket for just £2.  

The SodaStream® SOURCE™ is extremely simple to set up and started making your new favourite drinks, it take just seconds from filling the tap, to actually being able to drink your concoction.  You aren’t limited to using SodaStream® flavouring either, once you have added the sparkles to your water, you can flavour it with almost anything, making this just perfect for Christmas cocktails both alcoholic and non-alcoholic.  

Available from SodaStream® for £89.99

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