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Sometimes we like to get the people in our lives something pretty or functional for the home.  It might not be the gift of choice for everyone, but we think buying presents for the home can be a really lovely gesture and here is why…

Hammamas Cotton Towels

download (1)Using traditional techniques that are 100’s of years old, Hammamas Cotton Towels are made in rural Turkey, by women who have made them for years, the techniques handed down from their mothers and grandmothers.  

They are made from 100% cotton and are just as effective as a normal towel, they are fast drying and really absorbent, not to mention beautifully soft.  The most striking feature of the Hammamas towels though, is the range of colours, our favourite is Watermelon and Lime, but the choices are vibrant and cheerful.

They are not just towels either!  They double as sarongs, picnic blankets, baby wraps and even table cloths.  So versatile, Hammamas are so light weight that they weight less than 250 grams and can be easily stored or popped in your bag.  They even come in a lovely transparent zip bag that is waterproof.

High quality, stunning prints and colours, these towels are great for anyone who loves a little luxury in their lives.

Available from £25.00 

121204Zippo Candle Lighter

Everyone loves a good candle around Christmas time, in fact candles are lovely throughout the year, they add aromas, atmosphere and beautiful settings for many occasions.  Of course if can be rather awkward to light some candles and not always safe to use a match.

Zippo have released a brilliant candle lighter the Mini MPL is the Rolls Royce of stick lighters, in stunning letterbox red brushed metal and gorgeous silver coloured access, with a safety button for lighting.

Use for all of your lighting needs, available from Zippo for £13.95


Rathbones Scented Candle

Officially he oldest candle maker in the world, Rathbone is steeped in history and experience.  They have been candle making since 1488, meaning they really do know their stuff when it comes to picking ingredients and the process for making the finished product.

Their new range is inspired by a traditional Irish saying, given that they are based in Dublin, this is rather fitting.  ‘Beyond the Pale’ refers to he wilderness beyond city limits, once referred to as the pale! The ix new scents have been created to celebrate the romance and  beauty of the Irish countryside.

  • Dublin Tea Rose, Oud & Patchouli
  • Wild Mint, Watercress & Thyme
  • Rosemary, Fougere & Camphor
  • Bitter Orange, Birch Tar & Balsam
  • Cedar, Cloves & Ambergris
  • White Pepper, Honeysuckle & Vetiver

The candles range in size and burn time, allowing for use up to 60 hours.  They are elegant and permeate the atmosphere, filling the room with a beautiful fragrance.

Available from Fenwicks, Brown Thomas and from £16 (90g)


Group 3Music is a love of so many people and there is no better way help them enjoy their passion by giving them a fantastic DAB + Digital & FM Radio from Goodmans.  

The Pebble  is a brilliant little radio perfect for anyone who love music and wants a simple, stylish, easy to use radio from which to enjoy it.  The Pebble is a one touch  radio, clearly labelled buttons mean you know exactly what you are doing from the outset, switching quickly between DAB+ Digital and FM modes, one button to scan through stations and three buttons that allow you to set your favourites for quick access.

It features a high contrast black and white display that allows you to clearly see the station you are listening to and in many cases even the song that is playing.  The sound is beautifully crisp, allowing maximum enjoyment of your tunes with the adjustable volume knob.

DAB+ is actually classed as future technology’ as it is the new standard of sound that is being adopted throughout Europe right now and of course, Goodmans have included that in the Pebble so you can be sure it will stay relevant for a long time.

You can pick up one of these snazzy portable, plug in a play radios from Goodmans for just £29.99

Upcycle by Rebecca Proctor

Upcycle-by-Rebecca-ProctorA lovely unusual gift to give this year is Upcycle, a book that contains 24 Sustainable D.I.Y Projects using items that you no longer need, have been discarded by others or that can be re-purposed.  It embraces the make do and mend mentality of the second world war and is a craze sweeping the nation right now.

The book is laid out with simple, clear and concise instructions for each of the projects.  Each step is illustrated to make sure that the directions are easy to follow and the overall design is accompanied by high quality photographs.

If you know someone who loves to make their house a home with their many creations, then this book would be a wonderful choice for them.

Available from Laurence King Publishing for £18.95

Vegas Circus Light – Heart

CultFurniture_1222783_VegasMetalLEDCircusLightHear.jpgCreate a beautiful romantic atmosphere with this gorgeous marquee Vegas Circus Light from Cult Furniture.  The 13 inch metal heart creates a lovely soft light using white L.E.D lights, that are low voltage, long lasting look fantastic.

The heart shaped light can be mounted on the wall or used free standing, giving you the ability to use it anywhere or change its position if you should wish.  It is also clever in that you can either use it powered by just two AA batteries or with the power adapter that is included.

You can pick up this high quality Vegas style light from Cult Furniture for £39.00


In the Shadow of Elephants

Furnishcouk_1258106_ElephantCandleHolderRed.jpgHave you eve fancied a trip to Africa, one to experience the amazement of a safari?  Well, if that is a little out of your reach, or that of your loved ones, why not treat them and you to this stunning elephant candle holder from Furnish.

Beneath the branches of a large tree are two adorable young elephants reaching up to feed on the leaves and fruit,  The design becomes even ore enchanting when you add the candle in the secure holder behind the metal cut out, bringing the enchanting scene alive, right in your living room.

Available from for £10.95

Puzzle Vase

This exciting and rather unusual piece will keep you busy Christmas day and can double as the centre piece at the Christmas dinner table.  Yes, you can piece together this puzzle and create a stunning 3D vase that is decorated in a fashion reminiscent of antiques, white with delicate blue painting with echoes of the Far East.

The real magic with this is that once you have made the 3D vase, you can actually use it!  Yes, you read that right – ‘make it and use it.’  The puzzle will double as an actual vase in which to display a beautiful bunch of flowers, or stand it on the window seal as a piece of art that features a beautiful image.

A gift that will keep giving, it is perfect for mums, aunts and granny’s, available from Paul Lamond Games for £20.


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