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The kitchen is often seen as the heart of the home and it can be a wonderful place to spend time with family and friends, enjoying good food and company.  Here are a few gift ideas for that special room in the house and the head chef in your life…

Risotto Plus

BRC600UK_BOP_Master_B13Previous the Risotto Plus was known as the Multi Cooker and rightly so as this one machine can cope with cooking perfect rice, risotto and is also a slow cooker.

Sage have created a multi cooker that will out perform others making beautiful slow cooked meals that are packed with tender meat and perfectly made vegetables, full of flavour and character.  It can also create dishes made too a professional standard such as the notoriously difficult to master risotto, gorgeous fluffy rice and quinoa, with no need to change the cooking bowl, (except to clean it of course).

It does all this using a stir free technology that rather than moving the contents around in a circular fashion, it agitates the grains of rice with bubbles, so that the creamy risotto texture is achieved with ease, it will even turn itself off when the meal is ready.  All the hard work is removed, so sit back and pop your feet up! 

There is also a further setting in the multi cooker that will sauté and sear, it comes with a steaming tray for vegetables, poultry and seafood too!  This little multi cooker is truly a jack of all trades and it masters them all!

It has a 3.7 litre capacity, which Sage have equated to 20 cups of cooked rice, so it is big enough to make a delicious meal for the whole family or catering for a dinner party!

Available from Sage for £99.99



A_MiniDLT_4_Genera_SaintpauliaThis is a gift that is a little bit different, it is a plant pot.  Now before you scroll on past to see what else we have picked out, just take a minute to have a look at this, because the Mini Deltini is not just any plant pot, it is self watering.

Everything you need, except the plant and water is included with the Mini Deltini – plant pot, pot liner and the substrate .  You can begin planting right away, but why not give this fabulous gift with a plant already potted.

The instructions are simple to follow and will have your plant ready in no time, then all you need to do is pop in some water and watch your plant flourish.  

Lechuza design pots n a range of styles and colours available from £9.99

Vinyl Love

ggea1219-GAMAGO-RECORD-PLACEMATS-1If you want to get something for the home and your recipient is an old school music lover, then we have found a fantastic gift for any budding foodie! 

The age of vinyl may have passed, but the love of listening to music on that brilliant medium is still as strong as it ever was.  This year you can pick up a trivet for placing hot pans on that is designed to look just like a vinyl 45, they are great! 

Made from silicone and measuring 15 cm, the vinyl trivet can cope with temperatures than are between -30 to 230ºC, it also insulates the surface on which it is placed and is anti slip.  It is package in a very clever way resembling a record sleeve.

Available from Music Room for just £6.95

Bespoke Verse

Bespoke Verse - Sucker For A CuppaDo you have someone in your life that loves tea almost as much as the oxygen they breathe?  You know the type, ever fifteen minutes the kettle is on, tea bag in the cup and the spoon tinkling against the china as they wait for the water to boil.

Well now you can give them the cup that they might not want, but the mug that we all know they deserve -the ‘Sucker for a Cuppa’ mug from Bespoke Verse.  This tongue in cheek stunning white mug is made from china and features the above catchphrase in bold black lettering on both sides.  High quality and begging for hot, steaming water to be poured into it and let the tea bag of choice soak it up, this is certainly right up any tea lover’s street.

Available from Bespoke Verse for £11


Costa Christmas Ceramic Cups

costaCoffee lovers far and wide will absolutely adore the new range of stunning hand-crafted ceramic Christmas travel mugs.  With these they will be able to get their favourite Costa Coffee and enjoy while they are out and about, looking swish as they do.

Coming in three beautiful cute designs – Penguin, Santa and Snowman – we are sure everyone will find it difficult to pick their favourite, but when they do there will be no stopping them from ordering and devouring the iconic winter drink from Costa, a Gingerbread Latte.

Priced at £7.95 they are the ideal gift for coffee fanatics everywhere and can be bought at your nearest Costa Coffee.

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