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The kitchen is seen as the heart of the house and this is never truer than at Christmas when so much of our time is spent cooking and baking.  We pulled together a few things to help you over the holidays whilst you are in the kitchen.

Cake Angels

Christmas is full of delicious treats and yummy sacks, we all indulge a little and some of us even like to bake a bit.  Cake Angels is here is help make your cakes look like you picked them up from an expensive bakery.

Whether you are looking for a cake mix to get the perfect tasting cupcakes, or a way to top of your own scrumptious creations, they definitely fit the bill.  Their cake toppers are amazing, handmade, Royal Icing masterpieces that will get people cooing over your baked goods.  

The toppers come in either centre pieces or little cupcake finishers and in a range of designs.  Our favourite centre pieces are the Christmas Tree, Father Christmas and the Snowman, of course you could pick up the mini cupcake toppers and have all of those designs and more!  They are cute, high quality and let’s be perfectly honest, absolutely delicious.  

Available from Cake Angels

Salter Spiralizer

Salter Spiralizer BW04294_BkgFor the budding chef who has everything, or at least think they do, or the experimental cook, we have found an exciting gadget that would make an incredible addition to any kitchen, the Salter Spiralizer.

The fruit and vegetable slicer will be welcomed in any kitchen, tackling the boring and thankless task of cutting up your fruit and veg, but not just in any boring way, oh no, the Spiralizer creates beautiful ribbons from your food that will not only jazz up your dinners, but make healthier meals seem much more appealing.

That is not all though, there is so much more to this kitchen must have than just pretty ribbons of vegetables.  There are two more blades that come with the easy to use crank set up, a fine noodle blade and a thick noodle blade.  That is right, now you, or your cooking loved one, can create vegetable noodles with the smallest holed blade or beautiful spirals with the thicker of the two.  So whether you want to make so super curly fries, or carrot noodles for your salad, your imagination is your only limit.

Available from Salter for £29.99

Scook by Anne-Sophie Pic

In Valence, France there is a cookery school called Scook, owned and run by Anne-Sophie Pic, a three Michelin Star chef, in fact she is the only French woman to have that honour.  Adapting her world renowned recipes to be made in any home kitchen, Anne-Sophie has compiled Scook, A Complete Cookery Course.

In Scook, Anne-Sophie shares her recipes and skills to help any home cook achieve Michelin Star quality food.  It is not just packed with recipes, but also includes tutorials for making perfect puff pastry and filleting a fish, she covers a wide range of skills and techniques in easy to follow, photographically illustrated guides.

With recipes such as Roman Gnocchi, Lamb Confit an Mint Tortellini with Crushed lemon Courgettes and Pommes Soufflées, there is sure to be a recipe to get your mouth watering and makes the perfect present for any budding chef, allowing them to learn from a master, in the comfort of their own kitchen!

Available from Quarto for £40.00

Choc Chick Starter Kit

CHOC Chick Starter kitThis incredible decadent starter kit has got every thing you need to make 30 fantastic raw chocolates, or if you so wish 3 delicious bars.  Of course, if it tickles your fancy you could even create some Choc-tails, (scrumptious cocktails made with you chocolate), or hot chocolate drinks for cold winter nights.

Regardless of your chocolate making preference the kit will steer you in the right direction and includes:

  • CHOC Chick Recipe Booklet
  • Organic Raw Cacao Butter 100g
  • Organic Raw Cacao Powder 100g
  • Sweet Freedom 100ml
  • 50 mini baking cases

So Christmas Day can be filled with the sweet aroma of chocolate, and then so can your tummy! 

Available from Choc Chick for £12.99

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