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There is so much choice out there for kids this year, in fact every years there seems to be more and more options available for gifting.  Here are a few more of our top picks…

First Sewing 

Sewing is a great past time and so many children find enjoyment in creating something from just a few pieces of material and a bit of thread.  This year, you can give the gift of sewing with this fabulous First Sewing kit from Galt.

The kit includes five projects for your little one to complete:

  • Butterfly Bag
  • Neck Purse
  • Picture Frame
  • Notepad Cover
  • Pencil Case

All of the items are made using the materials in the box, which include pre-cut pieces of foam, cord, stick on gems, 2 pencils, a notepad and plastic bodkins, as well as a handy how to guide.

Make Christmas crafty with this incredible kit from Galt for £7.99

Musical Starlight Tiny

05627 Clangers Musical Starlight Tiny CPSWhilst the kids wont get nostalgia from our next choice, you most likely will.  Do you remember The Clangers?  Well the enjoyment they once gave millions of children can once again be felt with a new range of toys that have been released just in tome for Christmas.

Our absolute favourite from the collection is Musical Starlight Tiny, who is a super soft, cuddly toy that holds within it the power to help kids fall into a peaceful sleep.  You see Musical Starlight Tiny has a built in night light, that also plays a soothing lullaby.

The night light is quite beautiful and slowly changes colour and dances around the darkens room.  It emanates from Starlight Tiny’s chest and at the same time plays a gentle tune.  It doesn’t last long though, in fact this is the genius part, the kids can push Starlight Tiny’s chest themselves, as and when, it lasts roughly ten seconds, so no running in and out to reset until they fall asleep.

Available from  Argos, TRU, Smyths, ASDA, The Entertainer, John Lewis, Amazon, Shop Direct, Hamleys, Toymaster for £24.99

Micro Machines First Order Stormtrooper Playset

With Star Wars The Force Awakens being released, this year Star Wars themed gifts are going to be on lots of grown up’s kid’s Christmas lists.  Beloved by so many, the long awaited seventh film from the famous franchise, brings with it a myriad of new memorabilia.

Micro Machines have long since been a toy that kids want and so it makes sense that they have partnered with Star Wars to create a series of toys based on the films.  Our personal favourite has to be the First Order Stormtrooper Playset includes a Poe Dameron Microfigure and First Order Transporter vehicle, along with the First Order Stormtrooper head, that folds out into a battleground in the desert, awaiting your imagination.

Play out the battles between the Dark Side and Jedi with this fantastic Micro Machine set.

Cool Cat

Cat lovers around the world will rise up in unison and declare their love for this next little fellow, Cool Cat.  As you push him along the floor his body bobs and his head will spin, make children squeal with glee. He is brightly coloured and sturdy, so he wont break easily.

This is the perfect stocking filler for babies of 10 months and up, available from Galt for £8.99

ewan the greyEwan The Dream Sheep

Ewan The Dream Sheep is the next big thing in helping babies drift off into a restless sleep.  This cuddly sheep plays soothing sounds and has a calming warm glow to help kiddies sleep more soundly.

How does it work?  Well, Ewan has four low frequency sounds that include a heart beat noise and the sound they would recognise from being in the womb.  This is coupled with a soft warm pink glow, that will comfort and soothe your little one and in turn helping the fall into a peaceful sleep.

The best bit of course is the fact he is so adorable and cuddly, the kids will just love him! 

Available from

Cute Charms

As kids grown up they become more and more interested in the things that their parents and older siblings like, jewellery is definitely one of those things that peak their interest.

Cute Charms is an amazing kit that will have the children stringing together beautiful bracelets and lovely necklaces for themselves and loved ones in no time at all.  The it includes:

  • 10 coloured metal charms
  • 20 decorative silver beads
  • 150 coloured beads
  • 130 silver coated beads
  • silky cord
  • elastic
  • and a handy guide.

The charms are not just any charms though, they feature adorable little animal faces, making them perfet for kids who love wildlife and pets.

Available from Galt for £7.99

Dreams, Dilemmas and Divas Game

If you have a little one who is obsessed with Tracey Beaker books by Jacqueline Wilson, then they are certain to love this fabulous board game that they can and should play with their best friends.

Dreams, Dilemmas and Divas is a game where you share you secrets and find out just how well your friends know you and of course how much you know about them.  The aim of the game is to race to the centre of the board, trying to reach the coveted ‘You’re a Star’ space.  

This is no easy journey though, as you travel around the board you will be met with a series of dilemmas and will have to show how much you know your friends.

The game box contains the game board, 6 character playing pieces, 150 question cards, 1 dice and rules, available from Paul Lamond Games for £21.

Rose Petal Cottage

dream-town-playhouseDreamTown has brought out the Rose Petal Cottage, a beautiful indoor playhouse in the style of a country house that will have children’s imaginations sparked for hours of play! 

It is totally adorable in design and has a fully working front door complete with letter box, as well as shuttered windows.  The inside is decorated with a lovely broderie anglaise trim, the famous white needlework many of you will know, finishing the stunning fabric illustrations that comprise the walls.  The Rose Petal Cottage comes alive when you see the toddler height cooker that has dials to twist and an oven door that opens, as well as a shelf and photo frame to finish the interior of the house.

dreamtown-rose-petal-cottageIt is possible to buy extra pieces for the cottage playset, the Kitchen and Tea Time sets just add more wonder and fuel the children’s role playing games.  The Kitchen set comes with a sink unit that has chrome style taps and a washing machine with twisting knobs and opening door, making the Rose Petal Cottage kitchen even more realistic for their little minds.  The Tea Set comes with an inflatable table and padded seats with flocked details, so tea parties can be had.  (Both are available for £44.99 and £19.99 respectively).



For children aged two and up, this is an ideal gift that will give them hours of imaginative, fun enjoyment as they create stories and play house! The Rose Petal Cottage is available from all major retailers including Argos for £99.99.


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