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From young to old, playing games is a part of our festivities when it comes to Christmas and here are a few of our picks to help you get present buying…

Bananagram-2339Collins Little Book of BANANAGRAMS

BANANAGRAMS is a word game with a difference, players each construct their own board of words, in a race to beat the others and the pieces are all presented in a fabulous banana shaped bag.  The winner of the game is declared only when all the words they have created are verified as being allowed and spelled correctly.

Here is where Collins Little Book of BANANAGRAMS comes in.  It is a look into the brains of those who made the game and is crammed full of tips, tricks and hints to help you play the best game of BANANAGRAMS you have ever played.  It includes:

  • 135 proper nouns that you can play
  • 19 different games that you can play with BANANAGRAMS
  • Two different ways to turn the tiles over when someone shouts PEEL.
  • Abbreviations that are allowed to be used

A must have for any fan of word games that will help you become Top Banana.

Published by Collins for £6.99

Paddington’s Tea Party

Paddington’s Tea Party is one of a series of puzzles featuring the adventurous, and slightly mischievous, Paddington Bear from Rainbow Designs. Paddington Bear is an old children’s favourite, this puzzle gives parents a chance to look back on old memories whilst making new ones with the next generation of Paddington’s fans. This simple puzzle is bright and attractive featuring a picture of the bear himself surrounded by tea and cakes and comes with a sheet of stickers to customise the puzzle to the child’s liking.

This 48 piece puzzle is a perfect stocking filler for any of the old bear’s 3+ year old fans this Christmas.

moshi_monsterMoshi Monsters

You have all heard about Moshi Monsters, especially if you have children in your lives. They started out as on online games where you can adopt and take care of those little moshlings, they are all very cute and they just keep growing and growing. You can now have moshi monsters in your home, with small little plastic toys, magazines and now soft moshi monsters, they retail at around £6 and there are so many to collect. Each Moshie has its own name and little story attached to it. They come with a little tag with some information on but you must login to their website to find out more! Your Moshi also has free codes for virtual gifts from the Moshi village and games to play your Moshi.

A great present for those Moshi fan and great collectibles too.

Palace Pets

Palace pets magical screen tablet is a great learning tablet for ages 2+. With 4 activities which are Discovery, Find – you have 3 chances to find the characters or object requested, a Quiz and Match – is to help find the princess’s friends and pets, all while meeting the palace pets of the Disney royal family. Whilst playing you will hear the name and the sound or description of the characters when the image is pressed. There are two screens that can be changed at any time.

This is a great tablet for younger children, that can help them learn whilst they are having fun and engaging. Batteries are included.

BarbieBarbie Magical Secret Book

Disney Princess is always a safe bet when it comes to a girly Christmas present. But there are so many dolls so you never really know which one they have, so with that  there are loads of different Disney princess toys too and knowing which one is popular at the moment is sometimes risky, but one things for sure, little girls love is secret things.

The Barbie Magical Secret book is a winner, it has its own key to open up activity book where they can learn and play with their favourite princess. Writing, counting, colouring and much more . The book has a magic pen where you can fill in the actives and tomorrow when you come back to the book, as if by magic it has all disappeared, so it can be played with time and again. The answers are revealed by the magic lamp. Also, the decorations on the front of the book are can be made into a lovely charm bracelet.

The Barbie Magical Secret book retails at around £21.99 and will keep them entertained for hours.


9780241185803 (3)Frozen – The Essential Collection

This has been the year of Disney’s Frozen and there is no doubt that many Christmas lists to Santa this year will feature the movie in one way or another.

The Essential Collection is a wonderful boxed set that features a hardback book, The Essential Guide, which has the low down on all the characters, lyrics from the movie’s famous soundtrack, (the box even plays the music to sing along to ‘Let It Go’), it explores the kingdom of Arendelle and of course features the charismatic Olaf!

As well as The Essential Guide, the set contains a beautifully illustrated and interesting sticker book that contains over 150 re-usable stickers.  In the sticker book you are taken on a journey meeting characters and exploring the adventure that Anna embarks on.

Available from DK Books for £9.99



Linkee is a fabulous game that will be perfect for after Christmas dinner!  The idea of the game is to collect the letters that are on the reverse of each question card.  The letters can spell out the word Linkee, which is the ultimate objective of the game.  You can work on your own or in teams to answer the questions on a notepad.  This is where the real fun begins, because each question card has four questions, each answer provides a clue to the word that will win the card, for example:

  • In which pub game are wooden balls allowed? Skittles
  • The card game 21 is more commonly called what in casinos?  Blackjack
  • Which dessert is a mix of chopped fruit served in syrup? Fruit Salad
  • What is the common name for a leg of cooked chicken?  Drumstick

Once you have all of those answers you need to find the link:

  • Sweets!

Shout this out first and as early on in the questions as you want and you win the card!  The winner of the game is the one who spells Linkee first!

Great fun and gets the grey matter working!

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