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Everyone has at least one bookworm in their family, so we tracked down some of the best books on offer this year to delight and captivate the reader in your life, no matter their age! 

The Great Cream Robbery

by James Medd & Victoria Sawdon

The Great Cream Robbery bookAs cat criminals go, Merryn Malone is definitely one of the best .  Her career of robberies has left her feeling a little lack lustre though, that is until she comes across a mysterious building in the middle of Cornwall.  Inside there were cows a plenty and what had to be, in Merryn’s mind, the greatest bowl of clotted cream she ever did see!  Her insatiable appetite causes her to launch into action and begin planning the Great Cream Robbery.  It is too big a job for just one cat though, she’ll need help and then the ability to get past those pesky cows who will be ready and waiting!

Delightfully written and illustrated with the most beautiful and captivating pictures, The Great Cream Robbery is the perfect book for kids this year.  It will have them on the edge of their seats, desperate to know what happens next and if Merryn will ever get her paws on that clotted cream.

 The story was released to celebrate the 125th anniversary of the Rodda family’s clotted cream, started in 1890 in a little farmhouse kitchen by their great-great grandmother.  

The Intimate Universe

If high crime, such as featured in the last book, is not to your liking, maybe you would be more interested in the way our universe works.

This fascinating book, The Intimate Universe is written by Dr Marek Kukula, who is a leading expert in this field and also Public Astronomer at the Royal Observatory in Greenwich.  He has now put his knowledge into the pages of this book, s that we all might be able to understand the universe in which we live a little better.

Covering many areas from how atoms in our bodies were actually formed in the heart of a star, how the sun has helped create life on earth and will eventually be its destruction, to how the technology used in space has actually helped people on Earth diagnose others with dangerous illnesses.  It is literally crammed full of information  about how the universe effects and is part of our everyday lives.

Published by Quercus and available for £18.99 (hardback)

The Boy Who Loved The Moon by Rino Alaimo

THe Boy Who Loved The Moon coverThe Boy Who Loved The Moon is a delightful picture book created by Rino Alaimo and is an adaptation of his award winning animated short, The Boy and the Moon.  

The story follows a young boy who is caught by the allure of the moon and sets about an adventure to try an win her love.  The book itself is incredibly beautiful and atmospheric with its brown and golden toned illustrations that add so much to the words written on each page.

You and your child will be absolutely captivated with each new age, as the young boys swims the deepest oceans and even battles a dragon on his journey.

Published by Exisle and available for £9.95

He Who Dares…My Genuine Biography – Del Boy

He Who DaresStar of Only Fools and Horses, entrepreneur, international playboy and all around wheeler dealer, Del Boy has entertained the masses for many years with his crazy schemes and grasp of the French language.  Now Del has decided to share an intimate look at his life, previously untold and private.

The mean streets of Peckham, South London have been home to Derek Trotter and his family for as long as anyone can remember.  He went from working on a market stall with his brother Rodney to the dizzy heights of finding the elusive treasure among the tat that made him his ‘millyons.’  He lost everything though but that did not deter Del, he kept going in search of his fortune.  Some may know him from his trading days and trade mark company vehicle, the yellow Robin Reliant emblazoned with ‘Trotter’s Independent Traders.’

Del Boy’s genuine Autobiography is available from Penguin Random House for £20 (RRP)

Vile Bodies by Evelyn Waugh

image001The 1920s was full of decadence and luxury, a time when people pushed the boundaries of what was acceptable to usher in a new age of opulence.  

Vile Bodies was written in 1930 and is the tale of ‘The Bright Young Things’ in an exciting 1920s London. This satirical work follows their activities, which they revel in with abandon.

The Folio Society have reprinted this book in the most stunning hardback, complete with plain black case.  The book itself is black and the front cover features a striking Art Deco image, whilst the back has a pattern that complements it.  Inside are further illustrations by Kate Baylay, all as enchanting as the last.

This is a great gift for anyone who is interested in the period, or is a fan of Waugh.  Available from The Folio Society for £29.95

A Season in the Red by Jamie Jackson

Managing Man Utd in the shadow of Sir Alex Ferguson

9781781315125After managing Manchester United for an incredible 26 years, Sir Alex Ferguson became the longest serving football manager at one team and retired after winning the league for the thirteenth time with the team, who overall had claimed the title 20 times.  

When Sir Alex left the mantle passed to David Moyes, who over the next ten months had an absolutely disastrous run with the club and was subsequently dismissed and followed by Louis van Gaal. 

Jamie Jackson was given unprecidented access to Old Trafford and charts the rise and fall of Moyes, followed by the Iron Tulip’s, Louis van Gaal’s, first seasson with te club, all with the legacy of Sir Alex and his success, looming over them.

Available from Quarto for £18.99 in Hardback.


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