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Stockings are such good fun at Christmas and can be filled with all sorts of amazing and wonderful trinkets, here are a few suggestions from us at Erisea HQ.

LipBalmorangeginger06Dr Bronner’s Orange Ginger Lip Balm

An amazing stocking filler for any person this year is lip balm.  Not only is it a fantastic treat for the lips, generally lip balms serve to protect the lips too!

Dr Bronner’s Orange Ginger Lip Balm is scented with essential oils that are completely organic and Fair Trade, they have no synthetic ingredients or preservatives and they smell incredible.  Made with hemp oil and jojoba which moisturise and help rejuvenate, protect, nourish and alleviate sore and chapped lips!

The balms are so smooth and just melt into the lips, leaving them silky and feeling amazing!

Available from Dr Bronner’s for just £2.95 the lip balm also comes in Peppermint, Lemon and Lime and also Naked.

9780525954392_custom-1597777ae5f20ffd90899db59cd032895a6e9993-s99-c85Does Santa Really Exist?

This fantastic book from Eric Kaplan, writer of The Big Bang Theory and The Simpsons is truly one for the deeper thinkers amongst us. This philosophical investigation brings to light all those unanswered questions we are all desperate to know.

Lets face it, as we grow up, we know who really does the present giving. However the theory that the Jolly man in red exists, is one we all have at the back of our minds. No matter how old you, it never really leaves. With so many deeper questions coming to light, this book, Does Santa Exist really keeps the minding alive.

The wonderful book retails for £12.99 and is a must for the thinkers out there.


45227 Pomegranate Ornament TinCrabtree & Evelyn Citron, Honey & Coriander Hand Therapy Tin

It used to be the practice in years past to place gifts on the tree, as well as under it.  This age old tradition has been brought back Crabtree & Evelyn this year, with their seasonal range of vintage inspired Christmas decorations that each contain a little gift!

The Citron, Honey & Coriander Hand Therapy Tin is beautiful in every way.  The tin itself has the most incredible Victorian feel to it, with muted festive colours that scream Christmas and a ribbon from which to suspend it on the tree.  This is the kind of tin that becomes a keepsake!

Hiding inside the glorious tin are two tubes of the Citron, Honey & Coriander Hand Therapy cream.  Infused with Shea butter and macadamia nut, the cream is extremely moisturising and will leave the hands feeling nourished and scented with a ‘vibrant citrus’.

Available from Crabtree & Evelyn for £8

Bear-FamilyThe Lindt Bear

The Lindt Master Chocolatiers use the highest quality ingredients and have done for over 165 years, to make the finest chocolate they possibly can.  They are synonymous with incredible chocolate and one of their signature  chocolates, is the Lindt Bear.

The Lindt Bear

This famous little bear is well known for his golden wrapper and beautiful ruby red concertinaed ribbon around his neck, from which is dangled a gorgeous red heart.

Beneath his golden exterior lies the famous Lindt chocolate, sure to please any chocolate fan!

The Lindt Bear Family Box

A deliciously large golden Lindt Bear, complete with his red ribbon and heart is presented in a festive box, but he is not alone.  Big bear comes with the rest of his family, three tiny bears, all dressed up in their Christmas clothes!  The perfect gift for a family!

The Lindt Bear and Friends

The Lindt Bear is this time joined with all of his friends in a fabulous selection box, including the Gold Reindeer, Santa, Lindor Chocolate Bell and the Lindt Bear in his Christmas get up!

9781849536455Dog Selfies & Cat Selfies by Charlie Ellis

Any animal lover out there has been known to spend hours looking at cute and funny pictures of our four legged friends.  Charlie Ellis has put together two compendiums of photos from all corners of the internet featuring some of the best #GLAMOURPUSSES and #HOTDOGS who take selfies to a whole new level!

Each of these fabulously fun books will make you laugh out loud and in some cases wish you were a suave as our furry friends, complete with full page photos, hashtags to join the fun and some ridiculously good looking animals, this book is a great stocking filler!

Available from all good bookshops and internet sellers, published by Summersdale Publishers for £6.99 each.

Doughnut Coin Purse

If you have ever wanted to give the gift of dough to someone, then you could always opt for the Doughnut Coin Purse – (see what we did there?  Making no apologies).

Delightfully scented, like the yummy morsels that are doughnuts, this coin purse will fill the nostrils of whomever is lucky enough to open this up Christmas morning, before they know what’s hit them.

Once their mouth is suitably salivating, they will be met with momentary disappointment as they realise that you didn’t wrap them up a doughnut.  Hopefully before hey take a bite they realise that the wondrous gift is in fact a purse to put lots of money inside as there is so much room!

This purse will make their bag smell like a veritable doughnut shop each and every time they open it up to get out their cash!

The purse comes Cholate, Original Glaze and Strawberry from Firebox and is priced at just £8.99!

Giant Mug £3 from Tiger, Mug by Tiger

Always a great gift for anyone who loves a hot drink, this Giant Mug by Tiger is a lovely gift for tea, coffee and hot chocolate lovers everywhere.

The trouble most hot drinker connoisseurs have, is that they can’t cram enough of the nectar into their cups, meaning they have to make more trips to the kitchen, instead of being able to savour the delicious contents of their cups for longer.

Well no more, the Giant Mug from Tiger will solve this problem, doubling the capacity for the hot beverage of choice and leaving more time for pondering life!

Available from Tiger for £3


The Infinite SeaThe Infinite Sea by Rick Yancey

The second installment of The 5th Wave series, Yancey  takes Cassie Sullivan and her friends on a wild ride of emotion and yet more terror.  Having survived the four waves of the Others which left the human race on the edge of extinction, the 5th Wave is finding it’s way across looking to clear up the stragglers.

This leaves Cassie and the others in a terrible predicament, do they try to find other survivors, help them and build their numbers or do they hunker down and brace for the winter that is nearly upon them, all while they wait for the return of Evan Walker?

Thrilling and filled with anticipation and surprise, it will have you reading into the small hours, hoping that humanity will prevail and that the Others will be beaten!

Published by Penguin Books for £7.99



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